Weekly poll results: flagship chipsets still matter, but most people don't need the latest one

27 November 2022
A phone with an older flagship chip is great value for money - faster than a mid-ranger but costs the same or sometimes less. 

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  • 13 Dec 2022

This is some interesting poll results

Old flagship have flagship processor but also they run software Android versions that don't have as high system requirements as the more modern Android versions

Another note worthy thing is a old flagship processor remains better than a mid range processor for a long time

I think flagship processor would of won if they where more affordable

Snapdragon 870 & 865 smartphone and normally 8gb ram & 256gb storage & 4000mah
do hit some lower price targets so perhaps people squeeze this into there budgets and use as card slot for the short comings of storage

The Snapdragon 8 gen 2 with better power efficiency big 6000mah with 16gb ram & 1tb storage will be the sweet spot

This is definitely a step up
That am sure people could experience the benefits from and should stay running smoothly a for a few future Android version

Older Android version (lighter) software
Older flagship chipset ( More powerful chipset )

The old flagships Smartphone runs more smoothly as results of this
A mid range smartphone less smooth

Because newer software (heavy) software
New chipset (but not as good as old flagship)

Just hardware can't handle the software so is sluggish

Pricing definitely plays a big role and is big factor here

    Anonymous, 28 Nov 2022So made for tomorrow but get replaced every 12 months. Pe... moreThe improvements made each year mean they're able to last more into the future. Let's say a chipset from 2022 feels fast enough till 2027, another from 2023 feels fast enough till 2028, etc. I have yet to see people who use their phone regularly in a heavy way and do not feel like their phone is not fast enough after a few years. Especially mid range phone users, they switch regularly. I've seen mostly people with flagship phones be content with performance. The key problem then is the battery.

      Anonymous, 28 Nov 2022So made for tomorrow but get replaced every 12 months. Pe... morethey get replaced each year because of innovation. Companies are able to provide the power not possible before. If we go by your logic then companies should just release one chipset and wait till it dies out. Look at every other piece of tech, they get improved each year. The improvements in flagship chipsets allows the phones to be able to do more and even spills down to midrange chipsets by making them more efficient and more powerful.

        Anonymous, 27 Nov 2022I disagree with that statement - this is not a general rule... morespeaking from my experience with phones since 2015

          kanaaka, 28 Nov 2022if you're going to use your smartphone as a "comm... morethe problem with the z fold is its fragility and the aspect ratio. The aspect ratio means videos look awful so a huge chunk of most people's usage won't look great, huge bars. The fragility means heavy users would destroy it.

            mooox, 28 Nov 2022My experience is that mid-ranger phones can never load/run/... moreTasks get more intensive, software slowly starts to ask more and more from the hardware.

              Gnusmas, 27 Nov 2022I would disagree, i have 3 y.o midranger and it's stil... morewhat phone??

                ARTE8800, 29 Nov 2022Higher GPU frequency (~45%) 17% higher CPU clock speed (28... moreLol you just coppied nanoreview? Without context this is nothing.

                1. Higher frequency, yes sd 845 has higher frequency but lack IPC, cortex A78 is too powerfull to cortex A75, thats why low frequency sd 778G scored around 700 to 800 single core geekbench while sd 845 score around 400 to 500.

                2.Same to Gpu, 778G has better gpu because of better architecture even though 845 gpu has more clock.

                In. Short if hardware has high clock while give less perfomance is not good compare to hardware with less clock and more perfomance.

                You can also overclock Sd 778G, sd 855, sd 865 etc overclocking is not exclusive to sd 845, same kernel used to overclock sd 845 can be used to overclock 778G.

                And that bandwidth is theoretical one, sd 778G support lpddr5 ram its likely to have more bandwidth than sd 845 devices, that plus ufs 3x storage will made sd 778G devices to have faster memory system wide compare to sd 845 devices.

                  Hemedans, 28 Nov 2022Even Gpu sd 778G is ahead of sd 845, debate is sd 855 and 7... moreHigher GPU frequency (~45%)
                  17% higher CPU clock speed (2800 vs 2400 MHz)
                  Supports 16% higher memory bandwidth (29.8 against 25.6 GB/s)

                  Still lacks , even when rooting with customRom s845 can be clocked 25% more than garbage 778g 788g

                  Midrange cpu are garbage

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                    • 29 Nov 2022

                    Meh, I'd rather have the same performance I have on my old Redmi Note 10 Pro, but with new chip tech that lowers the power consumption and heat.
                    Works for everything I use a phone for so rather have better battery life.

                      Just name a 2022 mid-range phone that is better than Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus or Note 20 Ultra (SD version). I'm waiting ...
                      They all have 4G versions as well, which means that you can get them even cheaper if 5G is not a must.

                        Freelancer, 29 Nov 2022I would get an old flagship only if the chipset is not flaw... moreSorry I meant 888 and 8 gen, 8 gen 1 is "ok".

                          I would get an old flagship only if the chipset is not flawed (e.g. any Exynos, 8 gen, 8 gen 1) , otherwise I would get an upper-mid ranger e.g. 778G.

                            I very often say, don't get old flagships only for speed. Get them for audio quality, camera experience, etc. Older chipsets are way too good than midrangers in these often ignored areas.

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                              • 28 Nov 2022

                              yalim, 28 Nov 20221-2 year old flagships will cost similar or less than 2022 ... moreAgree even the s855 s865 are still powerful chips

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                                • 28 Nov 2022

                                Anonymous, 28 Nov 2022So made for tomorrow but get replaced every 12 months. Pe... moreWow 5 thanks upvote, we agree.

                                  It used to be great to have a flagship phone that is 1-2 generations old, it could be had for a modest price compared to modern "mid-range" phones, while performance and camera quality was noticeably better. Nowadays, modern mid-range phones usually cost like flagships and perform like older-generation flagships used to. And flagships were replaced by fancy niche devices (like, flip phones).

                                  For example, I got myself Samsung A52s and it works wonders - great camera, great performance, decent price - I previously bought S7 for a similar price, years ago (when S8 was introduced and S7 got a price cut). Today I wouldn't get a flagship - mostly because of high price + overheating issues. Tried a few, didn't like them enough to pay twice as much.

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                                    • 28 Nov 2022

                                    I have Dimensity 8100 and it is very good

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                                      • 28 Nov 2022

                                      1-2 year old flagships will cost similar or less than 2022 midrangers. however,older flagships have better camera,better hardware features(NFC,faster usb connector,wireless charging,reverse charging,better screen,stereo speakers,better codecs...),IP65 rating,preimum built material,more software features,similar or longer remaining years of software support compared to 2022 midrangers. besides,midrangers' software is not optimized as well as flagships.

                                        Anonymous, 28 Nov 2022The 778 will be kinder on the battery. Probably has a bette... moreIts better in everything including Gpu, Isp, storage type, Ram, Connectivity etc. There is no Reason to pick sd 845 over 778G.