Huawei: No, Kirin chips won't return in 2023

07 November 2022
US' sanctions make it virtually impossible for Huawei to be competitive in this regard.

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  • 17 Jan 2023

huaweipsmart2021, 15 Jan 2023good old tactics tthat usa uses "its a threat to natio... moreThey (US) did that to Japanese companies in the post-war times aka "Japan Bashing" and its just a repeated tactic on upcoming superpowers that can potentially threaten US on their leadership grounds.
Anyway lets keep to tech here and hope they (US) stop their nonsense.

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    • 15 Jan 2023

    good old tactics tthat usa uses "its a threat to national security" just like on what they did on middle east just to get that oil its similar on what they did to huawei they chained the company just so they wouldn't get anymore bigger its the power of imperalism folks taiwan is just allied with them but they claimed the manufacturing process itself lmao

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      • 09 Jan 2023

      meha, 08 Nov 2022Oh jesus, the pictures is so clear for anyone to see. You c... moreAi, the fact is that the Kirin chips are highly demanded on tsmc, and now US just takes tsmc away from huawei. So I guess you can actually blame the butcher for this one. If it weren't for them, Huawei would be rising on top of the lines right now.

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        • 14 Nov 2022

        meha, 08 Nov 2022Oh jesus, the pictures is so clear for anyone to see. You c... moreYour analogy is off.
        The pizza seller cannot use papperoni in their pizza at all because they are banned from using it. The papperoni seller is being toxic and monopolized their product.
        The pizza seller cant even make their own papperoni because its patented.

        If i cant eat pizza because of that, i will blame the papperoni seller.

          GMS is returning to Huawei
          Most likely

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            • 11 Nov 2022

            you have to suffer, 07 Nov 2022huawei phones with unisoc shouldnt ever exist. unless it wa... moreThis is about survival huawei needs too make profits and stay in the market making smartphones

            Huawei just have too make the most of what they have available for hardware
            and reduce pricing and do stuff other brands don't do like SD card slot & head jack & removable batterys too make there smartphones better then there competition

            Unfortunately even with one foot in the grave huawei still does not do this and huawei has bad survival instincts

            Not every one is a customer of there flagship device's

            There a huge market for budget smartphones

            In 2019/2020 I think it was

            My family had the huawei p smart 2019 phones when it was on sale at 100 pound

            Most of my family liked them said they run smoothly and where well
            Optimized and they did hit a good price point

            They seemed too like the huawei phones more then other budget & old flagships smartphones in the house for running smoothly

            Myself they just feeled like budget smartphones honestly not anything special smooth but slow
            and perfor older flagships myself

            My dad loyal too the sony brand so he also was not interested in getting one either

            But mum sister & grampa all liked them and think they was the best smartphones for some reason

            In 2022 huawei is rip as no Google play store & services is deal breaker for us

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              • 10 Nov 2022

              Avon B7, 09 Nov 2022That is an important point. Unable to compete on standar... moreTotally agree with all your comments.

              Personally I think technology should have no borders. When you actually try to stop a country from progressing while that country progressed in 10 years more than others in 50 all you do is to stop the evolution to better tech available for everyone.

              When money are getting involved and they matter more than what that product can do, we have this kind of situations.

              Sadly, nothing is sorted out yet. We can see the tensions around Taiwan as US/Europe have interests and all they do is to protect their interests/investments and revenues. China want`s a slice of that pie as well. Therefore if we still have this "silent" conflict between US and China, there will be not only 1 country losing but every country...all

              Personally I wasn`t interested in who is the leader as long as the device I was using was doing what I needed to do. It didn`t matter who sells more or less to me. Been on both sides (Android and iOS) and it`s sad that we had to be put in this position of lacking access to technology.

              Oh...and for those blaming China of stealing government secrets, being spies...just take a look at US and how many spies they have in all Europe governments...

              Also, I`m still waiting for US to sue China for this? Why they don`t do it? Why they don`t put forward the proof of what Huawei was doing? Any trials? Nothing. So many questions and nothing but statements with no proof.

                SineNomine, 09 Nov 2022The only issue here is that China only banned these compani... moreThat is an important point.

                Unable to compete on standard industry practices and seeing the progress China had made, the US decided to wreck the system and poison the global supply chain.

                That global supply chain is not happy.

                The US literally wants to dictate the terms under which sovereign companies can do business but 'after the fact'.

                The best practice is to warn companies of restrictions prior to them incorporating it into their products. That way they know what they are dealing with.

                After the fact, unilateral, extraterritorial 'sanctions' undermine the entire system and are ill advised.

                Now China has put into place laws to protect companies from buckling to external pressure which may harm its companies (similar to EU laws which do the same).

                It hasn't acted on them - yet.

                  SineNomine, 09 Nov 2022The real question that you should ask yourself is...can US ... moreThere have been dominant chipsets as long as there have been chips. Not too long ago around half the cars produced worldwide had embedded PowerPC chips in things like ABS systems. We had Texas Instruments, Motorola etc. As we moved into the digital age ATM has come to the fore.

                  For one reason or another something else will come along. We already have a bigger push into RISC-V and of course then there is the elephant in the room.

                  Non-silicon chipsets. We know silicon has an EOL date. We just don't know when it is. However silicon has peaked in terms of its lifespan as a technology although perhaps not in absolute numbers.

