Nokia N85 and N79 official, no surprises

26 Aug, 2008
Today Nokia introduced officially two new members of the Nseries family - Nokia N79 and Nokia N85. The two devices come with rather different designs but both have quite extensive specs sheets to brag about...

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  • Kal

Nee, 29 Aug 2008well just 8mpx doest change any thing , i mean u seen Nokia... moreMobile-Review already has a hands-on with N96.
It doesn't offer anything extra that could possibly slash out other top models in the market as you claim. Nokia will need another N series to tackle INNOV8 imo.

  • Ramgarhia

What the hell is this talk about 8 megapixels or 5 megapixels. Even a layman knows picture quality does not solely depend upon megapixel count but on lens, ccd size and many other features. And my 6 years old, 2 megapixels canon powershot a60 gives better results than my 5mp nokia n82. So dont run after the megapixels but the picture quality and the major thing is the phone features which nokia has in abundance.

  • Dani

Anonymous, 29 Aug 2008but at the end of the day the k850 was a flop and the camer... moreK850i is a Best Seller, and the Camera is Great

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]really QVGA is old age? yes i agree i'm bored of it too but its not completely bad it gets the job done, you can enjoying watch videos on the 2.8 or even 2.6 screen of QVGA, it would be cool to have VGA like the Diamond but at least QVGA has become a baseline for the phones, SE and others still release a couple of phone with res much lower than QVGA and in them you really can say that its old....i'm also hoping for a new basline that atleast half VGA but we can't have it all....lets see how the new OLED screen works!!!!! later homies keep chillin!!!!!!

  • Sea-Breeze

People who run after megapixels go buy a real digicam instead !!! we admire nokias for its overall performance and features yes there is some fones superpass nokias in megapixel stupid count !! but can't beat nokias in the overall fone features ... nothing complete but nokias excel their fone .. go change ur fones every month running after megapixels as every 3 month a new 10 mp 12mp or even 20mp hits the market ... u ppl who run after that makes companies lives !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and sell!

  • Nee

donnie, 29 Aug 2008come on weve seen this all before, nokia are now lagging we... morewell just 8mpx doest change any thing , i mean u seen Nokia N95 N95 8gb , N82 this all well received from the customer praticually N95 but wit so with other vanders 5mpx ha ? u seen Se try K850i samsmug with some others but none of them weren't able make a steady mass market like N series, well not even closer to it , all this will slash out by the time N96 enters the market .

  • Anonymous

why man, why is the N96 being killed, i love it man!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eddy_P

Satya, 29 Aug 2008Its waste from Nokia. COmpanies are moving towards 8MP came... moreNokia are just taking their time on their phones, you just wait till they bring out their 8MP camera phone. It'll be top of the range. You dont want a rushed product do you? You want the best and Nokia are waiting for the best time.

  • donnie

come on weve seen this all before, nokia are now lagging well behind in the market for innovation!
samsung, se and lg have all announce 8mpx handsets and nokia are still rolling out the 5's

come on nokia whats happend to you even motorola will announce a better camera handset before you guys!

  • Anonymous

Al, 29 Aug 2008Why does Nokia keep making their phones same design... i'm ... morebecause the phones belong to a series, they are supposed to share similar exterior so they can be defined as a n series phone. i mean you look at the new Volkswagen car range, the cars all share similar exterior yet cater to different peoples needs.

  • Anonymous

Tijs, 28 Aug 2008What about putting dual-led for videos and xenon for pictur... morebut at the end of the day the k850 was a flop and the camera was very disappointing

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Aug 2008what you mean nokia's look alike.if you make something in s... morei agree

  • Al

Why does Nokia keep making their phones same design... i'm very very disappointed

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]you are insane!

  • riddimbob

Anonymous, 29 Aug 2008Connetcted to Nokia's services? The market do not have the... moreWith some of the points you have made, this comes down to the area you are in. As everyone knows, Nokia's foot print in the US market is far from their best performance. But you may want to look into what you are paying for and who is pocketing that money. As for the software/firmware update fee of $15. This can be waved by doing the software yourself with Nokia NSU, free and when you want.
What ‘other brand’ are you meaning? I’m interested in a phone company that offers a no questions asked policy.
Can you please elaborate on the ‘charge and talk at the same time’ comment? It doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Anonymous

I heard sony ericsson might become just sony because on how poor they done this & last year. So it looks like sony will buy out ericsson and we will have.................. a psp phone?

  • dosy

Same looks as n81 n82,nokia can we have qwerty keypad and large dispay?

  • nam

Nokia N79/N85 preview

  • shadowed_angst

Anonymous, 29 Aug 2008Connetcted to Nokia's services? The market do not have the... more"The other brand, with sales being (much) less than 1/4 of Nokia,..."

That explains it.. less people to take care of; less the amount of problems.

Firmware upgrade is free; maybe the center you're talkin' about should be reported to Nokia or something..

  • Anonymous

riddimbob, 29 Aug 2008I think the main thing that you HAVE to take notice of betw... moreConnetcted to Nokia's services? The market do not have the services that nokia have?

The Nokia provides the following "services" in the city I live in is "famous" for...
- having customers to wait somewhere between 1~2 drop off the phone for service
- not able to check through the phone's IMEI that the phone was sold through the official distributors, hence warranty should be provided. If there is any problem with the phone, sorry, either go home and get the sales receipt, or carry the receipt with you ALL the time!
- a charge of US$15 to upgrade the firmware...
- blame customers to "charge and talk at the same time" for faulty battery

The other brand, with sales being (much) less than 1/4 of Nokia, provides:

- waiting time of less than 10 mins to drop off phone for services
- no receipt is required because the company checks through the phones' IMEI's to ensure warranty should be provided
- free firmware update
- never blames customers