Apple supplier facing camera lens quality issues for iPhone 14

27 July 2022
The Cupertino-based tech giant has reportedly transferred lens orders to another supplier.

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Apple supplier facing camera lens quality issues for iPhone 14...Don't worry Apple will fix this problem real fast, Apple is great at stealing

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    • 30 Jul 2022

    SShock, 28 Jul 2022Lol, how this guy suddenly lists "pmic" as a &quo... moreyes because indian people suffer from cheap pmic on poco x3 pro meanwhile global user has no problem

      -Trix-, 29 Jul 2022He's so comical 😂 where these guys come 😅Because he has no clue what ecosystem is and that they are inherently closed, because if you want tight integration, it's very likely it'll only work within a very limited range of devices, usually only from a single vendor. It's really only Google's ecosystem that sort of kind of works and is present on all Android phones. Like, how Calendar, GMail and Maps can work together to make things more convenient for user. But it just doesn't feel like it's on the same level as Apple's stuff outside of that.

        SShock, 29 Jul 2022When you don't know what to say but can't stop th... moreHe's so comical 😂 where these guys come 😅

          Anonymous, 29 Jul 2022Not ecosystem but a jailsystem. But I know truth hurts huge iFan.When you don't know what to say but can't stop the urge to s**t on Apple, this is the result...

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            • 29 Jul 2022

            SShock, 29 Jul 2022Apple at least actually has an ecosystem. Ecosystem isn... moreNot ecosystem but a jailsystem. But I know truth hurts huge iFan.

              -Trix-, 29 Jul 2022”Speaking during Apple's third-quarter earnings call, ... moreThough I don't quite consider that as ecosystem. It's just services that work on their devices, like Netflix, Disney+ or whatever.

              I consider ecosystem when things work in real synergy. Like handing off calls between devices. You're on phone and you seamlessly hand it over to PC where you continue the call. Or video call between Mac and iPhone. Or how AirPods seamlessly transition between devices as you change them. Or how things "just work" when you put two Apple computers together and they just extend the display automatically. That's ecosystem. Otherwise it's just bunch of indivdual devices that are fiddly as hell to set up, handover etc

                SShock, 29 Jul 2022Apple at least actually has an ecosystem. Ecosystem isn... more”Speaking during Apple's third-quarter earnings call, Maestri said Apple has over 860 million subscribers, which is an increase of 160 million over just the last 12 months. Apple does not provide a breakdown of subscribers counts per service, but Maestri said growth was strong in offerings like ‌Apple TV+‌ and Apple Arcade.”

                Apple ecosystem doing great

                  [deleted post]Apple at least actually has an ecosystem. Ecosystem isn't just bunch of unconnected apps and features, ecosystem is when many services and subsystems work together to create seamless experience between all devices from that vendor. That's all the iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, AirPods and Macs working together seamlessly.

                  Only vendor I can think of that comes anywhere close is Samsung with its DEX, but that's about it. I've never heard anyone praising Samsung's seamless connectivity and functionality between their devices and services like Apple does.

                    ” 2:07 pm iPhone set June quarter records for revenue and switchers. ”

                    Lot of new happy iPhone users!

                      Anonymous, 28 Jul 2022cheap camera .what else do you guy... moreLol, how this guy suddenly lists "pmic" as a "thing" just because he read about it the other day.

                        Anonymous, 28 Jul 2022cheap camera .what else do you guy... moreWorld peace ✌️

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                          • 28 Jul 2022

                          cheap camera .what else do you guys want 🤣

                            Anonymous, 28 Jul 2022If you want that Apple control it instead of you good luck.Where i need luck? It's you who need luck, i know exactly what i'm getting, you for example have no idea how long you need to wait new Android version, if you even ever get it... 😆

                            Have been doing that over 10 years and perfectly fine with that, why wouldn't i, Apple offers me everything and takes care of me offering new things i can enjoy and everything is just one press away, Apple have made it so easy to enjoy their ecosystem that very few want to leave, but many want to come in.