                  So when will something like photonics make a breakthrough and who will make it?

                    meha, 08 Nov 2022It's funny people blaming the us. The us government di... moreIt is perfectly reasonable to blame the US. That is happening across governments and tech companies the world over right now.

                    No allied governments were consulted prior to the latest sanctions getting approved. The US tech industry wasn't consulted either. The whole thing was clearly ill thought out and totally rushed. Now the US has a serious problem.

                    It has clipped the wings of its own tech industry which will lose billions in lost revenues in the next quarter. Their biggest clients are Chinese.

                    The problem is that their non-Chinese competitors can replace them for technology that doesn't contain US technology. That means China is logically pumping huge orders into those companies right now. It will take many months for the US to negotiate with governments in an attempt to pull them into line and there lies another huge problem. The US does not attempt to pull allies into line. It tries to bludgeon them into line with threats and intimidation.

                    Frankly, that kind of attitude does not go down well in places like the EU (an open competitor to US technology just like China).

                    So the EU countries are saying something like this: "You're telling us what we have to do through weaponisation of your technology which might only represent a fraction of the finished product. You are doing this unilaterally and without consultation and impacting our own industries and infrastructure. We will have to reconsider our options".

                    Now, on a commercial level, those decisions were taken in 2019 with the Huawei sanctions. Non-US companies saw US technology in their products as toxic and began to plan its erradication. That is a process that could take 4-6 years depending on the complexity of the product in question.

                    Make no mistake. Absolutely all tech companies (including the hundreds of US companies that applied for licences to do business with China) want to trade with China.

                    The US effectively shot itself in the head with the policy it chose. It's just that the bullet hasn't hit yet.

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                      • 09 Nov 2022

                      Anonymous, 07 Nov 2022Exynos needs to die too Exynos is dead for years now =)) they had their last resort bringing AMD into their game and again...another failure =))

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                        • 09 Nov 2022

                        meha, 08 Nov 2022It's funny people blaming the us. The us government di... moreThe real question that you should ask yourself is...can US or any other country use a different than British ARM patents (that they, not really engineered by themselves) create one?

                        In order to create a different chip technology you have to start it all over again from 2 digit nm sizes and to be efficient and competitive would take years to any company in the world, not only Huawei.

                        At the moment, ARM is the best and most reliable technology for chip production.
                        US just bought the company (they invented nothing) and they`ve put monopoly on production, they can decide who is allowed and who it isn`t to use the tech.

                        Again, they are owners, not inventors :)

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                          • 09 Nov 2022

                          Anonymous, 08 Nov 2022did US provide any actual proof of their claims? where is t... moreHuawei actually became no.1 just before US banned them. In that Q# took the leadership worldwide.

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                            • 09 Nov 2022

                            Anonymous, 08 Nov 2022It is only an open market to those who abide the rules and ... moreThe only issue here is that China only banned these companies on their own territory. They haven`t put any restrictions against these companies to function outside China while US restricted Huawei to build and sell Kirin outside their own country as they could only ban the products from their country instead of forcing them out of business. Last time I`ve checked Google, Uber, Facebook etc are usable in other countries. Therefore, your answer is totally biased as it make no sense in this "revenge" US could`ve block...let`s say...Alibaba. Wish, Gearbest, Fastech and so on...

                            Oh and btw...Uber doesn`t exist in a lot of countries as it`s banned but who cares...what it matters is that China banned them there ;)

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                              • 09 Nov 2022

                              PepperPot, 08 Nov 2022Shhhhhh. How dare you talk about China's restrictions... moreYou are fair to sell your products in China, you can buy samsung, apple, sony, pixels etc. electronic devices or anything there if you want.

                              Internet is a gray area & its the governments right to control it.

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                                • 09 Nov 2022

                                Anonymous, 08 Nov 2022It is only an open market to those who abide the rules and ... moreSo US shouldnt advertise their fake open market to be open without their approval! Just like how they ban China from accessing the ISS.

                                Eitherway, the internet is a different area compared to Selling Electronic Devices when Huawei were closing the gap on apple before getting hammered by US.

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                                  • 09 Nov 2022

                                  Anonymous, 08 Nov 2022It is only an open market to those who abide the rules and ... moreWTO set up the rule about developing country can stop companies from developed world from operating in their country. This rule was set to allow developing country to develop their own industry/company and prevent developed countries just dominate every sectors in the developing countries.
                                  China make use of this rule (written by developed countries themselves), then they all went surprise pikachu.

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                                    • 08 Nov 2022

                                    next Analog Chips?

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                                      • 08 Nov 2022

                                      Anonymous, 08 Nov 2022did US provide any actual proof of their claims? where is t... moreOh jesus, the pictures is so clear for anyone to see. You can't make pizza in your own house and you blame the butcher because the guy don't want to sell pepperoni to you. Nobody can stop you making pizza in your own house. You are free to make anything in your own house right? So you do something to get the da.m.m pepperoni. The butcher can sell or give his pepperoni to anyone he likes. So simple. Proofs has nothing to do in this matter.

                                        Anonymous, 08 Nov 2022It is only an open market to those who abide the rules and ... moreShhhhhh. How dare you talk about China's restrictions on US companies. That doesn't fit into the narrative.