Flashback: the Nokia X series or how the Android dream turned into a short snooze

13 November 2022
How many of you have wished that Nokia had picked Android over Windows Phone? We bet this isn't quite what you had in mind.

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Nokia fan since 2G, Looking around for a 4G feature phone to update my 6300i late Simbian S60 and I'm seeing the Kaios platform. Bought an early DORO Kaios version for my wife, terrible. Anyone know a little about Kaios and later versions?

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    • 08 Dec 2022

    JZY, 13 Nov 2022Wish they would have either continued with Symbian OS or ha... moreDon't give us hope, they are plenrty of false rumors everywhere...

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      • 20 Nov 2022

      marcoos, 13 Nov 2022The N1 tablet was made by the actual rump-Nokia (well, desi... moreIronically that ended up becoming HMD

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        • 17 Nov 2022

        Meego was way ahead of its time. Too far far ahead in terms of software development and hardware integration. But also too many problems... internal with their stubborn or dumb bureaucrats and external they had to face unfair competing policies.
        Nokia was going to be too powerful and the only way to stop it was a well planned and well executed sabotage. Only way to beat it was to kill it.

          Nokia should have chosen Meego then story must be something else.

            Windows devices were really incredible devices. But the title user interface of the Windows 8 and 8.1 was an eyesore on phones.

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              • 15 Nov 2022

              A 2014 Android smartphone with 0.3 mp selfie camera by Nokia!🤣🤣🤣🤣 Biggest SCAM!🖕

                I'm really glad they mentioned the Nokia N1, I was waiting for them to revisit it in a flashback. Probably the most forgotten tablet (along with the Dell Venue 8 7000).

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                  • 14 Nov 2022

                  DRCROC, 13 Nov 2022Nokia should have pushed harder on the Microsoft is, right ... moreThey did not give up, they lost a lot of money under Microsoft pressure. It was a done Deal straight from the getgo, when elop entered nokia buildings.

                    KondriX, 13 Nov 2022By the way, how is the store situation there? Ativ SE has t... moreDespite more apps no longer supporting W10M, Microsoft Store itself is still working fine as usual.

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                      • 14 Nov 2022

                      fun times! i had the nokia x2 dual sim...
                      but was, later on, lose interest...
                      aside from the fact that its windows phone alternative works better...
                      it just has some nice features "it should not have"...
                      like always on display on an ips...
                      bunch of camera modes...
                      ui is good... but when i managed to sideload z launcher it was better... minimalist at best

                        The N1 tablet was made by the actual rump-Nokia (well, designed by Nokia and manufactured by a vendor company), it was NOT a project of Microsoft Mobile. Hence "uncoordinated with Nokia X", which was a project of the part of old Nokia that became Microsoft Mobile.

                          NOK6600, 13 Nov 2022my last Nokia phone was E71 series in 2010 then straight ju... moreweird becuase 2012/2013 Nokia had best hardware, krait cores even in lowend like lumia 520 and 620, you could play heavy games like GTA san andrea smoothly, no android phone could do this, and during anouncement of Lumia 920 it had more advance specs compare to competition.

                            Daemon Targaryen, 13 Nov 2022I don't understand the nostalgia for phones from nearl... moreup to 2014 is 32bit and Emmc storage so they wont be good, from 2015 to 2017 they have 64bit big core and ufs storage, even if they lag with custom rom they will be smooth, i have note 5 with lineage its smooth.

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                              • 13 Nov 2022

                              KondriX, 13 Nov 2022By the way, how is the store situation there? Ativ SE has t... moreIt won't work now as Microsoft would have retired the update servers

                                YUKI93, 13 Nov 2022That is why I still keep my Microsoft Lumia 950 albeit as m... moreBy the way, how is the store situation there? Ativ SE has the same internals as the Lumia 930, although Lumia was upgraded to WM10, but not the Samsung. Anyway, I found a tutorial on the net how to mask the Ativ as a Lumia and upgtade it to WM10, hope it works.

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                                  • 13 Nov 2022

                                  Daemon Targaryen, 13 Nov 2022I don't understand the nostalgia for phones from nearl... moreSame thing with my Nokia 8. Simple, practical, speedy, durable, reliable and most importantly, worth every cent I paid for it. And aged well while not having freezes or slowdowns and still feels the exact same as the day I bought it

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                                    • 13 Nov 2022

                                    48 days is still longer than the last uk prime minister

                                      I don't understand the nostalgia for phones from nearly a decade ago? Flagships were smaller and had stuff like microSD slot, headphone jack, removable battery (Samsung, LG), IR blaster, charger and headphones in the box. But I wouldn't go back using them.

                                      - 2 GB RAM
                                      - Probably only updated to Marshmallow
                                      - eMMc storage that ages badly

                                      I think phones by 2017 is bare minimum for me. Look at the jump from 2010-2014. It was major. Now from 2018-2022, it's hardly noticeable. My Essential Phone from 2017 still works great on Pie. Look at the iPhone X. Aged well after 5 years.

                                      The phones that aged worse for me are my LG G5 and iPhone SE 2016. The last year we got headphone jack and metal backs. My G5's UI is laggy af and battery is completely dead and I own 4 batteries for it while barely using it. The SE 1 is great as an iPod but apps are not optimized well for that screen size any more and battery is atrocious.

                                      I've considered getting an HTC One M7 or M8 from eBay but why bother? M7 has no microSD slot and battery life is atrocious. Still has the purple photos in low light. The M8 is slightly uglier than the M7 but had issues with the charging and BoomSound crackling. I don't trust Taiwanese like HTC or Asus. Only had issues with them.

                                      Get a phone with at least Snap870 or 888 at least these days if you want emulation up to PS2, GameCube, and Wii. Even my Pixel 3 with 845 won't cut it for GameCube and 845 is only bare minimum for PS2.

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                                        • 13 Nov 2022

                                        you have to suffer, 13 Nov 2022majority of people doesnt care about these colorful phones.... moreIt's sad I loved they way they were designed also the portability of them not like todays standard size of say 6.5" also replaceable batteries etc etc.