Nokia N85 and N79 official, no surprises

26 Aug, 2008
Today Nokia introduced officially two new members of the Nseries family - Nokia N79 and Nokia N85. The two devices come with rather different designs but both have quite extensive specs sheets to brag about...

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  • Good for you

I don't you take the rubbish phone like LG compared with Nokia?

  • Satya

Its waste from Nokia. COmpanies are moving towards 8MP camera, superior trasmitter and data speed. I dont understand why Nokia is living in dream of success of N95. when N95 launched there was hardly any competition but now with Samsung comig with exciting new range along with LG, Iphone etc where these 2 models will stand?

Wake up NOkia, you guys are loosing market share quick and fast. wake up before its too late. Thanks

  • Anonymous

The LG KC910 is a better buy than this.

  • Anonymous

its Nokia Baby!! we always hang together man!!!!!! keep chillin homies!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

this is common sense.why rush into new technology when you can improve on the old have to know your past to know your future.other companies might have an 8mp camera phon,.but the at the same time they could be using old tech.

  • Anonymous

what you mean nokia's look alike.if you make something in series,should'nt they look alike.

  • Anonymous

what you people must understand is that nokia is not rushing into new techs,they are improving the present one.just like the dual led's.

  • riddimbob

I think the main thing that you HAVE to take notice of between Nokia VS other manufacturers handset launch is your not just buying the handset. you are becoming connected to the Nokia services. Who out there using a smart Nokia isn't using at least one of the Ovi services? If you don't adapt to the markets will fail. Look at music stores around the world, those who didn't adapt to the changing market have failed.

Sure Nokia could put out 'the perfect' be all of phones. Whats the point of this? The market has caught up the market is head to head with Nokia hardware. However the market do not have the services that nokia have.

Look forward for what you can achieve, look backward to remember what worked to get you where you are today. Keep up the evoltuionary work nokia.

  • sony ericsson

i really dont like these craps. So how could i buy them and one thing my friends when the C905 was officially announced there were far more comments(593 comments) in the forum. So as 2 nseries are announced instead of a single C905 there should be double the comments C905 actually had.

  • Tijs

AlmostDone, 28 Aug 2008This is going to sell like hot cakes. All the people criticizing... moreWhat about putting dual-led for videos and xenon for pictures? the ericsson k850i has a led flash and a xenon flash =)

  • Anonymous

This phone is not even released yet and there is so much attention and comments.

There is no such thing as bad publicity. Nokia will sell about a tretrazillion! lol

  • AlmostDone

This is going to sell like hot cakes. All the people criticizing the device I reckon about half of them will buy it.

What's not to like?

It packs all the features of the n95 8GB/N96 in a smaller package and a bit more too.

The reason it's dual LED because it supports permanent light on during video recording. You can't do this with xenon because it gets too hot! Also it uses new dual micro-optimized flash lenses which is better than the standard LEDs used in previous models.

This means with a little scripting such as python we can have a torch feature too which I miss from SE.

I am buying one for sure!

  • morris

The n-series are killing the n-series. This may cost nokia dear. Better release the n-series once in a year or once in two years.

  • Tijs

Too bad they they didnt include a xenon flash this time , and 2.6 seems small compared to 2., those 0.2 are really noticeable :/ ... im desperate to upgrade my nokia n82 but nokia won't come on with why is ask for my phone. is a xenon flash and bigger screen too much to ask? a new interface would be nice too, i dont want a nokia tube by the way , touchscreens are zzzz to me

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Aug 2008N85 maybe is a replacement for N95 added *2.6"OLED screen *f... moregood comment bro, makes good sense, i just love the N96, can't wait to get it :)

  • ddsfds

one of this days nokia will release the 8 mpx phone and you will all run to buy it... without looking the size of the lens...
to tell u the truth, you are just stupids....
keep buying your nokia bricks

  • kitch

Here is the short review and interview of nokia VP...­-n85-n79-en.shtml

  • Anonymous

N85 maybe is a replacement for N95
*2.6"OLED screen
*navi wheel
*added another led flash
*new fp2
*n-gage control
N96 is a replacement for N95 8GB
and N79 maybe is a replacement for N78...

nokia also release a new xpress-on cover

whch the theme will change according to the colour of the back cover!

  • sea-breeze

Anonymous, 28 Aug 2008the dual led used in n85 and n79 is different from previous led ... moreok those double leds maybe strong ... but do u still think it beats xenon ... have u even tried n82 in night shots ... its digital cam. indeed .., me myself would go for the n85 if only it got xenon... till now i gonna stick to the n82

  • Anonymous

Nokia themselves kill the N96 with N85. way to go nokia..LOL!