My top 5 phones of 2022 - Victor

28 December 2022
These are the devices that have made an impression on me over the past year.

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Nameless, 29 Dec 2022Victor, just cut down the beard. You'll look much better.Don't see a place where he asked for your opinion on how he looks

    Aelfwynn, 05 Jan 2023You clearly don't know what midrange is then, it'... moreIts midrange,
    1. Has latest cortex A78 cores which is used in most midrange like sd 778G, D8100, D920 etc
    2. Same Gpu Mali G68 Mp4 used in D900, D1080, D920 etc.
    3. Full HD amoled display at 90hz.
    4. Water resistant
    5.good camera with 4k ability in Both back and front camera
    6. Ufs storage etc.

    What make you think A33 is lowend? Even A23 5g isnt lowend.

      Hemedans, 29 Dec 2022Bought A33 for familly member too, probably best midrange a... moreYou clearly don't know what midrange is then, it's more of low end

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        • Rhymz
        • XBA
        • 31 Dec 2022

        No pixel 7. What a crazy list

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          • Janez
          • xjH
          • 30 Dec 2022

          I really don't understand why people like A33 5G. Dim display, fast draining battery, lagging performance, to name a few. Any old second hand S845 is much better for less than half that price.

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            • S22 Ultra for me
            • XEv
            • 30 Dec 2022

            Samsung never disappoints. S22 Ultra stole the limelight in 2022 especially with its most powerful camera and sleek design. I hope they will continue leading with S23 when it comes out.
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              • Oscar
              • 60N
              • 29 Dec 2022

              Can anybody tell me why noone is criticizing the bezels (chin so huge) and cheap back design of the Zenfone 9?
              Including iphone SE 2022 is just so funny btw.

                djomanchester, 29 Dec 2022No mention of the Google pixel 6a which is probably best ba... moreThe Pixel 6a was going for as low as $300 no contract I think. By far the best value in phones in a long time. The Pixel 4a was a great value, but the 6a actually has decent performance and the 4a was still lower mid range when it was released. The camera is one of the best in the business. This is definitely my favorite phone of all time and my favorite series since it's conception. The Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5a 5G were misses for me though due to their size. I'm not liking the size bump rumors on the 7a. I did use the Pixel 5a for the majority of last year, but I will 100% never buy another large phone again. Even if the 7a is a large phone.

                  Anonymous, 29 Dec 2022Externally, but not internally. Imagine how many people wou... moreI'm not in disagreement with you, but my biggest problem with it is the principle. This is a phone with a design from 2016, a janky old small low res LCD, and a pretty trash camera. Outside of that we can say yes the phone has a lot of things going for it, but I find it pretty problematic that Apple charges $430 or something for something that can't even qualify as recycled parts anymore just because it's the lowest price point to get into iOS. I guess it's cool people love iOS that much, but to me this phone is an awful value proposition. Personally I would just save the extra couple hundred it costs to get an iPhone 13 Mini or iPhone 12 / 13 and have a considerably better experience if I really just wanted iOS that bad. I don't, but if I did, I wouldn't let Apple F me this hard ever.

                    "I've found that from my experience, most things seem to just work out of the box with Samsung's custom UX and hardware better than average."

                    Moving away from S22 Ultra—which cpt-power guy might cry and say "of course they'll praise it; It's the flagship"—here is Victor lauding the cheap Galaxy A33 5G. He liked it so much that he bought one each for his parents. And said nice things about the One UI your pentium brain loves to harp about. How do you feel? 😭😂

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                      • 29 Dec 2022

                      Victor, just cut down the beard. You'll look much better.

                        I agree 💯 % with him . iPhone se2022 is a beast

                          Muthu, 29 Dec 2022Who cares, whether it was an upgrade over A52 5g or not? A5... moreExcept there was a Rumor of A53 pro, probably cancelled. A52, A52 5G and A52s were three different phones cover different categories.

                          A52s is more of bridge gap between Flagship and Midrange, while A52/A52 5G were normal midrange even msrp were different.

                          Without A7x and A4x probably we will see true Successor of A52s but A53 and A54 isnt successor of A52s.

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                            • 29 Dec 2022

                            Hemedans, 29 Dec 2022Its Upgrade over A52 5G though, only A52S is better. Who cares, whether it was an upgrade over A52 5g or not? A52 5g was launched first, then came A52s 5g. And then A53 5g came. And any reasonable consumer would expect A53 to be better than A52s (except possibly Samsung marketing representative or hardcore Samsung fanboys). And A53 was a downgrade when compared to A52s on multiple aspects. That is all matters to us (the normal customers/tech enthusiasts) and A53 5g is a loser as far as we are concerned.

                              Bought A33 for familly member too, probably best midrange all arounder for $260.

                                Brent jared allison, 29 Dec 2022Galaxy a53 is nothing but trash compare to galaxy a52s n a... moreIts Upgrade over A52 5G though, only A52S is better.

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                                  • 29 Dec 2022

                                  Samsung A34 certified with mediatek 1080

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                                    • 29 Dec 2022

                                    djomanchester, 29 Dec 2022No mention of the Google pixel 6a which is probably best ba... moreI totally agree 👍

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                                      • 29 Dec 2022

                                      dbjungle, 29 Dec 2022It's unique because it's an artifact.Externally, but not internally. Imagine how many people would buy a Galaxy S7 with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. It would serve with a smaller size, a headphone jack, and microSD card slot. You and I know the dozens of people that always comment „no headphone jack, no microSD, no buy“

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                                        • kokakolia
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                                        • 29 Dec 2022

                                        Anonymous, 28 Dec 2022I completely agree with the take on the iPhone SE. There is... moreThe iPhone SE price will be halved in the refurb market in ~2 years. I'm looking forward to picking up a 128gb unit for 200€ in the future. This makes me question why I even shopped around for a mid-range Samsung/Motorola/Xiaomi phone in the first place. I am biased towards a smaller form factor which the iPhone SE provides. But Apple gives you a bunch of perks: premium build quality, good software and most street shops will have affordable spare parts to fix your phone.