Hot Take: OnePlus 10T and OxygenOS 13

08 August 2022
OnePlus had a big launch events last week. Organized in New York's beautiful Gotham Hall and attended by media folks around the world, the event was the company's first in-person gathering since the pandemic and a pretty impressive one at that.

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  • 15 Aug 2022

The Android Freak, 11 Aug 2022Pixel 7 only. iPhones will make you feel unhappy except bat... moreWhat a nonsense. What are you smoking ?

    DroitwichGas, 09 Aug 2022Nothing phone runs an almost vanilla Android OS and can be ... morePoco F3/F4 are at same price with much better specs.

      Wah000, 08 Aug 2022Still using my almost 3 year old Oneplus 7T Pro McLaren. Pr... morePixel 7 only. iPhones will make you feel unhappy except battery life.

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        • 10 Aug 2022

        GregLu, 10 Aug 2022Easy to make more sales of one devices when you combine act... moreHonestly my OnePlus 9 was my first OnePlus and I was pretty sure it was going to be my last because of some issues I have had with it but OOS12 C.62 has fixed most of the complaints I had and I actually *like* the look of OOS13 and can't wait to get it. Hopefully the fact that the difference between COS and OOS now is basically the lack of the Chinese bloatware and nothing else means we will get quicker and more stable updates.

        That said, someone needs to figure out how to recover bricked phones without the MSM Tool now that Oppo is putting it behind a technician login. These phone are way too easy to brick to risk buying one that can't be flashed back to life by myself. Even a command-line EDL tool would be perfect.

        In the US, we have basically Apple, Samsung, and Pixel to choose from. Until Pixel goes back to Qualcomm modems, it's dead to me, and Samsung is a no go with their bloated OS and locked bootloaders. Apple..... ehhh... I was on iPhone from 2017 til 2020 and I don't really want to go back but I will if it comes down to it because at least with Apple's walled garden, I'm still getting a great software experience that doesn't lag with games like the OnePlus can and doesn't skimp on the camera like OnePlus did on the 9 (no OIS on a $720 phone is a crime).

          blue, 09 Aug 2022You mean the move that works and brings them great sales an... moreEasy to make more sales of one devices when you combine actually 2 lines (S and Note)

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            • 10 Aug 2022

            Great article by the way GSM arena. You fully understand what us OnePlus users are going through. If I wanted an oppo phone I'd have bought one when I bought my OP8 . We are seeing our devices getting worse after each update. My phone will now die on Android/oxygen OS 11. Like GSM said never settle. I'm not happy with OnePlus anymore so it's time to move away from the oppo group. They are pushing their fanbase away like they don't care.. well I don't care for OnePlus anymore.

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              • 10 Aug 2022

              Janssen, 10 Aug 2022Right, but even at Samsung you can buy mid-range A52s with ... moreProbably because the fe had a poor chipset. The 5g version runs Snapdragon 865 which is better than a52s.

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                • 10 Aug 2022

                Android 12 is horrible on OnePlus 8. Cod mobile my main game now lags in places and is limited to 60fps. So I downgraded to Android 11. Cod mobile no longer lags and is running at 90fps. This goes to show colour OS is not good for OnePlus. We got told that oxygen 13 will be more pure back to basics.. instead it's even more color os integrated. My next phone I want a 120hz panel that actually runs above 60fps for my gaming needs and seeing as OnePlus is not supporting anything above 60fps now it rules them out as my next phone provider. It's an utter shambles what's happening to's clear oppo is fully incharge now.

                  This was such a well written piece from GSMArena team. As a long term OnePlus user, I think Prasad captured the story of OnePlus and the feelings of its community well. A reminder to be a fan of the product and not the brand, as hard as that can be for us tech enthusiasts.

                    MIRAJSAN, 09 Aug 2022OnePlus jacks up everything but never masters on anything..... moreYeah OnePlus is basically becoming Oppo's slave, at least in terms of software so far but I don't doubt their phone designs will soon as well considering the removal of the silent switch

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                      • 10 Aug 2022

                      Anonymous, 09 Aug 2022That is why smart people who buy their phone with their wal... moreRight, but even at Samsung you can buy mid-range A52s with mini-jack and SD-card slot. IMO phone speed is a par with S20FE, which I had before.

                        OnePlus jacks up everything but never masters on anything.... It adds and deletes many features in trial and error methods which will surely lead to ownership losses in the future... OnePlus will become oneminus...

                          blue, 09 Aug 2022Smart people buy according to their needs. And as far as I ... moreWhat exactly is outdated about them? TWS being cheap means cheap quality. You can get a wired IEM for about $20 which will have a much better quality than any $100 wireless buds. But just like I said, having the jack doesn't stop you to use your TWS, but the jack is there if you need it. It's about choices and not be forced to use what the manufacturer wants you to use. But like someone said, we live in the era of smartphones and stupid people.

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                            • 09 Aug 2022

                            It's time for all the OnePlus fans to settle somewhere else. These gimmicks won't attract true OnePlus fanbase. They are making false promises and untrue commitments. OnePlus has almost lost its true USP i.e OxygenOS and now they are removing the standard OnePlus features.

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                              • 09 Aug 2022

                              Anonymous, 09 Aug 2022If OnePlus can sell the 10T at the starting price of $599, ... moreOneplus 10T has too much compromises only having latest chipset doesn't make it a flagship phone or better than Oneplus 10 Pro

                                blue, 09 Aug 2022And still somehow people buy phones without all you mention... moreI guess there are still people out there who are able of using their brains and can figure out when they are getting less for more.
                                There's nothing wrong with calling the big corporations out for cutting corners in every step of the production.
                                Corporate profits are going through the roof and CEOS are having a disco whilst the working class are asked to suck it up... $2,50 an hour for working at assembly line at Apple.
                                This is disgusting.
                                Removing features and asking more for it is exactly the same mindset of this predatory capitalism.
                                I have to wonder what kind of person are you, a blue sheep who obviously only can do a copy/paste of whatever you read in the latest commercial and post it as "your" opinion.

                                  It seems the smartphone market is more self serving as ever.
                                  We're coming to the point where you'll need to hack your phone
                                  for a vanilla UI

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                                    • 09 Aug 2022

                                    No need to buy these 600$+ phones when 200-300$ serves the purpose.

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                                      • 09 Aug 2022

                                      Anonymous, 09 Aug 2022That is why smart people who buy their phone with their wal... moreSmart people buy according to their needs. And as far as I know, everyone buys with their wallet. Even companies for their employees, parents for their children, or state organisations for their employees.
                                      Maybe you should just accept, that majority of people simply don't care about outdated microSD and jack tech. And for wireless headphones - they're now so cheap that I don't see anyone with wired headphones these days. Literally no one.

                                        Anonymous, 09 Aug 2022If I'm not mistaken, OP 7 pro was also the first to in... moreThe higher refresh rate actually comes from the Razer phones. Heck, they even introduced Sharp's IGZO to the world.