LG accuses Samsung Galaxy S4 of violating its eye-tracking patent

19 March, 2013
The patent in question is filed back in 2009 and is used in LG's Smart Video feature.

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  • AnonD-126794

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2013I am very doubtful if you have seen L series in reality. Th... moreLook at L9 2, and L7 2, theyre an exact copy of a Galaxy S2 if you look at the front, its just missing the menu button.

  • AnonD-118519

AnonD-122633, 20 Mar 2013Every company must pay royalties for using other companies ... moreso, why Sony doesn't sue Sammy for using air gestures that Sony has used before?
if what you say is the case, i think every company must be sued by Sony, even Apple as it was inspired by Sony's designing for the designing of IPhone.

  • AnonD-122633

AnonD-118519, 20 Mar 2013the most important reason of these actions is that every co... moreEvery company must pay royalties for using other companies patents and most do except Samsung. It thinks it's special and above the law. Low life copycat company!

  • Marco M

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2013 samsung phone its more popular because of billion money ... moreVery true

  • AnonD-106654

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2013 samsung phone its more popular because of billion money ... moreYep true!!! My series 8 samsung 46" got hot and eventually after 2 months of purchase it eventually went quiet on me I sent it for repairs got it back no complains or attitude problem from the repair centre and got it back but I was no longer that bright as it was!! From then I took the initiative that I won't be buying any samsung Tv considering It durability!!i still have an LG toploader dating bck from the year 2000 and its still working perfectly thought its getting old! LG is much more durable than samsung

  • AnonD-125154

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2013LG doing great move! i always love you LG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... moreIn Naruto series.. Samsung is alike Kakashi Hatake or nick name COPY NINJA... But.. I like this character a lot... HAHAHAHAHA

  • Anonymous

samsung phone
its more popular because of billion money spent for their worldwide advertisements... tv-ad and international media...

lg is actually better than samsung in terms of durability and hardware of their phones/ appliances and other electronic gadgets......

lg is not popular as samsung...
lg electronic products are better than samsung...

truth hurt samsung fans...

  • AnonD-109744

Foad, 20 Mar 2013It shows you really need to read more about technology my b... more"nonsense""""

  • AnonD-109744

If this time samsung lose again the lawsuit.Its
going to be Financial "DOOM" and thats it.

Its a end of Plastic reigm.

Not sure what going to be the Lawsuit PENALTY?
How much game MONEY they want to play????

  • AnonD-77544

AnonD-123175, 19 Mar 2013Just think about guys... As we know First transparent ph... morewell u should be knowing this that lg optimus 2x and samsung galaxy s2 had launched alomost at the same time

lg was just few days ahead of s2 so if lg hadn't launched optimus 2x with a dual core s2 would have been the first phone to use a dual core processor

stop promoting lg's crap phone...... for the instance lg is the one who copied note 2' s design

  • Anonymous

LG doing great move!
i always love you LG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • AnonD-77443

So LG applied for an eye tracking patent in 2009 AND STILL DON'T HAVE ANYTHING after 4 years!!!

Seems like they are just sitting on patents to make money. Good on Samsung for actually developing the technology i say.

  • Anonymous

It is more than known now how Samsung are shameless copycats.

  • AnonD-118519

the most important reason of these actions is that every company is envy of Sammy and they try to lower its profit through these fuc*ing ways but they can't. the only company which continues fair play is Sony. thats why i love Sammy and Sony.

  • deceptor

Haru280, 20 Mar 2013http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/Articles/2012/12/09/The-10-Co... morethats samsung electronics, not mobile phones alone, i love samsung fridge, tv and players. but not their plastic copy cat phones

  • AnonD-126941

relax sammy. u r giant now. u r number one now. everything u did will get u an attention. it is normal others will find your weakness, they will also do anything to throw u down. they will accuse u, they will sue you they will do anything to you.. that is why. no one cares bout other brand even though the brand obviously copied others. it is bcoz they are not popular as you. let's they barking behind you.. and your successfulness is increasing day by day.. that's make u even more popular.

i don care what you copy from others bcoz i know that they also do copy yours.. so the copy things does'nt bother me at all.. as long as i am satisfied with your product..

just let them and their fanboy barking behind you.. :-)

  • AnonD-58567

This eye tracking technology is used in s3 for smart view....
What is lg moaning about????
They have not even showed how technology works....
All this companies patent some stupid concept and they wait for others to implement it..and then they sue others...samsung implements everything got sued unnecessarily...
i have lost faith in lg now...their optimus pro looks exactly like note 2...and they are complaining about others...

  • Foad

darksantacruz, 19 Mar 2013Well let's see something like burst shot and slow motion vi... moreIt shows you really need to read more about technology my brother :)
Wireless Charging was supposed to be in S3, as it is a joint invention from various companies where Samsung is one of them, and they were the first to apply it.
Eye track is started in S3 only, and till now only Samsung is using this technology.
the design is still in courts to define who stole what from whom, so you can't judge, as someone said, why don't mobile companies do like automobile, just focus on innovation and nothing else? stop suing and enjoy the technology.
I can take it the other way around, why can't we have a device that have all technologies in one place? Samsung gives it to you :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Mar 2013Black berry and iPhone 5 ? since when Samsung stole ideas f... moreSamsung stolen even Symbian features lol.

  • AnonD-106654

There's more to it that's meets the eye here or maybe we are just blind to see