Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 won't have an S Pen slot

Ivan, 21 February 2023

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 won't have a built-in S Pen slot, despite some rumors to the contrary. Per the latest South Korean report, Samsung considered adding a slot for the S Pen in the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold5 during the design phase, but decided that it would make the device too thick.

The Galaxy Z Fold5 will reportedly have a new hinge design that will minimize the crease, and a different internal arrangement, which wouldn't allow for an S Pen slot. Samsung allegedly thought about making a slimmer S Pen for the Galaxy Z Fold5 but decided that it would hinder the writing experience.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 won't have a built-in S Pen

On a positive note, Samsung is reportedly working on a thinner S Pen that won't compromise the stylus experience and it could be available in time for the Galaxy Z Fold6.



Reader comments

  • Fliplife
  • 17 Mar 2023
  • vCL

I have no interest, personally, in an S-pen. My finger is quicker and more intuitive at this point. It’s just a gimmick. If it gets one I won’t upgrade.

If they decide to go with a display on the outside for the 6 and an S Pen, I may get that. It makes way more sense than this nonsense.

Don't have the fold 4, but gsma just made it sound like it did and Samsung removed it again in the next model.

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