Razer Edge 5G is an upcoming Snapdragon G3X Gen 1 Android handheld gaming console

29 September 2022
It will run mobile games as well as cloud gaming services or stream games from your PC or console.

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  • 21 Oct 2022

Sin, 20 Oct 2022I think this console meets the system requirements too run ... moreI was like laughing at the ideal like this few years but things change over time.

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    • 21 Oct 2022

    Sin, 20 Oct 2022I think this console meets the system requirements too run ... moreIts going to be great for console emulation and competitive games like Mobile Legends and COD mobile.
    So far PS1,PS2, and PSP games soon PS3 and Vita is next.

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      • 20 Oct 2022

      Anonymous, 29 Sep 2022Can't wait to play Candy crush on thisI think this console meets the system requirements too run Candy crush smoothly xd

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        • 20 Oct 2022

        MUNGDIVER, 01 Oct 2022I don't understand why all these gaming phones have su... moreSony might be making a 4k gaming smartphone soon
        Look out for that too buy

        But when gaming smartphone only have 7inch screen 1080p screen is fine much less demanding on the hardware too run games at 1080p

        1080p just got more longevity and longer gaming life so it's better for most most gamer's who plays fast paced competitive PvP games

          bababooie, 16 Oct 2022It's an alternative to devices like the Ayn Odin and R... moreHe's true tho, its gonna flop.

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            • 16 Oct 2022

            yeetus, 03 Oct 2022It doesnt run an X86 cpu? runs android? im out, this is gop... moreIt's an alternative to devices like the Ayn Odin and Retroid Pocket, but with a much better processor suitable for emulation. Try learning about these devices before crying out loud.

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              • 03 Oct 2022

              It doesnt run an X86 cpu? runs android? im out, this is gopnna flop just like nvidia shield. this sounds like it will suck

                It sounds amazing with 120hz display we saw a lot of 60hz consoles like steamdick Nintendo.

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                  • 02 Oct 2022

                  I'd gladly pay $60 for a quality AAA title but its sad mobile gaming will always be a mess filled with microtransactions and paywalls. Developers just make too much money with this business model, preying on people with spending and gambling problems.

                    Daemon Targaryen, 29 Sep 2022Emulation is weak on Switch. Good luck playing PS2 and Game... moreYet people still play on switch rather than their phone. Why? They prefer the feel of touching an actual analog stick than touch screen (which is prone to mistouch, a fingerprint magnet and it cuts off the viewing area). Not to mention switch is still getting support for games after 5 years into the market, OPTIMIZED only for the device while most phones won't receive any updates and most games are unplayable too

                      Anonymous, 01 Oct 2022well, call of duty is about to release warzone mobile versi... moreWhich I'm completely sure the resolution, details and animations won't be as good as other COD games on desktop. Remember, they always put the word "mobile" to remind that the bar is much lower

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                        • 01 Oct 2022

                        Pacifica Northwest, 30 Sep 2022"The future of gaming is on mobile." Nope.well, call of duty is about to release warzone mobile version, pre-registration on play store is already available.

                          I don't understand why all these gaming phones have such c***** resolution. And why all these gaming tablets and all this c***..... The resolution is so bad. The black shark 3 Pro did it right and it's the only one to have so far. And there's a reason why you can't find one of those things to buy if you do they want upwards to 1500 to....I've seen 3300 For the higher end models. I mean come on other gaining mobile phone makers get a g****** clue. How's that so hard to grasp why wouldn't black shark make another iteration just like it but better and updated obviously it's gonna so amazingly just like The black shark 3 pro still does. You can't beat that it had actual haptic feedback buttons 7.1" screen 500 something PPI and a 120 hurts refresh rate on top of having a headphone Jack. I just want the b****** offspring of the black shark 3 pro and the Sony xperia 1 v.... Industry leading PPI...... 7.1" screen ,actual buttons, Headphone jack, It could be 90 Hz refresh if anything I don't really care because most mobile games are capped at 60 any ways and it doesn't matter. If anybody can build me this phone I'll give you 2 grand for it

                            Hemedans, 30 Sep 2022You guys just talk and talk but neither of you play games. ... moreWho are you referring to?

                            You're somewhat right, and somewhat wrong. When I was young, we couldn't afford many things so we didn't have video games. Or we had old computers and older consoles. I had all this free time but no money. When I got older, I was stuck with school life and studies. Then I got even older and had to work. And finally I am at a stage where I can afford anything I want: Windows10 Pro Gaming PC, Linux Valve SteamDeck, iPad Pro for iOS Gaming, Android phone for Apps, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo. So now I have all this money, but no free time.

