Sir Ridley Scott used a Galaxy S23 Ultra to shoot a short film

06 February 2023
'Behold' is a 3:49-minute story about a horse - there's other stuff too.

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  • 13 Sep 2023

Samath N8 808 owner, 13 Feb 2023When I said "useless", what I meant was that for ... moreBut point is you spend all that on cam but can't make call film making is doable in this proves filmmaking is more about creative Bruce Lee movies like bad a mature compared to today film but still a classic or we make excuses say well in that who's to say people want that style shows movies is good as the vision captured dslr or not

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    • 07 Mar 2023

    Super Android 22, 06 Feb 2023Didn't they do something like this with the 8k feature... moreLOL "All have far better video" ranting so much hating Samsung my friend?? The Samsung S23 Ultra has the best video recording right now, first time in history when an Android phones beats the last iPhone in video.

    It's actually far better than chinese brands who still lack in video, I have to admit I've laughed a lot when you said that brands like Xiaomi or Vivo have better video recording hahahaha as far as comparisons go, the S23 Ultra actually crushed out the Honor Magic 5 Pro / Vivo X90 Pro+ / Xiaomi 13 Pro in video recording and these are the best China has to offer... so yeah, S23 Ultra is by far the best option to record videos.

      Anonymous, 10 Feb 2023you know there's a saying "You should know a weap... moreWhen I said "useless", what I meant was that for this amount of cash as a iphone or Galaxy ultra, you easily get a movie DSLR, or even full frame DSLR that does far better job.

      Let me say it: I'm a photographer since a decade now. Mobile phones have good quality in good lighting, but they're NOT versatile for all situations. They're not all rounders.
      They're good, but they have limitations. Let's respect the truth.
      Plus color balance in the movie I mentioned, is very good, alongwith other merits.

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        • 11 Feb 2023

        great enough but some comparisons ive seen between video on iphone pro max and such shows stability and such iphone still does better, samsung and others should really be trying to top their competitors or at least match elements when they release after them, but nonetheless this suffices for me as i don't need any of this

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          • 10 Feb 2023

          Samath N8 808 owner, 07 Feb 2023I saw a few, but I'm not impressed with movies which w... moreyou know there's a saying "You should know a weapon doesn't maketh man".
          don't justify it purely from 1 trash unknown movie

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            • 10 Feb 2023

            ragshtpart, 07 Feb 2023lets be honest. its a 1600€ phone. id rather buy a sony dsl... moreas a photographer, I find it silly how'd you end up with such opinions. for me, along with my friends within our communities, we find it quite tiring with all the hassle of carrying equips and stuffs.

            recording videos for wedding photography have never been easier, thanks to mobile phones (thank you ip14pro max). nothing that osmo & ronin couldn't fix or enhance to make em better.

            the world is moving forward, and slowly, there are stuffs that needs to be buried eventually. move along

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              • 08 Feb 2023

              ragshtpart, 07 Feb 2023lets be honest. its a 1600€ phone. id rather buy a sony dsl... moreDepends.
              I have a Sony dslr with a few lens, I find lugging the gear along trips a hassle. I am past the time where I wanted to have the best photos as the first priority and enjoying the trip as 2nd. Now i prefer to enjoy the trip more with less equipment to be carried around. This S23 Ultra is the best solution yet, close to dslr-like pictures without the extra equipment space and weight. I get to enjoy the trip more instead of having to justify the decision of carrying the extra photo gear by trying to look for photo opportunities all the time and end up enjoying the trip less.

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                • 07 Feb 2023

                lets be honest. its a 1600€ phone. id rather buy a sony dslr for phots and get a a cheaper phone to doodles/youtube whatever or to phone calls. with that price you could buy a great laptop or even a gaming pc

                  I saw a few, but I'm not impressed with movies which were made on phones. Recently saw "Fursat", an Indian movie shot on iPhone 14 Pro or something. Was useless.

                  While outdoor shots were actually good, the indoor and low light shots were suffering from unnecessarily black backgrounds, and lack of dynamic range. And to add to it, the overall movie was an amateurish effort, with hardly much of spectacular loctions or so.
                  Framerate being lower is ok, to give it movie look, but why was shutter speed so low that frames of moving scenes had oil painting effect?
                  You're spending cash, why not make it worth with proper lightning or so?

