Early MediaTek Dimensity 9200 test on AnTuTu shows an impressive generational improvement

26 October 2022
The Dimensity 9000 was the first to post a score of 1 million points, the 9200 will surpass it with a Cortex-X3 CPU core and Immortalis-G715 GPU.

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  • 04 Nov 2022

We do need too see gaming performance tested

As real world performance benefits are seen in real tasks people do such as gaming fps as high end hardware is for mobile gaming & running emulators

Even though games optimized for Snapdragon not mediatek still is competitive for best gaming processor

It's a 2 horse race for best processors in the would
Snapdragon 8 gen 2 Vs mediatek 9200 who win ?

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    • 04 Nov 2022

    In the last few years mediatek is processors have been on fire

    Mediatek have already conquered the budget & mid range market

    Now only the flagship market too go

    The only thing holding mediatek back is the mediatek versions of gaming smartphone lack true SSDs storage & amount of ram just a little below the Snapdragon version mediatek only 16gb ram Snapdragon 18gb ram of gaming smartphones and lack of built-in fans active cooling system

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      • 30 Oct 2022

      Hemedans, 30 Oct 20221. Why use Tablet processor to compare with phone processor... moreFair? Are you serions? The unfair guy here is you!

      1) Kompanio is basically a Dimensity 1100 that supports 2.5k and external screen...I gave this exemple as it was the device I had under my hand when I wrote!
      Fine...I have a Dimensity 1200 too! Score is exactly the same : 3271pts!
      You can find other exemples on GFXBench data base :
      Galaxy S10 Adreno 640 : 2510
      Galaxy S10 Mali G76 : 3264
      You talk first about Render Quality of drivers, I answer you with facts and mesures!

      2) I also told you that Emulator are far more stupid to judge drivers quality as drivers used by consoles aren't standard OpenGL and Vulkan but propriatary used by consoles. Developers have to hack...all what you say doesn't proove anything about drivers Quality. The only thing that you proove is that 10 years of hacking on Snapdragon give better results that 3 years of Hacking on Mali !


        Anonymous, 29 Oct 2022Hacks? Of course! Emulation is hacking...that's why j... more1. Why use Tablet processor to compare with phone processor, if i take Snapdragon 8Cx gen 3 and compare it to dimesity 1200 will that be fair comparison?

        2. Also i told you benchmark are useless here, whats matter is how it perfom in real life, what will benchmark help you if you dont get consistently 60fps or more?.

        3. So hack which reduce quality of games is part of emulation? Most people people use Emulator instead of original hardware because they can enhance beyond native quality, today people can play 3ds or gamecube im 2k or 4k quality with ton of nhancement to make games look better. Only Snapdragon can enable you to do that in Android, in ofher hand we have Mali Fanboy like you who think running game at worse resolution than original console is good idea

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          • 30 Oct 2022

          Aziz soft tech, 30 Oct 2022Ohh about An tutu if U run these twice U will see 30% decre... more888 and sustain?

            Ohh about An tutu if U run these twice U will see 30% decrease not increase instead Q'888 is better than the latest MTK. Yeah you will see raw performance better on this new chipset but the smoothness experience and sustain is always better than Raw.

              Only Asus can manage heat of these heatmachines.

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                • 29 Oct 2022

                Hemedans, 29 Oct 2022And thats exactly aim of emulation? If developers port thei... moreHacks?
                Of course! Emulation is hacking...that's why judging hardware with emulators is absurd!
                It's hacking on Android with Snapdragon!
                It's hacking on Windows with Intel!
                Do you expect really ARM will give you PlayStation's propriatary drivers? If they do, Sony will go sue them in justice!

                Want to talk about reducing rendering quality?
                Just have a look on something you will nearly never read in media :
                GFXBench Render Quality!
                Read Adrenos results
                And Mali's...
                You will be surprises!

                I will give you some :
                Snapdragon 870 : 2501pts
                Kompanio 1300T : 3271pts

                  Anonymous, 29 Oct 2022When you try 4 different versions of Dolphin on the same Ma... moreAnd thats exactly aim of emulation? If developers port their games with direct X and all other things that wont be emulation? Because its emulation thats why they emulate direct X games with other graphics Api?

                  In all different version consistently snapdragon perform better than mali even in versions like MMJ which is optimized to run on Mali hardware. Also because other version run better doesnt mean Mali is ok. I will give you example.

                  In version of dolphin which run on retroid pocket 2 plus you can decrease graphics less than one like 30% or 50% than their original resolution, this is unique feature for this version so you get playable games not because Mali is ok here, but because you degrade quality to reduce load in gpu.

                  Same to other versions like MMJ, MMJR, MMJR2 etc it run better because of hacks, and these hacks reduce lot of things resolution, texture, skipping frame rates etc.

                  So you are still wrong other version run better because of reduced quality and Mali still perform worse even there.

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                    • 29 Oct 2022

                    Hemedans, 28 Oct 2022-Some work well and some dont, thats exactly the problem wi... moreWhen you try 4 different versions of Dolphin on the same Mali GPU with the same game and the same settings and get fluent framerates on some and horrible framerates on some others, the only think that can be guilty of bad framerate is then version or Dolphin, it's the only thing you change on all your test...not Mali's drivers/API
                    Any other conclusion is dishonnest. It's basic scientific experimentation!

