Weekly poll: do flagship chipsets still matter?

20 November 2022
Do you have to have the latest top of the line chip or is an older one okay? Or even a mid-range chip?

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Sin, 13 Dec 2022Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 phone and the first Dimensity 9200 phone... moreSmartphone expensive give internal 512Gb and 1Tb. (Rumor microsd variant 128Tb, rumor) minium smartphone brand give 256Gb internal highest, smartphone midrange and entry level

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    • 13 Dec 2022

    Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 phone and the first Dimensity 9200 phones

    Definitely looks like a improvement
    If 16gb ram & 1tb storage 6000mah battery

    Does look really promising

    But really should be better

    Although such hardware still going need robust cooling system with active cooling built-in fans and SSD boot drives

    Too fully benefit from it

    Possibility 18gb or more ram using another 6gb virtual ram and ssd boot drive could if it happens could finally make a smartphone truly smooth

    There improvements will make a lot of difference in performance

    Yeah we need too revisit this topic of maturely on hardware side of smartphones in a few years as we are not there yet

    I think we are lacking SSD boot drives for OS and 1tb storage on flagships should come as standard

    We should be talking about so we want the 1tb SSD phone or the SSD 2tb phone

    So mainly it's the storage holding smartphones back and the chipset not being given enough ram

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      • 13 Dec 2022

      Smartphones have not reached maturity here , maturity in technology not yet still a long way too go

      In all honesty even for basic usage maturity will never happen not with the way technology industry is

      Smartphones are made too slow down and break
      Software is too blame

      as new Android versions have higher system requirements and old Android versions don't get supported forever extended we can't ever have smooth

      The benefits of the additional performance and power efficiency and bigger battery still makes so much difference

      The problem is software developers they only care about flagship processors and smartphones the rich hurting the user experience for everyone else

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        • 12 Dec 2022

        NeonHD, 21 Nov 2022But the satisfaction you get from going with the flagship c... moreMost probably the reason why GSMArena users run after Xiaomi products when their experience isn't any better than most other phones for the end user

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          • 28 Nov 2022

          Anonymous, 20 Nov 2022iQooo is the new PocoAre you kidding mate? first of all terrible naming scheme, second their phones are +500 and non of em have SD card or headphone jack, they all have dumb 200w or so chargers and smaller batteries as a result of that...it's not a "flagship" killer if it costs as much as flagships. and their base Y or Z models seem to have worse specs than Redmi notes and Poco.

            Funny fact the best Apple cpu now is the A16 in November 2022,best performance vs battery use.The best Qualcomm cpu in November 2022 is the snapdragon 870.That says it all really.There has been 888 and 888plus and gen 1 and gen 1 plus but they are all terrible when it comes to performance vs battery,something has went terribly wrong with Qualcomm cpu wise.

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              • 27 Nov 2022

              there are not many next gen games on Android,if you ask me there is only less than 3 games which you can argue as next gen ,all else you can run all other games on a snapdragon 865 phone without any problem.
              in my opinion Android currently need next generation of games as well apps ( a better app store,not one where any body can make a clone game in 10 minutes and upload it)
              as far as chipset is concern , i think we have reached maturity here , maturity in technology mean when you can do everything using the old technology and the only advantage of new technology is you can do it faster..

              so, conclusion

              after snapdragon 865 there is no necessity for new chipset,
              it's luxury, necessity ended with 865.

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                • 26 Nov 2022

                Ahmad100, 24 Nov 2022dream stuff. can't exist in the real world. My questio... moreSmartphones basically are portable PCs that run Android OS

                So any task you might want too do on a pc a phone want you're smartphone too be capable of

                Full Pc replacement on the go will be good when smartphone get there

                Having more ram will make the OS Ul layout & browser have fastness smoothness responsiveness sensitively too the screen and better multi tasking capacitys

                It will make the smartphone feel nicer too use in day to day usage and especially gaming and multi tasking

                The addition ram will make it so more apps and browser tabs get storaged in ram and don't require being reloaded from the start again with storage so you can have more open and the same time and switch between different apps and use dual screen mode screen overlay and more and go right back to where you left of too preloaded pages in ram storage

                Also super fast SSD storage drive is needed for this also too make everything respond at lighting fast speed and get rid of loading times the faster the SSD the better and increasing the SSD side will also help because that way you can have everything you ever need just in storage space

                Same for 240hz screen again too make phone quicker and look even faster still

                Every time you upgrade too a faster smartphone the faster smartphone blitz the slower smartphone and is better because it is faster

                The performance and processor hardware speed is the Smartphone it's everything

                  Yuri84, 23 Nov 2022Flagship chipset? You mean "small electric heater on a... moreyou prefer pc games, consoles, laptops for games.

