Asus Zenfone 9 unveiled: still small, but faster, longer lasting and with a better camera

28 July 2022
There is no larger Flip model, at least not this year. But for fans of small phones, this is one of the few Android flagship options.

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  • 29 Jul 2022

All these features are fine, but the most hated thing is just the 2 OS upgrade and 2 years security update which is a joke

    Anonymous, 29 Jul 2022agree but not on is so much better now with... moreNo, it's not. With all things said, Glass is glass. You know what that means, right?

      IQ200, 29 Jul 2022So, if it's not for you or majority of people it shoul... moreI hear ya. There are literally 2 a$$ hats here (or more to come) who can't let things go about other people wanting smaller phones here, and they keep bragging this and that. SMH.

        DMX, 28 Jul 2022If you say that, but then you complain that you don't ... moreI never said anything about whether I would be upgrading or not. But you, on the other hand, your ego and narcissism is definitely bigger than your dick.

          DMX, 28 Jul 2022I'm going to play with your sister lolI don't have any sister. Go play with your cousin instead.

            Anonymous, 29 Jul 2022agree but not on is so much better now with... moreGlass sucks. It's slippery, fingerprint magnet and breaks easily. Also makes phone a bit heavy. It doesn't even matter because people put a case anyway, which again is plastic. Using a phone with glass back without back cover is like walking Butt naked in prison.

              Vreyd, 29 Jul 2022The missing LTPO display can easily be forgiven as the only... moreyou want a 3700mah battery, then wireless charging is must. But you're getting a 4300mah battery here. So in my opinion that's a reasonable tradeoff, and a luxury I can live without. Updates might be problem to some, not for me though since I flash a custom rom as soon as warranty expires. But since ZenUi is near stock with good feature, I'd love if they gave longer support.

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                • 29 Jul 2022

                I actually like the overall design and decisions made on this device. Way to go, Asus!

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                  • Vreyd
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                  • 29 Jul 2022

                  The missing LTPO display can easily be forgiven as the only (Android) phones which are currently being built with such are big bricks like a Pixel 6 Pro, Galaxy S22 Ultra and a Xiaomi 1x Ultra.
                  But yes, missing wireless charging is sad at that price tag. But what I really lack is the promise of at least (!) 3 major Android updates for a phone that expensive. It's simply not sustainable at all. Meh.
                  I really like the design, the size and most of the feature set though.

                    Small? What I consider small are the iPhone SE (2016) and Xperia XZ1 Compact (2017). Still the last great compact phones for their respective OSes because they both featured headphone jack.

                    I'm using the former and battery life is so bad, it's breaking my addiction from mindlessly surfing and wasting time on the Internet. I resolve not using YouTube with podcasts like Slow Burn and Business Wars. Stories can keep me entertained. Long live the original iPhone SE!

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                      • Vijay
                      • YM4
                      • 29 Jul 2022

                      This phone will be a massive hot in India if launched with a reasonable price. People are craving for such good-spec and good-looking phones in India that are iPhone alternates.

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                        • IQ200
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                        • 29 Jul 2022

                        Anders, 28 Jul 2022Yes as I said in an earlier article hyping this phone up an... moreSo, if it's not for you or majority of people it shouldn't exist? Dude.. you're obviuosly not a fan of smaller phones. Why did you leave 10 comments and spent 3 hours for something you don't care? There are people who want phone these size and this is for them. Of course you are free to comment but not to fight with everyone thinking differently. Just pick your brick and enjoy with it. There is plenty of choices if you want that.

                        Peace out!

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                          • 29 Jul 2022

                          Lovelandmark, 29 Jul 2022Still small, but faster, last longer, shoots better picture... moreit would have been forgivable if they included wireless charging, LTPO screen, telephoto, and four years of updates .. otherwise it's really a hard sell at this price

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                            • 3yL
                            • 29 Jul 2022

                            Anonymous, 29 Jul 2022agree but not on is so much better now with... moreI don't have favorite brand in smartphones and even if I had, I would not like having glass. I actually do have a glass back phone and do not like it. It is only good at first glance.

                            My ideal is metal unibody or at very least metal back, sadly we can not have them anymore.

                              Still small, but faster, last longer, shoots better pictures...

                              ...and it's much MUCH more expensive. If anything, they ought to release a Lite version which is the same deal but with the new Snapdragon 7 Gen 1, perhaps cut some corners, and sell it for much more palatable USD 400-500. USD750/EUR800 for an essentially niche product is a bit much

                                Asus could have priced better

                                  Anonymous, 29 Jul 2022I do like zenfones but sadly I hate their looks. Wish the P... moreThis phone looks better than the Pixel 6 series. A lot better. I bought a Pixel 6a, but... The Zenfone 9 has the hole punch in the correct position; it's not in the content in landscape. It doesn't have this disgusting polarizing glass bar across the entire back. It has a side mounted (best position) and much more reliable capacitive fingerprint sensor. It also has flat sides. The Zenfone 9 may look more plain than the Pixel 6, but at least it's not ugly.

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                                    • J5x
                                    • 29 Jul 2022

                                    I do like zenfones but sadly I hate their looks. Wish the Pixel 6 had those specs and especially the size!

                                      asustecho, 29 Jul 2022some miss - lack of in display fingerprint reader, bummer ... more3700 maH on s22, actually. And the battery life is pretty terrible

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                                        • 8r7
                                        • 29 Jul 2022

                                        Amazing phone with amazing design, with amazing features. Asus well done)