Android 14 developer preview 1 released

09 February 2023
You can test it out on Pixel 4a 5G - Pixel 7 series devices.

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  • 18 Feb 2023

Anonymous, 15 Feb 2023LOL. Flash? You're so out. Flash has been officially d... moreYes
But a smartphone is something someone brought
So it's there property too do whatever they want with it

Adobe flash player really is very special too gamer's
And Adobe should of just keeped supporting it forever

First of all won't even need a legacy browser if it wasn't for all the browser people like not supporting flash player

Especially upset so called opera gx gaming browser ?? For what doesn't support flash player
All opera gx needed was a setting in the browser for legacy flash player too turn on or off

A fine browser but limited number of games it can play and the gaming layout and design thats gamer's

As opera gx doesn't fill the nessecsary role model for gaming browser and no mainstream does

Legacy or forks and alternative have too be found
So legacy browser it is

This why flashfox browser so important for android

Palemoon browser is another beloved browser as it steps up too take the role for supporting old plugin on the desktop

Google shouldn't be blocked alternative browsers and killings off competition
And locking down android

We can't let them get away with this

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    • 18 Feb 2023

    0odle-noodle, 14 Feb 2023Most of those games need android 7 or higher, with the exce... moreYes

    Many of the apps here are because of adobe flash player yes or some other flash player

    The gaming website still host the flash games on there website and the gamer's still play the games on the game website

    Google and mainstream browser have been most unhelpful and unpleasant
    Opera gx so called gaming browser can't even game
    Not exactly a gaming browser are you

    The games where made in flash so flash player supporting browser are required in order too play such games on the web site
    Without flash the games can't be played as simple as that

    The game console emulator and console games also have emulators again no reason make unnecessary compatibility issues by blocking a old emulator

    Some apps are more compatibility layer or patches get windows games ported over too android

    This why I said just demand user opinions in phone settings as simple switch for on or off for this stuff

    Google shouldn't be putting a locking mechanism in place and locking down android in bad way like this

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      • 18 Feb 2023

      0odle-noodle, 14 Feb 2023Most of those games need android 7 or higher, with the exce... moreNot ever app here is on the Google play store
      But there all android apps

      Some have hardware requirements as well for compatibility reason

      So you need sideload APK or download from alternative app store
      Aptoide & uptodown are good and also have there own security
      Apkpure also good app store

      Didnapper you can't find on the Google app store you have go too there website too download this game then there is dependency on other apps too make it work
      The apps used too be on the Google app store but got removed so other app store is needed

      Star miner most likely just can't be found as Google app store list things in bad way so it's hard too make it show up in search results

      It was designed for old android version 4 ??
      A perfect example

      But there's many apps like this out there being forgotten

      Another app is vmos needs too be downloaded from either it's website or another app store
      As Google is very strict

      Some apps require higher levels of permission in order too function properly vmos is one such app
      It's also not liked by Google because Google don't like the freedom and functionality it offers

      some even root is needed some power saver apps or hardware control apps require root

      Another problem is how external storage is managed
      Often games or apps that have dependency on it

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        • 15 Feb 2023

        Sin, 13 Feb 2023Google shouldn't restrict access and block them in the... moreLOL. Flash? You're so out. Flash has been officially discontinued. Also, using a legacy web browser on a latest smartphone is a bad idea because it's likely that it's insecure.

          Sin, 13 Feb 2023Google shouldn't restrict access and block them in the... moreMost of those games need android 7 or higher, with the exception of "star miner" (couldn't find it) and didnapper (couldn't find info on the download)

          Also, im not going through all the browsers, because its clear theyre all on the list because of flash, which is DEAD and almost all websites that used it have upgraded.

          Also, the emulators have newer alternatives that do the exact same thing.

          AGAIN, the cut back on apps with API levels below 23 is for security issues. Android 6 had introduced a bunch of security features, which apps below API 23 can bypass. these features include Runtime permissions, Verified boot, Hardware Isolation Security, System Hardening, and SD card adoption. apps targeting lower API levels are able to bypass these security restrictions.

          To be clear, older devices running A13 or below wont be affected by this, and you can still download those apps.

