Weekly poll: Motorola Edge 30 Ultra tempts you with its 200MP camera, Fusion and Neo also want your attention

18 September 2022
The Ultra is unique, but not flawless. The other two lack headline-grabbing numbers, but are solid nonetheless.

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Edge 30 Ultra hasn't been released/confirmed to be sold here but some resellers are selling the X30 Pro and for the price ($670), it's truly worth it... But when it's compared with its official price, it's better to go for other flagships (except for OP 10 Pro)

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    • GeeX
    • a4{
    • 18 Sep 2022

    yes neo indeed who doesn't love good compact midranger...wish it had a 3.5mm jack..

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      • Ticklemytip
      • U@K
      • 18 Sep 2022

      Motorola edge 30 fusion costs ₹40,000 which is around $500. It's a good deal but I'm worried about delayed software updates with only 2 OS updates.

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        • Evlo
        • g5@
        • 18 Sep 2022

        maybe if they would remove the hole in the display

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          • Mmmma
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          • 18 Sep 2022

          I would rather pick the a53 over the neo

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            • Sabby
            • wiR
            • 18 Sep 2022

            Battery should be 5000 mah

              Edge 30 Neo is just a bad value, there are lots of cheaper SD695 phones on the market.

              Edge 30 Ultra and Fusion are competitively priced, but there are good competitors for both. Maybe the Edge 30 Ultra is best for a cheap 8+ gen 1 phone even. But if these phones really wanted to stand out among the crowd as the clear best phones at their respective price points, they could have 3.5mm jacks and MicroSD slots.

                Battery edurance is bad..not worth buying for moderate/heavy user

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                  • 18 Sep 2022

                  I will buy Edge 30 Neo, if it available in my country 🙄