                              DaFink, 28 Jul 2022Oh boy, where to begin....🤦‍♂️ Ok, let's see if we ... more"Oh boy, where to begin..."

                              If someone uses word: sheep, i wouldn't begin anywhere, just saying.

                              Wouldn't waste time with them.

                                TheAlienNextDoor, 28 Jul 2022Whatever is a matter of taste is subject to individual opin... moreOh boy, where to begin....🤦‍♂️

                                Ok, let's see if we can make some sense of this. First you keep mentioning the word 'objective' then erroneously applying it to things are 'subjective' when looking at the context in which you are talking.

                                We'll skip over the 'taste of manure' line, as we talking about consumer electronics here, and it simply makes no sense as an analogy whatsoever. However, an example of an objectively bad design for instance would be one that didn't function as intended. Yet you are mistakenly applying this to the design aesthetic, on which an opinion is entirely subjective.

                                Second, you call iOS a 'horribly bad OS' citing the inability to add number rows to a keyboard, or drag and drop stuff, and that it is harder to change ring tone. Well to that one can simply say if all those things are important to you, use an alternative!

                                I though have managed to overcome each life altering hurdle you mentioned, I can add a 3rd party keyboard If I wish, or simply press the number key and get on with my day. Pictures seem to go wherever I need them to be on a needs basis, and I have a ton of my own ringtones to choose from.

                                Finally you claim as 'fact' that the majority of people using Apple products are 'negatively intelligent', which is a massive generalization at best, and you just being an absolute j*rk at worst. The truth though is whilst some of those 'sheep' might not be able to match your even your evidently modest intellectual level, many others will comfortably surpass it.

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                                  • 28 Jul 2022

                                  Idk why commentors always have to turn it to Apple vs. Android

                                  On this post it began as Haha trillion dollar company does this. They are fixing issue before production or launch it doesn't affect customers.

                                  Apple is dealing with issues so it can provide its customers with a not half baked experience lol.

                                  It's in news because iphones are a thing and have largest revenue share in smartphone market compared to any single brand.

                                  If it was an Android phone, manufacture would ship it with issues anyway, say they'll roll out a software fix which will never fix hardware problems,

                                  cater the warranties where it is exposed to lawsuits and heavy fines, and for the markets where their share is actually high (3rd world countries with lousy consumer protection laws) Android warranty providers use delay tactics and do botched repairs. Refuse repairs and call normal wear and tear scuffs and scratches as user damage. Make excuses such as unavailability of parts for phones that are still in production. Why because planned obsolescence. They pack hardware revision of the same phone in a new case and launch it as a whole new model.

                                    DaFink, 28 Jul 2022Yeah, I have asked similar questions before and one guy (I ... more”Yeah, I have asked similar questions before and one guy (I forget the name) would always bring up 'file management'.”

                                    See how this one actually never answered 😁 how ”surprising”

                                      DaFink, 28 Jul 2022No, it's that others will have their own opinion on su... moreWhatever is a matter of taste is subject to individual opinions.
                                      However, something can be and is objectively better than something else.
                                      You might like the taste of manure, but it is objectively worse than key lime pie.

                                      When it comes to Apple vs Android (eg Samsung). Iphones have objectively faster SOCs, better video recording algorithms and better speakers. They also objectively take worse pictures, have atrocious design choices (forehead aka notch, bezels, etc.) and a horribly bad OS that literally doesn't let you add a numbers row on the keyboard, drag and drop pictures and music, or easily change your ringtone.

                                      Apple is factually mainly used by negatively intelligent sheep as an item to show off and to bully others (eg blue bubble vs green bubble).

                                        DaFink, 28 Jul 2022I used to like HTC's sense skin back in the day, mainl... moreAndroid has adopted many features from 3rd parties, be it apps or other Android skins/ROM's. It's similar with iOS.