                            A modded n3DS is okay, a hacked PS Vita is better, and the latest options are giving that last one a run for it's money. We will have PS Vita Emulation running full-speed on Android Phones pretty soon and Switch Emulation will get better, so you can forget about those devices. But don't expect other demanding systems like Xbox, 360, PS3, WiiU, PS4, PS5 on ARM devices. The best way to play those games on your phone is going to be to emulate them on your Home PC or Network, and stream the video either through Wifi-Direct (indoors), or through a 5G connection (outdoors) using your personal NAS/Cloud Network.

                            FYI, I recently took a business trip for a couple days. I brought the Razer JungleCat with me, and it allowed me to travel handsfree. The overall experience was superior to a dedicated gaming device. Largely because I set everything up myself properly. The only thing better would be the SteamDeck but that requires a backpack for carry. I had mobile network and all these useful Apps at my fingertips. I could search for hints on the fly, split screen for walkthroughs, or enter cheatcodes. Battery life was moderate, but could've been great if the device had a User Removable Battery (LCD screen would've been better too). The Xbox Live Ultimate worked great, beat Doom on a phone, would've been nice to have GTA V. I've taken a break from playing some 3D games for now, and moved back to playing some older nostalgia games and the battery life has been phenomenal.

                            Here's some Fan-made games I've added to my list:
                            "Origins Trilogy" - Pokemon RocketEdition, RedChapter, AshGray
                            "Resolute Trilogy" - Pokemon Resolute, Nameless, Mega Power
                            "Sweet Trilogy" - Pokemon Gaia, Flora Sky, Blaze/Glazed
                            "Advanced Trilogy"- Pokemon CrystalClear, Emerald Theta Rev, Light Platinum
                            "Dark Series" - Pokemon Dark Rising, Dark Rising 2, Order Destroyed, Dark Rising 3
                            "Fakemon Triology" - Pokemon Clover, Pokemon Snakewood, and Pokemon Uranium
                            ...just to verify your previous statement as I'm not a gamer.

                              Daemon Targaryen, 29 Sep 2022Emulation is weak on Switch. Good luck playing PS2 and Game... moreHave you tried Yuzu Emulator BTW?

                              "The future of gaming is on mobile since our phones are always with us." Isn't that also applied to Steam Deck and other windows portable gaming consoles?

                                Anonymous, 29 Sep 2022"gaming" on a phone is a joke "cloud gami... moreYou think the Steam Deck are so pointless? Tell me:

                                1. Does the switch have a lot of games to play with?

                                2. Does it offer backward compatibility?

                                3. Does it have a collection of games for almost 19 years?

                                4. Since Steam Deck is using built-in gamepad controllers with two touchpads. You think it would have an input delay?

                                5. You think all games are playable on switch?

                                I have a Onexplayer. Which is a more expensive version of Steam Deck. But I could play games that I wanted. Use emulations to play a lot of games. Even from Nintendo Switch. I could play the games while on starbucks or on a fastfood restaurant either Dine in or Drive thru.

                                So if you think Steam Deck is pointless. YOU'RE WRONG!

                                  gabs, 29 Sep 2022At 299USD it could be great. At more...well...the Steamdec... moreMan not long ago at 299 you were unable to buy a 5G phone and this nasty thing does a lot of work also the razer brand is all about qquality, endurance and lifetime.

                                    dfdsfds, 29 Sep 2022Cool. Only one problem. Android games are still garbage in 2022Man you very funny.
                                    There is so many games you probabbly skipped all good titles like diablo, genshin impact, forge of empires, forza motosport, clash of clans or clash of lords, guns of glory etc.

                                      DMX, 29 Sep 2022knowing razer and how expensive they sell everything, I don... moreMan yes owning several Razer things for example Razer Naga League of Legends edition bought on a discout from 165 to 95 euros is already 8 years old and wqorks as a brand new. ňNot many mouses can say the same thing.
                                      Same goes for Kraken Earphones with bound mic World of Tanks edition bought on the discount from 150 to 59 euros also 7 years old and still working very wel.
                                      This is a quality product which can last very long time compared to some others china made products pretended as USA brand which are updated on a monthly basis to just fix many issues and bugs.

                                        inessylviaColmek , 29 Sep 2022so, no update on new razer phone then.Razer phones are done thing sorry bro.