A chat with Corning: what are the challenges of making tough glass?

03 December 2022
As smartphone design evolves, so must the glass that protects its front (and very often the back too). 

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  • Paul
  • 4SR
  • 09 Dec 2022

Why are they using a peice of sandpaper to simulate concrete rather than AN ACTUAL CONCRETE SLAB. lmao

    nikitajohn, 06 Dec 2022Exactly. I am not worried about the glass breaking but more... moreYou are talking about GG3? that's Samsung s5, you must be one of these nostalgia guys that got stuck in the past.

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      • nikitajohn
      • y2g
      • 06 Dec 2022

      Ajith Reddy, 04 Dec 2022Im not much concerned about cracking my display as I handle... moreExactly. I am not worried about the glass breaking but more how easily it gets scratched without any screen protector. The best balance (up until today) is GG3 where it doesn't get scratched easily compared to any latest GG models.

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        • 06 Dec 2022

        Rotciv Ikias, 05 Dec 2022For the frame of a phone aluminium and stainless steel (esp... morePlastic just is really soft and squashly bendly it's why it rarely has reliably problem's

        It's why budget smartphones with replaceable battery's are so reliable

        But at end Smartphones made of glass just are so fragile & brittle

        Personally when I think of a high end smartphone the first smartphone that comes too mind is the gaming smartphone from Nubia red magic or Lenovo legion with good quality hardware and engineering

        Above all else I just don't want glass too be used on smartphones at all

        Plastic touch screens are fine and are much more suitable for smartphones it's the ideal choice then glass

        The glass build problem on smartphones shouldn't even exist but in this silly industry glass is chosen for durability and trying too make it durable but it's glass this is just not going to happen

        Metal just dent's and overheating as metel and as metal is often heavy adds unnecessary weight bigger battery adding additional weight makes sense but metal less so

        Metal does look nice but as too be covered and wrapped in plastic screen protector & plastic case too keep it safe

        Plastic can be liked too and look nice and there can even be colour opinions but it's psychology that is the problem with it most of us just like metal for some reason or another

          Sin, 04 Dec 2022The problem is with the way we see plastic aluminium sta... moreFor the frame of a phone aluminium and stainless steel (especially stainless steel) are way better than plastic for durability

          While plastic touchscreen is somehow horrible

          I can just imagine touching and viewing a plastic display of my 14 pro max and s22 ultra

          But in the end I guess it comes down to personal preference

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            • g3g
            • 05 Dec 2022

            So GSMArena chatted with a Gorilla?

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              • kEQ
              • 04 Dec 2022

              Anonymous, 04 Dec 2022Me too. My wife got Samsung S21 Fe with Victus a month ago ... moreIncreased scratch resistance = increased hardness = more brittle

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                • pJw
                • 04 Dec 2022

                Rotciv Ikias, 04 Dec 2022You can't deny the fact glass and aluminium is more pr... moreThe problem is with the way we see plastic

                aluminium stainless & glass are fine too have if u prefer them but there too expensive too make Smartphones out of and worse than plastic

                The front of a smartphone the touch screen is where a smartphone is at it's most vulnerable too damage

                definitely should be made of plastic the touch screen the most important part of a smartphone too should be made out of plastic

                glass touch screens are a terrible Idea shouldn't have ever been Thought of for use on smartphones

                Am not anti metal or steel aluminium or alternatives
                Having on the frame & back of a smartphone is ok
                But touch screen made of plastic is clearly best

                But I think all plastic touch screen frame
                body build should be the default choice for flagships & rugged phones should be made of pure plastic

                Plastic is a lot better than the others
                it feels squishy and soft and bendly

                Yeah it feels cheap but supposed too it is cheap too make and buy but I prefer it over anything else because it's reliable & durable

                  Sin, 04 Dec 2022Yes this is what happened Tech industry and reviewer... moreYou can't deny the fact glass and aluminium is more premium in look and feel but yes plastic is durable but it should only be used for the back of smartphones while aluminium and stainless steel for frames and glass for front

                    Mo, 04 Dec 2022Waste of money and false advertising Corning But you will still see it on flagship smartphones worldwide so there is nothing u can do about it

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                      • U$N
                      • 04 Dec 2022

                      Waste of money and false advertising Corning

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                        • IYL
                        • 04 Dec 2022

                        There's no point in using advanced glass technology if manufacturers keep making curved glass which presents a vulnerability.

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                          • 04 Dec 2022

                          kek, 04 Dec 2022People here and in other sites moaned and complained about ... moreYes this is what happened

                          Tech industry and reviewer's had people think metal & glass is premium and premium is better because it's a more expensive too make making it better

                          Cheap & cheerful squishy plastic we are told is because it's cheap too produce and pops open and is bendly so it's bad

                          A TFT LCD plastic touch screen & plastic frame & body made with with cheapest bargain basement plastic right out of the China factory is ideal for durability & being reliable

                          Often what happens is it bends or pops open snap the back on unbend the plastic back Into place charge the battery or whatever and your good too go

                          All medal and glass build is too rigged its just way too easily smashed screen or dented and broken and can't be opened or repaired

                          The problem the market went in the wrong direction
                          Plastic is cheaper & superior
                          but most people
                          want there flagships made out of metal & glass

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                            • 3aP
                            • 04 Dec 2022

                            Anonymous, 03 Dec 2022The old nokia had those lumia phones that for most part had... moreYeah
                            There good design and had plastic build for body

                            if they had of run Android
                            I would of brought a flagship Nokia Lumia back then

                            Nokia Lumia did have good hardware & almond screen
                            Was a lot too like about them

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                              • 04 Dec 2022

                              Ajith Reddy, 04 Dec 2022Im not much concerned about cracking my display as I handle... moreMe too. My wife got Samsung S21 Fe with Victus a month ago and it has scratches already.. So, to people like us, how good the Gorilla would ot doesnt protect from scratches and screen cover is a must

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                                • 04 Dec 2022

                                Samsung is doog enough since forever at making gmass ,everyone buying it from oppo to tecno wven trash apple using it

                                  "We also asked about screen protectors. Corning isn’t against them, but Forester tells us that phones with Gorilla Glass are designed to survive without extra protection, so protectors are not a must-have."

                                  Absolutely not. Use a screen protector at all times.

                                    Smartphone glass has been tough enough since the iPhone 6s, you can see the difference from the iPhone 6 to the 6s in the TechRax video. Yes, this is not a drop, but it can show that there is an increase.

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                                      • uS%
                                      • 04 Dec 2022

                                      Glass is Glass & Glass Breaks!

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                                        • 04 Dec 2022

                                        WOW 😳 GSMArena staff really chatting with Gorilla??

                                        On serious note, if you people want toughest glass that don't break or shattered. Go find out what is ALUMINUM GLASS. This thing really do exist and NASA already used it. Light weight, stronger than any known glass out there. Heck even stronger than diamond.