Samsung Galaxy A24, A34, and A54 to launch without depth sensing cameras

21 July 2022
The company allegedly plans to focus on the quality of the remaining cameras.

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  • 24 Jul 2022

Good, the depth sensor is useless. Maybe they can spend the money they just saved into a better processor. I think Samsung should take note from Nothing that 2 cameras is enough for a mid range phone (an main and ultrawide). The depth and macro camera is pretty much useless. They should omit these and put more money into a better processor, so it's actually usable throughout the years of software updates it is promised. If they really want to put more than 2 cameras on the phone and brag about it, they should add a telephoto camera.

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    • 23 Jul 2022

    Samath N8 808 owner, 22 Jul 2022Walking closer to the subject won't give the same effe... morecameras are useless on smartphones

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      • 6wN
      • 22 Jul 2022

      Richy Logitech, 22 Jul 2022Samsung is just turning over. Nothing new, same pixels, sa... moreYou may be right but when you it comes to software and user interface nobody can beat Samsung. One UI is really good.

        Samsung is just turning over.
        Nothing new, same pixels, same fast charging, just changing id

          I just hope they wake up and return headphone jack. I couldn't care less whether it has depth sensor or macro cam or ultrawide. I'd buy A52s even with ONE single main camera on the back, the one with OIS. I've used ultrawide once or twice in a year, but won't consider it required, necessary or a deal-breaker. I'd love a 3x or 5x zoom instead. Preferably with OIS and at least 12mp (or better yet - 64mp) camera.

          But lack of headphone jack will always be a deal breaker.

            Emx, 22 Jul 2022Macros are pointless when you can zoom in from the main sensorthats what i said. macro lens are useless they are there for design. but someone kept defending on them

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              • 22 Jul 2022

              you have to suffer, 21 Jul 2022are you serious? using 2mp macro for work? they must be dis... moreMacros are pointless when you can zoom in from the main sensor

                Kangal, 21 Jul 2022I'd say x2 telephoto and even x3 telephoto are kind of... moreWalking closer to the subject won't give the same effect as telephoto. Firstly, subjects appear spread out in wide angle and proper frontal look is achieved in telephoto only (the big nose effect). Secondly, natural background blur is achieved in telephoto only, or through a big aperture. 2x is so meh, 3x is still ok.
                Here's the trick, by reducing sensor size, they can make it even 20x but the quality will suffer.
                But yes, 5x to 10x is good.

                Ultrawides help in fitting more without going back, which may help in tight spots. Also, 120* would be great, but sadly, the distortion would be too much, but can be easily corrected though.

                Asus' approach is the best I've ever seen, but they need to engineer it better and make it lighter in weight. The extra walls and protection makes it all heavy.

                  I have a LG G8x and I'm totally satisfied with cameras, because there's near perfection in all modes.
                  I can truly choose anything among 720p30, 1080p30, 1080p60, 4K30, 4K60, and even 720p240 and I know it will work great. Its not the same with most Chinese phones.
                  If at all, I only miss a telephoto unit, that's it.

                  Macro could've been a great idea, but most macro cameras today are being outperformed by the high resolution main camera so its useless.

                  So, Samsung has chosen the right direction, albeit a bit too late. I mean, don't they read the feedback they get?

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                    • 22 Jul 2022

                    Samsung we can't wait until next year for A24 5G with below spec.

                    We need samsung
                    1. Own camera that is best choice (two rear camera is much much better).
                    2. Exynos new series 4nm cpu or snapdragon 6nm cpu that manufactured in samsung lab.
                    3. 6.0 inch or 6.2 inch size with amloed 90hz or super amoled.
                    4. Less paper works inside the box but please provide a charger atleat 18w.
                    5. Good sealed packaging.
                    Well done samsung.

                      It's time to see 2mp scam go away

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                        • LaksaKL
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                        • 21 Jul 2022

                        I like my Samsung 13 camera.

                        It even beat the iPhone 13 when taking photo through the dusty window- Samsung know what is to be focused - outside the 2Window nice scene.

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                          • 21 Jul 2022

                          No A74?

                          I'm an A71 user.

                            I'd say x2 telephoto and even x3 telephoto are kind of pointless.
                            If you need to zoom on a subject, you're likely going to need a x5 or more likely a x10 increase. Many cases of x3 can be fixed by walking closer to the subject, and all cases of x2 zoom can be fixed with smart algorithms and modern Main Sensor, via software.

                            Ultrawide is also useless unless you get a decent spread, such as 120' angle. Many devices out there advertising with ultra wide but only provide a 90' viewing angle. It's not as useful, and becomes a gimmick.

                            I agree, we should trade these extra cameras, from x4-x7 sensors, and instead just rely on x2-x3 good sensors (regular and ultrawide, sometimes zoom). But you can even eliminate the other two and just have x1 sensor.... as long as it is large and sharp most people won't mind. And for those who want more features in their lens, you could sell the phone with attachable lenses (360, fisheye, ultrawide, macro, zoom). Or there's the approach from ASUS, making the camera module flip so it can hit multiple angles.

                              TheLastOracle, 21 Jul 2022Samsung should have 2 sensors only. Both need to be 50MP. ... more🤨

                                Anonymous, 21 Jul 2022Micro shot is very important for me, as my work required a ... moreare you serious? using 2mp macro for work? they must be disappointed at you for using distorted macro sensor that looks like 2000s webcam

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                                  • 21 Jul 2022

                                  Hope samsung would use a 8-series chip on Galaxy A74

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                                    • 21 Jul 2022

                                    The one thing they need to cut is the price.

                                      Anonymous, 21 Jul 2022Micro shot is very important for me, as my work required a ... moreMe too. That's why i'm still using my S9. Macro through main (and only) rear camera is superior even though this phone was built in 2018! No to mention 7cm minimum focusing distance. And most important to me is lack of Petzval field curvature effect that causes blurriness on 60-80% area of the picture on modern wide/ultra wide cameras due to the too big sensor and poor quality plastic lenses combination. Bigger sensor / more Mpx isn't always better.

                                        Prepare for a lot of those cost cutting moves in next year. Of course it's main goal is saving the planet ;-) and selling you these devices for more $$$.
                                        First we went to 3-5 cameras, now we will come back to 1/2 cameras.
                                        I'm laughing keeping in my hand s9. Quantity doesn't mean quality.