Apple iPhone SE 4 renders show XR design, surprise no one

20 October 2022
The notch is in, the TouchID home button is out - the next iPhone SE will jump forward to the FaceID era of iPhones.

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  • Saitama
  • f}v
  • 20 Oct 2022

That's not cool, Atleast they can give small notch, like 13 series.

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    • Guess what
    • n37
    • 20 Oct 2022

    The perfect SE4 option would be the enclosure of an iPhone mini with side mounted touch-id instead of face-id... but it's not gonna happen. Apple will just fail with that XR like the 14Plus is doing. I think one of the reasons for choosing an SE is the compacity, assuming it is used for standard tasks and not dedicated to games nor video consumption. My 2c is that it won't arrive before spring 2024 and therefore probably with underclocked A16 and usb-c.

      Long overdue change. Those thick chin and forehead of iPhone 8 design were really outdated. We already thought iPhone SE 2022 would have XR's design, but it didn't in the end. I think this XR will be a big change for the better. I still have it and even with old A12, I have excellent smooth performance and I'm getting really good SOT from just 3000mAh battery. Compared to SE 2022's 2000mAh it'll be a huge upgrade. Also, display is excellent. Some people have an issue with it being LCD at only 60Hz with "only" 840p, but it's really excellent LCD display. It's gonna be a huge general upgrade. My only concern is the price. I'm suspecting Apple will further increase the price of new SE model because XR is just so much better design overall. And I frankly don't think many people will go with it because of this price hike, unless you really want iOS ecosystem at lowest cost possible.

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        • Yolo
        • 7kj
        • 20 Oct 2022

        Now what apple?? You will launch dynamic island in se versions 8 years after launch of iPhone se4 ?? This is madness

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          • pJw
          • 20 Oct 2022

          So the last line of iPhones will finally be bastardised
          notch & hole punch disease

          Ugly notche added blocking the screen
          Beloved Home bottom removed in favour of taking everything away from us like the headphone jack
          No changer in box
          Will it even have a sim card slot?

            Internal rebrand...
            this makes me wonder how many other iphones stock there is out there that is waiting to be rebranded

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              • tEZ
              • 20 Oct 2022

              hah who want buy low end device with high price they cutting hardware everywhere.better buy android phone
              also after what they did to iphone 14 plus
              plus if iphone finally adopted usb type c this is beginning of the end for iphone