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            • 13 Feb 2023

            0odle-noodle, 13 Feb 2023most people also don't use legacy apps, and aren'... moreGoogle shouldn't restrict access and block them in the first place
            Just because it doesn't affect you don't mean its ok

            It's a big no too tell people they can't do what they want with there own property people pay money for smartphones too install whatever software they like on them

            The API of 22 I don't actually know for sure what Android version there's apps target

            As explained before Google should just have on or off switch for legacy apps in setting

            legacy apps why someone use them

            Almost definitely there are many old game's that target old android versions
            Also other more random apps people might use for some reason or another

            I won't be able found them all
            I can't say for sure what API level they are

            I do my best shot
            Starting with games

            Game doom
            Game doom 2
            Game GTA 3
            Game vice city
            Game star miner
            Didnapper game

            There's definitely many games missing that where made for android versions I just don't know of

            Some browsers and add ons

            Photon flash player
            Adobe flash player
            Java player
            Wine for android

            Virtual box
            RPG maker xp
            Neko rpgxp player
            RGB hub
            Old console emulators

            There's definitely many apps out there I have not heard of that people use

            The point is what google is doing is wrong and people need too stand up too this stop them

              Sin, 13 Feb 2023Unless a huge fuss and many complaints are done it will onl... moremost people also don't use legacy apps, and aren't even savvy enough to know how to install them. They keep them up to date. since these legacy apps are oh so important, list me 5 apps with an API of 22 or lower, and explain why someone would want them installed on their phone. I'll wait.

                LOL, 12 Feb 2023For design, Samsung One UI is the gold standard, I see it a... moreOne UI needs to take a lot of cuts. Many of the features included with it are rarely ever used, and half of them could just be moved over to Goodlock. The fact that full One UI takes up between 25-60 gigabytes is absolutely insane

                  Samsung user, 11 Feb 2023Except that he was right. One UI is indeed the best looking... morethat's completely your own opinion. IMO, stock android with material you looks the best, and One UI looks awful ESPECIALLY with material you (for the icons at least) however I've used a custom launcher with custom icons for one UI and it made it look and feel much Better, but id still pick stock android over one UI any day.

                    AnonD-1037771, 11 Feb 2023After using a Sony for 5 years I went with Samsung. OneUI i... moreSony makes most of their money off of camera sensors (full on DSLR, mirrorless, etc., AND the sensors inside of most smartphones), Audio accessories, and obviously, PlayStation. Sony phones do have advertising and a decent userbase, but that is mainly just in Japan.

                      Samsung user, 11 Feb 2023Sadly, the good quality of Samsung parts in Pixel phones (a... moreid take stock(ish) android over a UI with 30 gigabytes of features I don't use, plus it looks cleaner IMO

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                        • 13 Feb 2023

                        As for favours of android

                        OneUI pretty solid os
                        many good refinedments and lot of hard work put into the os
                        Excellent user friendly 3 bottom navigation system
                        Has app draw
                        Samsung app store has apps that the Google app store don't for example fortune game
                        Also has Google app store
                        Well feature packed
                        Notification and setting at top
                        Good layout good interface everything where it belongs
                        Only negative a touch blooted with 2 version of every app and heavy skin

                        Stock android a good os

                        Good navigation at top
                        3 bottom navigation at top
                        Apps draw
                        Basic and clean but works well

                        Androidone similar too stock android
                        App draw & 3 bottom navigation but might have go too settings not the most well ironed out
                        It's ok

                        Pixel os
                        Buggy mess
                        Navigation system just like ios glitchly buggy not user friendly most awful os

                        Good optimisation runs smoothly
                        Not exactly the best layout can get lost trying find stuff in setting or whatever
                        Rip no goodle app store

                        Ads pop ups
                        Gimmicks settings buggy updates
                        At least might have 3 buttons navigation might not have apps draw
                        Might not have Google app store

                        Red magic os
                        A good os powerful os

                        Runs mega super fast and responsiveness high sensitivity too touch like super car
                        Rough around the edges weird bad English grammar so on some Chinese text
                        3 bottom navigation but is backwards in Chinese way around
                        No app draw sadly
                        Has excellent control over hardware can control CPU GPU performance has gaming mode
                        Can be even more sensible and even faster so fast it's at everything it does performance and control
                        Might not have Google app store
                        Is like super car

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                          • 13 Feb 2023

                          Android 14 will not allow you to install apps with a targetSdkVersion not lowerthan Android 11 is best option. Android 6 is too old.

