Weekly poll: Motorola Edge 30 Ultra tempts you with its 200MP camera, Fusion and Neo also want your attention

18 September 2022
The Ultra is unique, but not flawless. The other two lack headline-grabbing numbers, but are solid nonetheless.

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Shadocx, 18 Sep 2022IDK where you live but for me the Galaxy S21/S22 Ultra were... moreTrue I'm buying phones at 400euro recently, considering also resell of old phone. But even at 900euro price I would go for hi res super tele capable phone, axon40ultra, 11ultra etc.
13mp 2x and 48mp 5x, its a difference, even more if I was on 5x 13mp already.

    Motorola Edge 30 ultr is like best phone of the year along with Xiaomi 12S Ultra and Honor 4 magic ultimate.
    Rog phone is second.
    Rest are good or bad but average mostly.

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      • Spazwanger
      • n1m
      • 19 Sep 2022

      Anonymous, 18 Sep 2022Great phones but expensive in my opinion. All 3 models need... morebut the ultra does offer 3 software updates. SPONG!

        vrvly, 18 Sep 2022You actually get low res Bayer and big sensor size disparit... moreThe phone can do 4Times 12.5MP (1/4.88) but of course not 10 Times.

        The phone is faster than the S21U, while it can't zoom as much.

        They just draw each other out.

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          • xHY
          • 19 Sep 2022

          SShock, 18 Sep 2022Motorola kinda gets my attention, until I remember their so... moreMotorola chose not to focus on major OS update but instead focusing on keeping their features up to date. Just look at Ready For - the latest update now gives 4K external display resolution capability. Samsung still can't give it for DeX despite pioneering the idea since 2017!

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            • 19 Sep 2022

            The Ultra pique my interest because of its 200MP Tetra2pixel sensor. Not sure about the Fusion as it's yet another phone trying to fill the 'flagship killer' segment. The Neo surprised me with Ready For support despite the lack of a headphone jack. The last midrange phone I saw that has USB-C 3.1 with video output was the Sony Xperia 10 iii.

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              • 18 Sep 2022

              Moto Edge neo is very nice indeed , still the pick of the bunch is the ultra

                Motorola kinda gets my attention, until I remember their software support is almost legendarily bad in the entire industry. And then I stop thinking about it. People really care so much about specs and so little about anything else that they let all these companies free to do this s**t? I don't get it. I remember last video from Uncle Spurt where he talked how Motorola ONLY increased support for some models after people got really pissed about it. And then for next release they kinda forgot about that again until people dragged their pitchforks out again. I just don't get it. They look good otherwise, but this is really sooo off putting. Then again, Motorola is owned by Lenovo and they are a Chinese brand. Which kinda explains it all...

                  vrvly, 18 Sep 2022You actually get low res Bayer and big sensor size disparit... moreIDK where you live but for me the Galaxy S21/S22 Ultra were 1250€ at launch and this Motorola is 900€.
                  They aren't the same price bracket, even the Galaxy S22 was 850€ at launch.
                  The only reason you could find a cheaper S21 Ultra is because it's older, and being in Europe, the Exynos is a no go for me.

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                    • 18 Sep 2022

                    [deleted post]Not to mention they make a strange comparison to de S22 Ultra.

                    S22 Ultra 128/8 starts at €1059 here, Motorola Edge 30 Ultra 256/12 at €879 here.

                    And while I would pick Samsung for the software alone, fact is that in EU you get the crappy Exynos model too.

                      You actually get low res Bayer and big sensor size disparity, useless 2x and no 3x and beyond too, can you look forward to shooting?
                      I use S21U and I wouldn't want this even if they pay me. 3x and 10x are so much useful.
                      Did they not ask users for feedback? They could ask even me. 48Mp 5x would make it flagship, 10x and beyond the next thing, now it is what...

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                        • 18 Sep 2022

                        not interested buying high end phone from any brand without headphone jack and micro sd slot,filling some pockets doesnt justify manufacturers removing them

                          Edge neo & edge should have been named Moto M
                          Rest of them as Moto X.

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                            • 3SI
                            • 18 Sep 2022

                            Simple but reasonable poll this time 👍

                              The polling pattern makes it seem rigged. In other polls you have more options than just Yes and No.
                              Plus the manner of wording of the polls is also disappointing.
                              Gsmarena, please be fair. Or don't conduct polls.

                                Hanif Fikri, 18 Sep 2022Battery edurance is bad..not worth buying for moderate/heavy user6 hours on regular usage is fine for Ultra.

                                  I think its wrong marketing by Motorola to use Edge 30 name as common for all phones from flagships to midrangers.

                                  That aside, I've voted "not for me" in all categories, because I have LG G8x and I can't see any other phone excelling it in audio quality, and overall polished experience.
                                  Plus, these engineering nut marvels don't even have microSD and 3.5mm jack. So, not even in my dreams, I'm the actually intelligent customer.

                                  But for others, I believe Edge 30 Ultra and Fusion would be great choices. Due to Snapdragon 695, not recommending Edge 30 Neo, but those who need a small, light phone might consider.

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                                    • 18 Sep 2022

                                    Android need to focus on midrange.

                                      GeeX, 18 Sep 2022yes neo indeed who doesn't love good compact midranger... moreChill, we know that u want a 3.5mm jack alr

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                                        • 18 Sep 2022

                                        Great phones but expensive in my opinion. All 3 models need 150€ price cut, especially cause they dont offer long os support.