                    Now Exagear...Come on ! once more it's emulation! You continue to take the worst exemple possible.
                    OpenGLES and Vulkan API are parts of Android!
                    For exemple, DirectX isn't!
                    If developers don't include DirectX code in their emulator, of course it will do software rendering! What else do you expect?
                    But for your full information, it's possible to load Mali support on Exagear!

                      GENERAL X TONY, 28 Oct 2022Actually I was using Poco F3 GT with Dimensity 1200 and Mi ... moreDepend with game you are playing, Dimensity 1200 has cortex A78 which is fast enough to emulate lot of things. Try to Emulate switch i gave you example of Super Mario Odyssey and you can see result, Same game can be emulated without issue in poco X3 pro with sd 860, D1200 on paper and Benchmarks is way more powerfull than 860.

                      And its irelevant to compare sd 888 and D1200 two different soc cover two different categories.

                        Hemedans, 26 Oct 2022Casual gamers maybe, but most Smartphone gamers won't ... moreActually I was using Poco F3 GT with Dimensity 1200 and Mi 11x Pro with Snapdragon 888, I play PS2 Games using AetherSX2 and PSP games using PPSSPP, Actually I feel like both are smooth and Good, But compared to mediatek, 888 has heating issue while emulating, and it throttle performance after a long time, so there is no use of gaming with that chip. Now a days mediatek are good, their only draw back was they don't provide source code for custom rom development. By they way it was capable chip.

                          Anonymous, 28 Oct 2022True, many people don't care about benchmark... How m... more-Some work well and some dont, thats exactly the problem with Mali you said it yourself but you cant understand it.

                          Assume you pay $1000 to buy Rog phone 6D ultimate gaming phone, then you found Exagear people are playing pc games, you try it yourself you are only limited to software rendering and perfomance is bad, then you realise even snapdragon lowend with adreno 619 can use partial 3d acceleration with turnip and in supported games they get more perfomance how would you feel?

                          And i told you before i use Emulation to show you how Bad Mali is, but the problem is bigger than Emulation, its everywhere Mali is not as optimized as Adreno.

                          And Emulation is Huge, Playstore isnt primarily source of Emulators but you can see some Emulator have been downloaded more than 100M times, even newer Emulator like Aethersx2 already surpass 1M download.

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                            • 28 Oct 2022

                            Emulators are the best when defining CPU power

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                              • 28 Oct 2022

                              jamalu96, 27 Oct 2022M2- NOT A16- Maybe in multi core benchmark and NPU departm... moreI don't agree in gpu
                              Well if we looks a15.
                              Dimensity already destroy a15 GPU in performance per watt.

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                                • 28 Oct 2022

                                Hemedans, 28 Oct 2022Blah blah blah Do people buy phone to run Benchmarks or ... moreTrue, many people don't care about benchmark...
                                How many cares about your emulators?
                                Probably far less than people who watch streaming! Get your crapdragon without any AV1 support! Last company with Apple that don't provide hardware decoding! This is a fact! What you say isn't!

                                Nevertheless...many emulators performs very well on Mali! If you use the right version properly developed (often it's not the one available on Playstore). You really can multiply your framerate by 3.
                                Proove that :
                                - OpenGL, Vulkan true drivers aren't involved as they are part of the system not of the emulator
                                - some developers work well with Mali and some others not!

                                Simple to understand if you haven't prejudice

                                Now stop spreading false things on every article about Mediatek...go away with your favorite company!

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                                  • 28 Oct 2022

                                  Shame that mediatek chips are rarely used in flagships outside of the chinese markets

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                                    • 28 Oct 2022

                                    People still believe in these useless benchmarks?! lol

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                                      • 28 Oct 2022

                                      Anonymous, 27 Oct 2022According to ARM, the A715 is 20% more power efficient than... moreSurely it will have high efficiency since they have removed the 32bit capable silicon from A715, while A710 still has it.

                                        Anonymous, 27 Oct 2022I don't keep repeating about emulators! You did! Agai... moreBlah blah blah

                                        Do people buy phone to run Benchmarks or to run their apps and games? If soc can run game thats what matter, how can benchmark help someone if game cant run? As i said before its easy to cheat in benchmark especially compability one like that, they just have to include necessary codes which benchmark check and ignore other things.

                                        And yes i talk about Emulation because its a fact Mediatek perform poor there.

                                        And Mediatek for 2 years now surpass Snapdragon in marketshare, if you add Exynos and Unisoc its Significant marketshare of Mali compare to Adreno. I checked Q2 marketshare Mediatek 39%, snapdragon 29% Unisoc 11% Exynos 6% etc. So Mali has like twice marketshare of Adreno.

                                        Samsung Eu have always been Exynos which is Mali, before S22 majority of the world got Exynos very few market get snapdrog and some years like 2015 whole world had Exynos, so Mali is present in low End, midrange and Highend,

                                        You can list thousands of excuse and burry your head to avoid the truth, but you know the truth, MALI DRIVERS.