Weekly poll: do flagship chipsets still matter?

20 November 2022
Do you have to have the latest top of the line chip or is an older one okay? Or even a mid-range chip?

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  • 20 Nov 2022

Of course yes
On any expensive smartphone
Yeah flagship chip with good cooling system so you can benefit from the performance
You payed the extra price premium for

All smartphone should realistically have better cooling system built-in fans and flagship processor

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    • David
    • 3HZ
    • 20 Nov 2022

    I care more about features like the screen, camera and storage than the chipset. As long as it’s reasonably powerful I don’t have to have the flagship one.

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      • Anonymous
      • KiZ
      • 20 Nov 2022

      I prefer powerful "Flagship-killer" chipset but still affordable like Snapdragon 870 or Dimensity 8100. For me these chipsets are already more than enough to work on demanding task or gaming in most smartphones like playing Genshin/Warzone Mobile and editing short youtube videos.

        What is cutting edge today is mid range spec 18-24 months later.
        Me, I buy all my devices second hand, so can get the best of both worlds, buy 12 month old kit, get last generation tech at mid range price 12 months early.
        With a bit of work, there are some wonderful bargain priced deals available, especially on well used/damaged kit..

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          • Anonymous
          • t75
          • 20 Nov 2022

          Besides benchmarking apps, no app utilizes the full potential of a flagship chip. It's just a marketing strategy. Mid rangers are the sweet spot now. Mid rangers have chargers, audio jacks, card slots, hdr and hrr screens, regular security updates and so on. Mid rangers have all the features while flagships doesn't have all. Quite ironic isn't it?

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            • sUS
            • 20 Nov 2022

            Facebook/Tiktok doesn't need the top of the line flagship chipsets. And pics taken from these new phones just get compressed when uploading wtf.

              Yes a flagship processor is definitely required for the bragging rights (although iPhone buyers are clueless about what's inside their phones)

              Aside from that, a phone with flagship processor will continue to work well even after all the OS updates it has received. Not to forget, one also enjoys high FPS during gaming and as we all know FPS are important

              Lastly those looking for best camera experience will require a flagship processor for best results

                currently using Dimensity 700 phone, runs all day to day app nicely, games at high setting and very good battery life on the cheap. Flagship chipset are better if they made for laptop and for the phone it's better for battery life.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • U{g
                  • 20 Nov 2022

                  Consistent perfomance with low throttling matters more, what the use will all the fire power when it surges for first 10 mins and then perfoms at 60% the remaining time?

                  Also a lot of Android OEMS must give importance to cooling, by using advanced materials like Graphene or graphite flake sheets,Samsung and Google never give a shit about cooling the SoC at all

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                    • Demoi
                    • I@H
                    • 20 Nov 2022

                    Mid range chipset is already powerful enough even for games. Plus it balances power usage and saves battery. Sd 8 gen 1 and up chipsets should only be used with productivity tablets that has 10k+ mAh batteries.

                      All I need is for it to be fast. But with system and apps getting harder to run, you definitely need that latest hw so it runs smoothly for another year or 2.
                      I could definitely feel a difference of having the best vs having not. It got that lag feeling.

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                        • s.c
                        • 0}V
                        • 20 Nov 2022

                        I picked up the Poco F3 when it came in hot and heavy but I recently switched to a Redmi Note 10 Pro. It has a quite slow SoC compared to the Poco. But I don't mind it because I don't game on my phone or need the speed otherwise. For those equations I've got a powerfull tablet. In there is a flagship SoC.

                          yalim, 20 Nov 2022I think midranger chipsets are useless.just go buy a flagsh... moreNot all midrangers though nowadays we have soc like Sd 860, 870, D8100 etc these can give you better perfomance than old flagship. And nowadays upper midrange and some highend have decent Display, Camera, Cooling etc.

                            I don't need more raw performance, but I would like to have better AI and ISP improvements on a chip, the performance of sd870 is more than enough for many I think.

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                              • yalim
                              • Bja
                              • 20 Nov 2022

                              I think midranger chipsets are useless.just go buy a flagship phone 1,2 or even 3 year old.2020 flagships have longer software support, better camera specs, better hardware features, better built quality and better durability compared to 2022 midrangers