Nokia N85 and N79 official, no surprises

26 Aug, 2008
Today Nokia introduced officially two new members of the Nseries family - Nokia N79 and Nokia N85. The two devices come with rather different designs but both have quite extensive specs sheets to brag about...

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  • Anonymous

Yeh i know about time, they have been making rubbish keypads like n82 and N78 but will this phone actually release in october. Hope it does because i want the n79.

  • RT HK

Finally (sighs) Nokia makes new phones with keypads for adult ^^!

  • Anonymous

its a n series nokia and i work for a phone company in the uk so i already know how terrible this phone is going to be...all n series are jus like the n95 with nothing new except being in a different case...too many problems with every n series nokia that has ever came out...useless

  • N82

Bigfreak, 28 Aug 2008I Think That U Should Use Nokia 3310 That Phone Suits U D Best...Yeah.. that's true Sina.. for you Nokia 3310

  • Bigfreak

Sina, 27 Aug 2008I compared Nokia N82 with Canon Digital Ixus 860IS & the quality... moreI Think That U Should Use Nokia 3310 That Phone Suits U D Best...

  • Anonymous

can someone confirm if brightness difference between double LED vs xenon?

  • Ulysses

Sina, don't you ever compare that!

  • Anonymous

N79 so cool!
can change theme according to the colour of the back cover!

  • blameboy

Anonymous, 28 Aug 2008well ofcourse, there's no way cameraphone will beat the dedicat... moreI have a Sharp 904SH. For small size print, it is as good as a regular digital camera. I don't need to carry an extra camera all the time.

On the other hand, you can't get a better phone than N82/N95 if you want multipurpose all in one phone. Looking forward on N85.

  • Amd

Hahaha....... Its clear dat all of u jealous about nokia, nokia is ever green , no one can beat it, nokia has already created history in cell market, congrats for new n members, huhooo.......

  • Anonymous

Sina, 27 Aug 2008I compared Nokia N82 with Canon Digital Ixus 860IS & the quality... morewell ofcourse,
there's no way cameraphone will beat the dedicated digicam.
not now, not tomorrow, not ever.
i have Canon digicam, and love it very much.
i use my Nokia for taking a snapshot or unpredcitable event only.
if i really want to take a serious picture, i bring my Canon instead.

  • Anonymous

N85 Is similiar to the N96, N76 to the ?N82 in design is that just me? not a Nokia fan, N and E series are a treat tho.

  • Anonymous

But,the N-series site( the phones are not even announced.....

  • Anonymous

sea-breeze, 28 Aug 2008in reply to ppl sayin double led beats xenon flash !!!!!!!!!!! N... morethe dual led used in n85 and n79 is different from previous led flash used in previous phone. it was confirmed by nokia product manager. i read it in an intetview article. you can search it in it's updated daily so search that article in the "previous posts" or "innovations" section.

  • sea-breeze

in reply to ppl sayin double led beats xenon flash !!!!!!!!!!! Nothing i repeat Nothing beats a xenon flash ... i had other nokias with double led don't even have quarter power of the xenon .. still n82 best to buy fone

  • Anonymous

brij, 27 Aug 2008both phones can't beat n82. N82 got xenon flash and nokia has no... moren85 has already beaten n82 in many accounts. the dual led flash of n85 gives the same bright illumination of xenon flash but consumes less power. the led flash also doubles as flash in video recording. n85 is a lot better than n82. there is also a dsp chip responsible for better sound quality of n85.

  • Anonymous

Im not saying 8 mega pixels is no good in a phone cos Nokia does not have one or cos you think im some Nokia fanboy. Far from it i actually love both SonyEricsson and Nokia. But i have a Panasonic 6 mega pixel camera and my brother has a 9 mega pixel camera and my 6 mega pixel camera takes clearer sharper pics. Im not bothered about the Samsung i dont like them and making an 8 mega pixel camera phone with no Xenon flash is bad.

  • Bakhti

Funny that GSMArena didn't pick up the news of N96 being officially announced yesterday. Cnet reported N96 was announced along with N82 and N79, I wonder why GSMArena didn't report on that...