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                            • 13 Feb 2023

                            Anonymous, 12 Feb 2023What's da best and most light weight android version? ... moreOk
                            I say a little about each android version
                            7 & 9 are overall best

                            Android 14 very locked down very strict restrictions and limitations apps storage etc
                            worsed android versions ever

                            Android 13 a lot of compliments around external storage so mostly high system requirements
                            A lot of restrictions external storage way too much security restrictions

                            Android 12 awful optimisation and experienced first hand sluggishness and many user complaints on budget phones and restrictions on apps

                            Android 11 got some restrictions on external storage I heard android 10 is better

                            Android 10 some concerns as android app compatibility problems with old apps
                            Flashfox browser only crashes on Android 10 or later

                            Android 9 this os is pretty solid and good it does have some compatibility issues with vmos app but be made too work overall is free & open and very compatible
                            Many android emulators for pc run android 9 it's good choice

                            Android 8 I have never really used but should be good os
                            It's not the most popular

                            Android 7 is very stable and reliable compatibility with apps is excellent it's probably the best android versions
                            Most android emulators use android 7 and work very well Andy is is one example

                            Android 6 is compatible os it works really well and has best ul interface and layout and is the template and role model how a good os should be based of
                            Compatibility with apps still holds up today
                            Sadly android 6 is very old so it's missing spirit screen mode for multi tasking
                            But still a solid foundation for good os
                            Also rather well optimized somewhat lighter os

                            Android 5 has most apps working and but mostly on its last legs a lot apps don't work but it's well optimized for performance a light os as well
                            Its got a good UI layout as well

                            Android 4 very light weight os low system requirements most apps are not compatible have too use legacy support browser as well
                            Very upset too see such neglect and lack of support for this android version and phones that run it

                            Basically android keep getting better till android 6 then started getting worse after android 9 and Android 14 is so much worse then ever before

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                              • 13 Feb 2023

                              Anonymous, 11 Feb 2023You're being overdramatic. Not easily able to install ... moreUnless a huge fuss and many complaints are done it will only get worse

                              But this is big deal too people who use old versions of apps and legacy apps

                              Google shouldn't be allowed too take this away from people

                              You can't expect people too understand how too use the command shell and line

                              Most people are not tech savvy at all and need basic opinion for legacy apps in setting on or off

                              Don't let Google get away with this

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                                • 13 Feb 2023

                                Anonymous, 12 Feb 2023What's da best and most light weight android version? ... moreWhy did you ask a random person on the Internet this question?

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                                  • 12 Feb 2023

                                  For design, Samsung One UI is the gold standard, I see it as being much better than stock Android. Too bad Samsung preinstalls plenty of Samsung and Microsoft bloatware in its phones.

                                  Stock Android's design should be very similar to One UI, don't try to be too different or too clever.

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                                    • 12 Feb 2023

                                    Sin, 11 Feb 2023A truly awful future for android This is the worsed thin... moreWhat's da best and most light weight android version? Andorid 6,7,8, 9, 10 , 11, 12, 13 ?
                                    14 is trash we all know that. 13 was trash too. and so was 12. How About Android 11? Which one is the best?

                                      The only tangible change I see in this is the restriction of sideloading old apps. Nonlinear text scaling is an accessibility feature for a tiny subset of users, and every other thing mentioned is vague.

                                      This is why I don't care for Android OS updates. They're barely making any improvements, while making things significantly worse in certain areas at the same time.

                                      Sent from my Motorola phone with just 1 planned OS update

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                                        • 11 Feb 2023

                                        Sin, 11 Feb 2023A truly awful future for android This is the worsed thin... moreYou're being overdramatic. Not easily able to install apps that target Android 5.0 or lower isn't a big deal. I believe that at least 95% of apps target Android 6.0 or higher. Also, it's not a lockdown as you'll be able to install legacy apps by using a command shell.