                    AnonD-1058210, 23 Nov 2022Not reaally I have Oppo Reno8 PRo 5G where is dimensity 810... moreG

                      Sin, 23 Nov 2022My dreem smartphone never going too be made Snapdragon 8... moredream stuff. can't exist in the real world. My question is, what is the cellphone RAM up to 32GB for? for PC it's still reasonable. requires high resources, graphics eat a lot of storage. while mobile games are said to be exactly like PC games I don't think so. (soc mobile is not as powerful as x86 64) (genshin impact game is still difficult to deal with on a potato game pc)

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                        • 23 Nov 2022

                        Invincisst , 21 Nov 2022Dude D8100 is a flagship chipset. On par With SD 8 Gen 1 at... moreNot reaally I have Oppo Reno8 PRo 5G where is dimensity 8100 am talking about this not 9000 series.. of course 9000 is flag 🚩

                          Flagship chipset? You mean "small electric heater on a battery"? Thanks, I'll pass. A52s is fast enough for most tasks, and I don't game on the go. A52s also happens to have 120hz refresh rate and a mid-range chipset. IMO, mid-range chipsets are fast enough for casual use, and for anything else I'd prefer a dedicated device (pc, laptop or console).

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                            • 23 Nov 2022

                            My works phone has a Mediatek A22 chipset and it is good enough for the tasks its used for phone calls, emails, messaging, lite browsing so for me I don't need a high end chip does the job perfectly.

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                              • 23 Nov 2022

                              My dreem smartphone never going too be made

                              Snapdragon 8 gen 2+ or better
                              Or mediatek dimensity 9200+ or better
                              With built-in high speed fans

                              As far ram & storage
                              32gb ram & high speed 2tb SSD

                              Screen 1080
                              240hz amoled screen

                              Front screen For performance tasks

                              Full colour e-ink screen
                              720p 30hz
                              Rear screen For Power saving and none performance tasks

                              9000mah battery user replaceable battery
                              Dual changing ports & dual changers

                              Add many ports

                              x2 headphone jacks
                              X3 SD card slots X4 sim card slot x2 usb 3.0 port x1 HDMI port & big bezel with home bottom & stereo speakers

                              Cameras 360 main camera second main camera in middle of back of smartphone but at top of side In size bezels
                              standard selfie camera but in the bezel not the screen plus additional pop up camera at top of smartphone another additional pop up camera from side of smartphone

                              Dual boot window & Android
                              Support for any OS version

                              If x86 smartphone
                              Still needs too be able too make calls & texts
                              Still want camera

                              X86 hardware with mobile i9hk-12gen CPU & GPU rtx 3060 mini
                              Be fine alternative too aim based on smartphone
                              Need be about 7.2 or 7.5 inch I think If x86 will dual 9000 mah batterys

                              Smartphone box
                              Screen protector x2 glass
                              screen protector X5 flexible plastic
                              Screen protector none flexible plastic x2
                              Changers x2
                              Headphone x1
                              Full size headphones x1

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                                • 23 Nov 2022

                                AnonD-1037771, 23 Nov 2022I'm still waiting for someone to invent the swappable ... moreThe micro swopable SSD drive for expandble storage would definitely be a improvement and good idea am sure it's possible

                                None expandable Storage issues has been going on for too long on smartphones

                                Am so fed up of this problem if only it was possible manufacturers just add ad card slot x2 Tf card slot x1 micro swopable SSD slot and 1tb SSD boot drive & 1tb ufs storage

                                In general ports are a weak spot on smartphones
                                And I think USB 3.0 ports x2 should be added plus hdmi port headphone jack x2 dual changer ports yeah as many as can fit

                                If there was ever a flagship smartphone that focused on ports & storage & ram removable battery and processor and cooling fans active cooling system

                                With dual boot of windows & Android
                                You choose which OS version you want installed

                                All of the main weakness of smartphones of today would be fixed

                                Then a smartphone would be pc replacement for real

                                I won't mind a x86 smartphone either if it could make calls texts etc

                                But mainstream market of people probably rather pay a price premium for a paper weight like iPhone

                                Not sure why you want Android & Linux dual boot?

                                Linux on smartphones is just sailfish os with Android app support and possibly some problems

                                There other Linux versions but there in beta and everything in Linux is either very basic or broken and missing app compatibility or limited app store

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                                  • 23 Nov 2022

                                  Sin, 22 Nov 2022physics don't stop smartphones from getting more power... moreI'm still waiting for someone to invent the swappable microSSD for smartphones 😁
                                  I'd also like to get:
                                  - macro lenses that are incorporated or attached separately
                                  - infra-red cameras + proper infra-red lights
                                  - a 2nd USB-C port (or bring back the 3.5mm jack)
                                  - notification LEDs
                                  - dual-boot Android + Linux
                                  - analog radio (for emergencies)
                                  - liquid cooling
                                  - bigger battery
                                  - rubber/silicone coating on the corners/back
                                  - stainless steel frame
                                  - sapphire display (or something that won't break so easily)
                                  - NO selfie camera
                                  - NO holes in the display
                                  - NO curved display
                                  The list could go on and on 😂

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                                    • 23 Nov 2022

                                    Too bad theres no Kirin SoCs due to US ban to prevent them from gaining marketshare.

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                                      • 23 Nov 2022

                                      I recently lost my beloved iPhone 8 Plus that I had been using since 2017 and I decided to buy the iPhone 11 for about the same price of a top end Android mid range instead of getting a flagship with the latest chip. Compared to my my 8 plus the 11 is a few generations more advanced in chip but I would still be with my 8 plus for years if I hadn't lost it.

                                        Vango, 21 Nov 2022I got a battery replacement last year though, didn't r... moreWhether or not a custom ROM would help depends on what you value. I value the latest software personally. My Xiaomi Mi 8 SE works faster on Android 13 than the past few versions of Android.