Tecno unveils Eagle Eye Lens - the first dual prism tele camera that automatically tracks objects

22 November 2022
Each prism is responsible for movement on one axis. Combined they can tilt +/-16° on one axis and +/-20° on the other. This system also handles OIS.

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It’s actually kinda crazy that this is just high school refraction of light,I guess we’ll have to wait till the legit phone comes out. But in principle it’ll be good.

    More moving parts within the phone isn't necessarily a good thing. If the phone fallso, the module might be damaged. It's good to see Tecno innovating though

      That's great tecno and infinix are not just market parasites, they make something new.

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        • 22 Nov 2022

        Even TECno is more innovative than apple these days.


            sounds like a periscope with gimbal OIS..