Motorola Razr 2023 takes the outer screen to a whole new level, leaked renders show

22 February 2023
Basically that entire part of the phone is all-screen.

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Michael, 24 Feb 2023People do care about 3.5mm jack and Memory expansion, howev... moreNot as many people as you think would sign your petition. People want fast UFS storage that's built in and the convenience of wireless headphones. microSD cards are snail slow compared to the UFS 3 let alone UFS 4. 3.5mm is a stone age analog technology. There's a reason companies do this, and its not only money. It's about moving forward. If we had it your way we'd still be using FireWire, floppy disks and 700MB CDs.

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    • 24 Feb 2023

    sa11oum, 23 Feb 2023The thing people like you don't realize is that the ma... moreThat's not true!
    They buy phones without the 3.5mm jack and SD card slot because THEY DON'T HAVE A CHOICE! If you want those 2 features, you have to settle for low end and mid-range phones. No high-end flagship phone has it except for Sony phones .
    I myself, specifically bought the S20FE5G for the SD card slot when I could have very easily bought the S21FE or even S22.

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      • 24 Feb 2023

      kiasunkiasi, 22 Feb 2023"no SD card slot & No 3.5mm jack = NO BUY!" ... moreYou're saying it's 2023 like the swappable microSSD for smartphones has already been invented for years and we already have an alternative to the microSD card. Wake up! That never happened!
      I have a 256GB phone that is FULL since day one ! My 1TB SanDisk Extreme Pro SD card is my hero. If I don't have internet or there's a blackout, or I'm in the middle of nowhere, I have whole series of movies to watch while you stare at the cloud app. Why tf bother with clouds, dongles, wires, syncing etc when you can very easily have the SD card ? Nobody is forcing you to put one in your phone if you don't want to. And don't give me the speeds rant, I only store data on it, I don't install apps, making speeds absolutely irrelevant, just like your opinion.
      Have you ever heard of GoPro or any kind of video camera or DSLR camera or dashboard camera or surveillance camera ? Guess what! They all use the SD card!
      If I damage my phone beyond repair, I just pop the SD card into a new phone. I don't cry like a baby that I forgot to sync my files.
      The 3.5mm jack was removed for one single reason that you cannot comprehend: PROFIT!
      The companies make like 10 dollars from a 3.5mm jack. But if they remove it they make:
      - 100-200 dollars for wireless buds
      - 100 dollars for a wireless charger
      - 50 dollars from usb-c headphones
      - other hundreds of dollars in battery replacements and usb-c damaged port
      - you will never have the same quality of wired headphones
      - unbearable latency especially with live apps or games
      - you have to wait to charge the phone in order to use wired headphones
      - you have to worry about battery on the buds
      - you loose the buds every day
      - possible brain tumors from Bluetooth (you don't have to worry - there's nothing that can be damaged in your case)
      - if you drop your phone while using the wireless headphones, there's no wire to catch the phone before it hits the ground (my wired headphones saved my phone countless times like this)
      Samsung phones are incompatible with any kind of splitter that can be used to charge the phone and use the wired headphones at the same time. I've looked everywhere for something like that and there's nothing.
      Use your brain!

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        • 24 Feb 2023

        sa11oum, 23 Feb 2023The thing people like you don't realize is that the ma... morePeople do care about 3.5mm jack and Memory expansion, however since greedy companies get greedier and want to sell you more tech, therefore, people have no choice in the matter.

        Who doesn't want a back up storage that you can easily recover if something bad happens to you phone or a pair of headphones which can be used without charging them beforehand?

        You can start petition to demand Apple to bring back 3.5mm jack which will be signed by millions, and yet Apple simply, clearly will reject it.

        Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Nokia,.... They never respect their customers. It's all business to them.

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          • 23 Feb 2023

          Lukemo, 23 Feb 202397hours of battery endurance that's very good for a fl... moreCorrection the Oppo Find N2 Flip.

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            • 23 Feb 2023

            sa11oum, 23 Feb 2023This looks great but I can't imagine it will have good... more97hours of battery endurance that's very good for a flip phone so far.

              kek, 22 Feb 2023Yes, we do. We arent sheeps like you. We are paying so w... moreThe thing people like you don't realize is that the market has spoken loud and clear - 99% of people do not care about memory expansion and 3.5mm jacks. Otherwise they would've made their way back into mainstream devices. It's just the reality. Buy the storage you need when you purchase your smartphone and invest 50$ into a pair of Bluetooth earbuds and move on with your life. It's really not that complicated.

                This looks great but I can't imagine it will have good battery life if the entire front part is filled with a screen.

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                  • 23 Feb 2023

                  Anonymous, 22 Feb 2023They just lack in updates.When's the last time you went, "Oh, this phone is no longer usable because there's no software update. I can't make calls, I can't surf net, I can't do XXXX."

                  Frankly speaking, in this age, anyone who can afford a "flagship" phone won't be using it more than 2 to 3 years. Anyone who uses a phone more than 3 years don't really care about or know about technology, or simply can't afford new phones and will make do with any phone as they have very low technological needs.

