Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro review

25 September 2022
The best Samsung can offer in the world of audio wearables.

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  • 23 Oct 2022

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2022I purchased this before air pods pro 2 came out, compared i... moreAirpods are more overpriced.
Clearly a lot of people say that Samsung and Sony TWS sound better than AirPods, however I do agree that the ANC of the new Airpods is in a league of its own.

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    • 20 Oct 2022

    Sam, 14 Oct 2022They are Worth only 40 - 60 dollarsAre you an expert in manufacturing? You want chip stuff, buy from China! After they buy the entire world because you gave them all money in the world chasing cheap....

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      • Sam
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      • 14 Oct 2022

      They are Worth only 40 - 60 dollars

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        • 07 Oct 2022

        Why is call quality not even mentioned?

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          • 06 Oct 2022

          A Strange comment here but the article is mentioning that the buds 2 pro is charged using USB-C from 0-100% in 75 minutes or so, however I find that it takes 2 full complete hours to charge from 0-100% which is way far from what is mentioned, do anyone have similar experience?

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            • DiA
            • 05 Oct 2022

            Beware, these buds have the same ear infection problems as the previous buds pro

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              • 01 Oct 2022

              is this the review which we waited much for ?

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                • 01 Oct 2022

                I purchased this before air pods pro 2 came out, compared it with the previous pro, aside from comfort, the sound is inferior, I do not know what they're doing, ANC is barely an improvement. comparing to the air pods pro 2, the air pod's ANC is another league, sound tune is also better, comfort is about the same as previous. Galaxy buds 2 pro seem over priced, but it's going to drop to the "correct" price soon enough.

                  I honestly believe that they don't have a mic in them. I had to get rid of my pair. It's ridiculous they can't do something as simple as make an option where it can use the mic on the ear Bud or on the phone. Nothing more frustrating playing games and hearing somebody rubbing a rubber raft or something like that it's annoying as h***

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                    • Mike0902
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                    • 29 Sep 2022

                    Overrated and over priced especially when you can get the excellent Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+ for a fraction of the price which has superb bass and overall sound quality. No ANC but really who cares when they sound so good?

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                      • Lcd82
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                      • 28 Sep 2022

                      Perversely I posted using third-part EQ app.. on Samsung it's "useless", because Samsung make excellent setup, homework for others OEMs, in settings > sound and vibration > sound quality and effects .. bass, mid, high enjoy your favorite setup 🎛️🎧

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                        • 28 Sep 2022

                        Annoying , 26 Sep 2022Their biggest drawback, like the Pro 1, is that they don�... moreeasy u can grab the bud at the very top and bottom so it wont do anything to the touch.....

                          Low Joe, 26 Sep 2022Mine are forever falling out. Are the pb2 worth the upgrade... moreI mean we all have different ears but in my case the fit is rock solid, I run with them and they still on my ears. You gotta test it, also you can buy those earbuds caps accessory that goes over the ear, I had one when I used Airpods Pro 1st gen, they get the job done.

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                            • 26 Sep 2022

                            crispcketlicker, 26 Sep 2022Well they're amazing, very clear, very high-fidelity s... moreMine are forever falling out. Are the pb2 worth the upgrade. I'm worried they'll be the same.

                              Having had Bud2 Pro's since before launch, (retailer shipped them early) they definately don't lack bass as long they're in correctly. They are tuned to be more accurate, which makes them very clear sounding, but aren't tuned to a completely flat frequency curve. They have an a slight bump in bass and large boost in treble by default to my ears at least. Definitely plenty of bass way.

                                Annoying , 26 Sep 2022Their biggest drawback, like the Pro 1, is that they don�... moreAgreed for the Buds Pro but not for the v2, the fit is really better and the silicone used is way better too ✌²

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                                  • 26 Sep 2022

                                  TheLastOracle, 26 Sep 2022"Samsung knows you can’t have big battery life and a m... moreYeah, sennheiser's also have similar quality.
                                  Not much bass but really clear and accurate sound.

                                    "Samsung knows you can’t have big battery life and a massive woofer or tweeter, so it decided to go for the former. Music on the Buds2 Pro sounds flat without much bass."

                                    Over done bass is proof of lousy sound quality. Some of the finest studio monitors have pretty flat and accurate sound. Bass shouldn't be crass and exaggerated.

                                      Well they're amazing, very clear, very high-fidelity sound... and also does not suck on calls, and is far more comfortable than first gen, because it actually fits in my ear and doesn't fall when i'm at the treadmill. I just think that Samsung could find a way to make it seamlessly connect to my windows notebook, just like on Airpods/Mac.

                                        Just got it two days back, sound quality is very underwhelming, how these things sound to each person is subjective but it is lackluster for me.