                  We spent 80's 90's and 2000's improving quality, but now I think industry realises that they must keep people accustomed to low quality. One reason why Google removed high quality audio playback from Android 10 or 11 onwards.

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                    • 07 Feb 2023

                    I really like these marketing tools of phone-movies. I hope i will develop in an artform of its own, and we'll have like a "Cannes-Real" for this in the future...

                      More lousy marketing, but this time with the name of Ridley Scott, he must have received a hell of a lot of money for putting himself down like that. Today we all know that any high-end smartphone in the hands of a professional can do that, the Iphone and the Xperia do better, but the Xperia gives more possibilities.

                        Anonymous, 07 Feb 2023Sony phone cameras are utter trash (Sony phone owner here),... moreI think you replied to the wrong comment

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                          • 07 Feb 2023

                          Domestoboto, 07 Feb 2023"Sony rightfully stays far way from fake sense of &quo... moreDo people still watch sellouts like MKBHD? There are way better techies to follow instead, especially from techies who do a serious deep dive on the phone camera and not just simply shoot in Auto. I don't miss my old S22 Ultra when I traded it in for a Sony Xperia 1 iv and it's an absolute joy to shoot using Photo Pro app. I seen people thinking the photo was shot from a DSLR camera.

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                            • 07 Feb 2023

                            YUKI93, 07 Feb 2023It's not about the tool, it's what you can do wit... morePeople have always been paying big money to make up for the talent gap. This goes for every aspekt of life.

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                              • 07 Feb 2023

                              Narazumono, 06 Feb 2023Is there anything Samsung didn't copy from Apple at th... moreSony phone cameras are utter trash (Sony phone owner here), OnePlus is slightly better but comparing them to Galaxy Ultra lineup is still a joke, Apple maybe but that's questionable imo

                                Anonymous, 06 Feb 2023Smartphone camera performance depends on algorithms used .t... more"Sony rightfully stays far way from fake sense of "best camera". If you know, you know".
                                - This is straight up Copium at this point. MKBHD showed last year that the 1 iv, a 1600USD phone, ended DEAD LAST in his study. The most expensive phone has a camera so much worse as a 300USD phone (Pixel 6a), a lightshow phone (Nothing Phone), and a Motorola which has traditionally been known for "not great" photo quality.

                                "Most people these days judge Smartphone camera by just point and shoot process with no knowledge of the processes happening underneath"
                                - Except people who DO have "knowledge of the processes happening underneath" do NOT use smartphones and would rather buy 4/5-digit cameras like the A9, A7iv, or Fuji GFX100 and lenses more expensive than the camera body, NOT an Xperia that tries to cosplay as a professional camera. And it all boils down to HARDWARE LIMITATIONS such as zoom range and especially sensor size, which smartphones are severely limted at. So smartphones are EXPECTED to excel at "point and shoot process" since they were responsible for eliminating the digicam market. And the fact is, Xperia cameras are neither competent at "point and shoot" mode nor capable enough to replace the pros' A9 and their ginormous lenses.


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                                    • 07 Feb 2023

                                    DeepIn2U, 06 Feb 2023Yeah I also was unimpressed. This flex and using Ridley... moreThis. Using Ridley Scott was more to get viewers, but the content of the video shows its capabilities when you pull most out of it. Samsung still has a long way of video improvements, but this is also pretty good. So in short to folks that missed the point, this is just a regular ad like the one Apple does, and is just to throw shade that they are also capable of doing it.

                                      Samsung: Mr Ridley, can you shoot a movie with a S23 Ultra for us?

                                      Ridley: A what?

                                      Samsung: Shoot a movie with our latest flagship phone

                                      Ridley: I am director, I don't shoot stuff with shitty little toys.

                                      Samsung: We pay you a blockbuster movie salary, 100 million is good enough?

                                      Ridley: Give me your little shitty toy, we shooting a movie! But a short one, your offer only gets me as much :)

                                        It's not about the tool, it's what you can do with it. I still see people using older phones for mobile photography and videography. There's no point giving crazy hardware if people can't squeeze every drop of potential from it.