My top 5 phones of 2022 - Ro

01 January 2023
A rather stale year, but still had some favorites.

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  • 01 Jan 2023

Euro, 01 Jan 2023OnePlus nowhere to be seen! Since OP7 all phones they made have been going downhill sadly, while OP8 and OP9 were still respectable, the OP10 is just extremely disappointing

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    • 01 Jan 2023

    Euro, 01 Jan 2023OnePlus nowhere to be seen! How surprising!

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      • 01 Jan 2023

      Dometalican, 01 Jan 2023"...because the S22 Ultra is the closest thing we have... moreIssue with Sony, and why you can't consider them anything close to "zero compromise flagship" is their software.

      Their hardware, by all accounts, is on Samsung's level or above it, their screens are higher resolution, they got micro SD slots, headphone jacks, camera hardware isn't that far behind or is ahead (Sony has 3.5x-5.2x variable optical zoom for example, tho main sensor is smaller in size).

      But software is nothing compared to Samsung, their photos lack software optimisation, which is crucial in phones even if you got massive sensors, their update policy isnt anywhere near to Samsung's and general stuff aren't as polished as on Samsungs.

      What I am trying to say is, Sony's are great devices, let down by weak software, while for some Sony's strengths outweight their weaknesses, for most it doesnt, most would want longer software support and generally better software then let's say microSD card slot, or headphone jack.

        Mikey , 01 Jan 2023"I'm not even a fanboy" as he says something... moreEnlighten me.

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          • 01 Jan 2023

          Dometalican, 01 Jan 2023"...because the S22 Ultra is the closest thing we have... more"I'm not even a fanboy" as he says something wildly inaccurate and fanboy-ish.

            "...because the S22 Ultra is the closest thing we have to a zero-compromise flagship this year..."

            You lost my respect dude. Xperia phones have more features than this. Come on dude. I'm not even a fanboy but this was a massively false statement.

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              • 01 Jan 2023

              FINALLY someone on the whole internet actually praises MIUI (feature packed and not smooth, but super mega extra perfect smooth).

              I use a Xiaomi Mix 4 since december 2021 and it's perfect. It bothers me only the manual maximum brightness, it's too low for sunny days (perfectly readable, but too low). I don't like and don't use auto brightness on any phone, but even with auto max it's still too low. But other than this, MIX 4 is wonderful and MIUI it's perfect.

              I am seeing since forever that Pixel is the smoothest and mightiest of them all, so last month I bought a Pixel 6 for my mother and I played with it 2-3 days before I gave it to her. OMG I can't describe, It's 100% trash, laggy as hell, animations are non existent, no actually useful features (my mother doesn't speak english, so assistant, call screening and others don't work / can't be used anyway, not that someone would have actually used them, all nothing but gimmicks). Camera is indeed as good as advertised, but except the camera and the design, I was deeply dissapponted by the software experience. No colors in the setrings menu, just that dumb material you which my mother hates 100%, she likes plain simple colors, white background and colorful litttle icons in the settings menu. She had a trash samsung A0 something and said that it looked way cooler software wise. So shut the f up with your Pixel pure Android bullshit.

              Although way inferior to MIUI, I like One UI 5 too and by what I saw about ColorOS, OriginOS, OxygenOS, I trully think that all of them are way better than Pixel OS.

              Love to all, looking forward for your opinions, thx, bye!

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                • 01 Jan 2023

                Zen9 has one of the ugliest cam designs.
                Looks like those cases made for eye lenses.
                There was no need for rings to be this big.

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                  • 01 Jan 2023

                  OnePlus nowhere to be seen!