Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 won't have an S Pen slot

21 February 2023
But the Galaxy Z Fold6 just might.

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  • Fliplife
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  • 17 Mar 2023

I have no interest, personally, in an S-pen. My finger is quicker and more intuitive at this point. It’s just a gimmick. If it gets one I won’t upgrade.

    If they decide to go with a display on the outside for the 6 and an S Pen, I may get that. It makes way more sense than this nonsense.

      WinAnon95, 22 Feb 2023...the Fold4 doesn't have an S Pen slot either? They o... moreDon't have the fold 4, but gsma just made it sound like it did and Samsung removed it again in the next model.

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        • Anonymous
        • mEb
        • 24 Feb 2023

        I have Fold 3 and i am not upgrading till there is S pen slot for foldable.

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          • Bhaumis
          • fCI
          • 23 Feb 2023

          This doesnt seem to be such a bad thing.
          I would always prefer the thicker and larger stylus that zfold 4 has rather than the tiny thing s23/22 ultra has .

          We can always use cases that hold the stylus for integrating that with the phone. ( especially now that the phone will be thinner )

          I would rather prefer the larger battery and better cooling mechanism to further optimize the battery life ( Much better than the fold 4 )
          Also the enhanced sturdiness of the hinge and the screen should also be the main focus 9 especially since the service of Samsung is sketchy at best outside USA and South Korea for such an expensive device

            Usman Khan, 22 Feb 2023I was waiting for Galaxy Z Fold 5 with a built-in stylus. N... moreSad? For who?

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              • Usman Khan
              • 6PY
              • 22 Feb 2023

              I was waiting for Galaxy Z Fold 5 with a built-in stylus. Now I have to wait another year. Thats Sad.

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                • Total Fail
                • 8uF
                • 22 Feb 2023

                After 2 years of waiting I gave up, still no S-pen silo, going for the Oppo N2 instead at the very least I wont have to put up with the Narrow front screen.

                  So you can spend 50 dollars on a Samsung official case with a SPen slot and another 50 dollars on a slimmer SPen version.

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                    • FlipLife
                    • vCL
                    • 22 Feb 2023

                    I wanted this. Didn’t want precious battery and thinned for a pen I will never use.

                      Olympus Oms, 21 Feb 2023So, fold 3 didn't have it. Typical Samsung to add some... more...the Fold4 doesn't have an S Pen slot either? They only added support for the S Pen. The Fold5 will have support as well, but no slot.

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                        • lie
                        • MWV
                        • 22 Feb 2023

                        its not about thickness,its about marketing, such device with spen would break the sales of Ultra

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                          • Lostar
                          • Hqj
                          • 22 Feb 2023

                          Every. Year. I just want a foldable with inbuilt stylus. As a designer it’s invaluable.

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                            • Dropzone01
                            • c{A
                            • 22 Feb 2023

                            selbz, 21 Feb 2023Another iteration I will have to skip then I guess. If I�... moreAgreed... I'm in the market for a new phone and was holding out for the Fold 5 for the S Pen integration. Now I guess I won't be adopting a folding phone until the next time I need one. Looks like the S23 Ultra will be my next one. I've had the pen since my Note 4 and never actually thought I'd use it when I got that phone. Now I'm on a Note 9 I don't think I could live without the pen.

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                              • Supus
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                              • 22 Feb 2023

                              S-pen is a overrated thing. That just takes the useful space in your phone!

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                                • Gery Wei
                                • Kx7
                                • 21 Feb 2023

                                It's also worth to mention that, in fact, z fold has way thinner profile than s22 or s23 ultra (about 8,9 mm) vs 6,3 mm on Z fold 4 so it's way harder to put on a built in stylus for the device.

                                  so I will skip it and hopefully next year we will see foldable iPhone with apple pencil...

                                    Samsung not even trying...

                                      0odle-noodle, 21 Feb 2023Of course, but the UTG makes the crease worse (it cant be a... moreSo in other words you have zero concrete evidence to prove the crease is worse with UTG.

                                      UTG sucks but you're spouting nonsense.

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                                        • selbz
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                                        • 21 Feb 2023

                                        Another iteration I will have to skip then I guess. If I'm paying near £2000 for a phone, it better have all the features.