Samsung Galaxy S23 series hot take

05 February 2023
Samsung's new phones are here, do we like them, what else is notable?

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  • 06 Feb 2023

Jannis42, 06 Feb 2023I honestly think that the base S23 is a huge upgrade over t... moreNot sure what you are talking about, camera sensors on the S23 are exactly the same as on S22 (including OIS on telephoto), except for selfie cam

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    • 06 Feb 2023

    blue, 06 Feb 2023As every year, you complain about lack of significant innov... moreThere wasn't real performance improvement and actual big improvements since like what, S21 or S20?

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      • 06 Feb 2023

      fren , 06 Feb 2023the new series is way too expensive. Samsung will not meet ... moreTotally agreeing to that. The price tags also don't match the specs of the S23 and s23+. The ultra one is the best choice but still, more expensive.

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        • 06 Feb 2023

        As every year, you complain about lack of significant innovation year-to-year, and as always, the new phone certainly is not meant to replace the previous one in our pockets.
        And thanks for the photo of the four generations beside. Clearly shows that the last design is the best. I remember how people complained about the ugly camera island of S21 and 22. The clear, pure design of 23 wins by miles.
        And crying about the changing specs? Well, maybe you should learn the word "development". You all want the best performance, best hardware a complain, when it takes its toll on the battery. Maybe you should use a little brain...

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          • 06 Feb 2023

          Jannis42, 06 Feb 2023I honestly think that the base S23 is a huge upgrade over t... moreYeah in EU moving from Exynos to Snapdragon alone makes it a massive change. Looking forward to getting it, will be a nice upgrade on my S10e.

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            • 06 Feb 2023

            P, 05 Feb 2023Who upgrades phone every Year? me .. every 3 months average

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              • 06 Feb 2023

              the new series is way too expensive. Samsung will not meet it sales target

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                • 06 Feb 2023

                The change in display size from 6,2 to 6,1 on the small Galaxy and also in similar way on the Plus version is due to the fact that Samsung changed the aspect ratio down from 20:9 to the more usable and aesthetic (in my eyes) 19,5:9 aspect ratio to not make the phones too wide while offer a similarly usable total screen area.

                  I honestly think that the base S23 is a huge upgrade over the S22, especially in regions that used to get the Exynos chip. The main problem before was the subpar battery performance, which gets adresses by a much more power-efficient processor and storage (256 GB model), while also slightly increasing the battery size. There are also huge improvements in terms of speed, I saw that the GPU performance was increased by 2x in 3D Mark benchmarks and the 4.0 storage in the 256GB model has 2x faster read and write speeds. Additionally, the selfie camera seems to be a big upgrade and the zoom sensor was also replaced by a new one. For the screen the brightness was increased a lot and now matches the Ultra phone. I also think the new design on the back looks a lot more premium. Lastly, I hope that the new chip will also boost networking performance and improve image processing but tests will need to determine that.

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                    • 06 Feb 2023

                    I like the new camera design.

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                      • 05 Feb 2023

                      [deleted post]At a price similar to S23U, if given an option between Vivo flagship and Samsung flagship, anyone in their right minds would buy Samsung flagship. The features and the quality you get is unparallelled in Android world.

                        JackDopey, 05 Feb 2023If only somebody gave me a dollar for each cringe I got by ... moreAs long as phones keep coming out with only 128 or 256 GB storage, people will want to add a microSd card.

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                          • 05 Feb 2023

                          IpsDisplay, 05 Feb 2023According to gsmarena: "A chipset is more than just... moreQuality of mobile data connection is gonna vary too easily.
                          Carrier structure, location etc ...

                            P, 05 Feb 2023Who upgrades phone every Year? Not me, but I want to get finally upgrade of my S10 where advantages surpass downgrades...

                            I even returned S22 last year. (Without interest about sd or jack, so its not that.)

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                              • 05 Feb 2023

                              Sending this on a British/European S20 FE 5G, a year and a bit into a usual two-year contract cycle here in the UK.

                              If the S23 series had stayed on Exynos and Exynos had stayed as far behind Snapdragon efficiency as it has been in recent years, I was expecting to cling to this S20 FE for at least a third year, and for any sudden necessary upgrade in case of loss or damage to be to a not-Galaxy.

                              Now I feel like when sales season and (related, because two-year cycles) my contract renewal time comes along next November, one of the S23 range will likely be where I start. Especially as it's the "iPhone of Androids" in terms of universal popularity, so there'll be lots of competition with deals from every network - and a huge amount of third-party case choice. Many case makers simply manufacture for iPhone and mainline Galaxy S models, even the FE got skipped by those.

                              I just wish they'd kept the FE's tinted camera island rather than the sea of holes. I'd feel afraid to get this in anything other than black in case I triggered someone's trypophobia using it in public. Then again that's almost an unavoidable trigger in 2023. :(

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                                • 05 Feb 2023

                                SineNomine, 05 Feb 2023Vivo X90 Pro+ it is indeed a better phone. The only issue, ... moreAnd as it seems this same Vivo, just without "plus" will cost 1300€ in France.
                                Plus won't be coming because it would cost more than S23 Ultra.
                                And who would buy something called Vivo for that price!?

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                                  • 6js
                                  • 05 Feb 2023

                                  Who upgrades phone every Year?

                                    According to gsmarena:

                                    "A chipset is more than just core count, clock speed, and thermal performance. There are AI, neural processing units, and most importantly, built-in network modems that enable faster and better Wi-Fi, 4G, and 5G. "

                                    The same gsmarena in practice:

                                    When reviewing smartphones ensure benchmarks
                                    and their general review format heavilyy lean towards clock speeds,thermal management , core count benchmarks

                                    I don't really see tests for how good 5g etc data rates are or anything for AI

                                    This is a text book example of don't listen to what people say look at their actions

                                    And even though there is a hot take on the smaller S series not being much of an upgrade ironically this site has not upgraded it's review format very much

                                    Even though we have reviewers like geekerwan, golden reviewer, dxo mark etc all possible places to take strategies/ideas/ inspiration from for new review techniques etc

                                      Anonymous, 05 Feb 2023So you only care about design, got it If that was the case then pretty much all of them would have been upgrades except the S9 since it was identical to the S8 except for the fingerprint scanner position

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                                        • 05 Feb 2023

                                        [deleted post]Uhm...what? Plain english, please...