  • Sina

I compared Nokia N82 with Canon Digital Ixus 860IS & the quality & benchmark of N82 is horrible.
Zeiss optics doesn't help Nokia.
& I don't burn my money for Cam Phones like you.
I shoot less than 100 per a year.
& I have a great camera.
It's horrible freak when you shooting with Cam Phones instead of digital camera.
Instead, I have laptop class PDA Phone: HTC Touch Pro.

  • Sina

Detailed Technical Specifications of Nokia N85-3

Brand: Nokia
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Manufacturer: Nokia
Expected Release Date: October, 2008
Physical Attributes
(width x height x depth): 50 x 103 x 16 millimetres
2 x 4.1 x 0.6 inches
Bounding Volume: 82.4 cubecentimetres
Mass: 128 grams (battery included)
Software Environment
Embedded Operating System: Symbian OS 9.3 Series 60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 Chinese
Operating System Kernel: Symbian 9.3
Memory, Storage capacity
ROM type: Flash EEPROM
ROM capacity: 256 MiB
RAM capacity: 128 MiB
Graphical subsystem
Display Type: color Active Matrix OLED display
Display Color Depth: 24 bit/pixel (16777216 scales)
Display Diagonal: 2.6 " (66 millimetres)
Display Resolution: 240 x 320 (76800 pixels)
Viewable Display Area: 1.6" x 2.1" (39.6 x 52.8 millimetres)
Dot Pitch: 0.165 millimetre/pixel
Video out: NTSC/PAL resolution
Proprietary connector
Audio Subsystem
Audio Channel(s): stereo sound
Analog/Digital Converter
(Recording): 16 bit nominal quantization
48000 Hz sampling frequency
Digital/Analog Converter
(Playing): 16 bit resolution
48000 Hz holding frequency
Microphone(s): mono sound
Loadspeaker(s): stereo sound
Audio Output: 3.5mm plug
Cellular Phone
Cellular Networks: GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900
Cellular Data Links: CSD, HSCSD, GPRS, EDGE
Cellular Antenna: Internal antenna
Call Alert: 64 -chord melody (polyphonic)
Vibrating Alert: Supported
Speakerphone : Supported
Control Peripherals
Positioning Device: Not supported
Primary Keyboard: Slide-out numeric phone keyboard, 12 keys
Automatic keyboard backlight (upon press of any key)
Directional Pad: Four-way (with action button)
Scroll Wheel: Rotary full area roller
Expansion Interfaces: microSD, microSDHC, TransFlash
Supports High Capacity (SD 2.0/HC) memory cards with capacity of up to 32GB
USB: USB 2.0 client, Hi-Speed (480Mbit/s)
USB Series Micro-B (Micro-USB) connector
Bluetooth (802.15): Bluetooth 2.0 + Enhanced Data Rate, Internal antenna
Wireless LAN/Wi-Fi (802.11): IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, 54 Mbit/s
Internal antenna
Infrared Gate: Not supported
Multimedia Broadcast
Analog Radio: FM radio (87.5-108MHz) with RDS radio reciever
Proprietary headset as antenna
Digital Media Broadcast: Not supported
Satellite Navigation
Built-in GPS module: Supported
GPS Protocol: NMEA 0183
GPS Antenna: Internal antenna
Complementary GPS Services: Assisted GPS, Geotagging
Built-in Digital Camera
Sensor Type: CMOS sensor
Resolution: 2584 x1938 pixels (5.01MP)
Autofocus (AF): Supported
Macro Mode: Supported
Built-in Flash: mobile light (LED)
Camcorder: 640x480 pixels , 30frame/sec
Recordable Image Formats: JPG
Recordable Video Formats: 3GPP, MPEG4
Built-in Secondary Digital Camera
Sensor Type: CMOS sensor
Resolution: 640 x480 pixels (0.31MP)
Camcorder: 352x288pixels , 15frame/sec
Recordable Image Formats: JPG
Recordable Video Formats: 3GPP, MPEG4
Power Supply
Battery Technology: Lithium-ion battery
Battery Build: removable
Estimated Battery Life: 10 hours
Battery Capacity: 1200 mAh
Estimated Avarege Current: 120 mA