                  Also, not to mention, Android system updates typically is only good for those people who insist on the "pure android" experience, because most of the features had already been implemented on various skins by the OEMS. The OTHER hidden features of every system update are often unlikely to be experienced by most people in 90% of use cases.

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                    • 23 Feb 2023

                    User, 22 Feb 2023This is just like childish racing btw sam oppo and moto.. w... moreI don't think it's a race. Samsung isn't even trying. Every flip has almost zero improvements from the previous one. About 10 years ago, Samsung was pushing new innovations every year but nowadays we see something ground breaking every 5 years?
                    look at the flip - 4 years, same rubbish, incremental to no improvement*.
                    look at the fold - 4 years, same rubbish, incremental to no improvement*.
                    look at the Galaxy S series - 4 years, same rubbish, incremental to no improvement*.

                    *changing a new processor is not an improvement, unless you see in reviews that the newly launched flagship stutters all the time - Every single review nowadays call the devices buttery smooth, hence a new processor isn't going to make the device "smoother".

                      kek, 22 Feb 2023Yes, we do. We arent sheeps like you. We are paying so w... moregood luck finding those in flagship mobile phones nowadays

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                        • 22 Feb 2023

                        Anonymous, 22 Feb 2023In your dreams maybe.Well a render pretty much is a dream.

                        What's more important is will Motorola have the flip-balls to deliver the RAZR android flip lineup globally or at the VERY least a proper ROM version for the USA where its namesake earned its big profits from over a decade ago in the feature-phone era.

                        If not I highly doubt Motorola would last longer than Sony in the smartphone space.

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                          • 22 Feb 2023

                          Milad, 22 Feb 2023Motorola always is a leaderIn your dreams maybe.

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                            • 22 Feb 2023

                            Daemon Targaryen, 22 Feb 2023Top 10 Phones Of 2023 1. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 2. Sams... moreOnly one of the phones you mentioned have been released..

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                              • 22 Feb 2023

                              I'm glad Motorola is hanging on. And they're try back is strong and I thing regardless it deserves meritt. I'd buy a 450$ Motorola over an apple device ever. Origins matter and control matters to me as a buyer

                                Top 10 Phones Of 2023
                                1. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
                                2. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5
                                3. Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max
                                4. Google Pixel 8 Pro
                                5. Google Pixel Fold
                                6. Oppo Find N3
                                7. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5
                                8. Motorola Razr 2023
                                9. Apple iPhone 15 Pro
                                10. Google Pixel 8

                                Honorable mentions
                                Apple iPhone 15
                                Sony Xperia 1 & 5 V
                                Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+
                                Oppo Find N3 Flip
                                Google Pixel 7a

                                I hated Samsung for years. I called them Scamsung like 10 years ago. But I feel they've become the best OEM for the mobile OS and ecosystems I prefer. They're basically the new Nokia and Motorola of mobile and the new Sony for TVs and most general electronics. Is Samsung perfect? Of course not. Nobody is. There was a time I hated Sony.

                                South Korea is the new king for tech. Why should we settle for anything less like a Pixel 7 Pro with poor resale value? Samsung or Apple. That's it. Try your luck with another brand and good luck with long software and aftermarket support or finding cooler cases and accessories for them.

                                I follow Gadget Goddess on YouTube and she buys Oppo products. She said she prefers her Razr 2022 over her N2 Flip. Hence, why the Oppo foldables aren't on my radar. Maybe the Find N or N2 being they're the most compact book-style foldables. But that software can be a problem.

                                  The last Motorola phones I had, were the analog Star-Tac and the digital Star-Tac

                                    I'll be looking into the Razr 2023, Flip 5, Fold 5, and S23 Ultra this year. I do find getting a third foldable flip phone redundant since I'm not trading in either of the ones I have.

                                    I love the Razr 5G design the best. You can argue the 2019 model looked better but it is heavier, more creaky hinge, e-sim only, and only had Snap 710. At least 765G was par to the 835 and better than the A10 Fusion.

                                    The Flip 3 has too much sentimental value for me being my first foldable and first flip phone since the original RAZR V3 from 2006-2008 which is why I didn't trade it in for a Flip 4. Yeah, it has the maligned Snap888 but it got me into retro gaming emulation as it plays PS2 and GameCube ROMs extremely well.

                                    We'll just wait and see. It looks like I'll be headed to Samsung again because I prefer their ecosystem better. We have Samsung TVs in our home and it's so easy to screen mirror using Smart View. No fuss about it. My next phone is most likely going to be between S23 Ultra or Fold 5.

                                    I feel many future clamshell phones will only get bigger and wider. Razr 2022 is as wide as the iPhone 14 Pro Max at 80 mm. The Flip 3 and 4 are only 71-72 mm in width. N2 Flip is at 75 mm and that has a vertical cover display. They'll only get larger thanks to the bigger cover displays when the point for me to use them is they fit better in my pockets.

                                    I feel I already covered my flip phone desires for the next 10 years and don't mind going back to a regular slab or try a book-style foldable for the first time. Try something different. The novelty wears off for anything that felt fresh and new only 2-3 years ago.

                                    I'm aware the newer foldable flips will have better battery life and cameras but they'll be essentially the same experience to the ones I already own. Might as well try something different or go back to the good ol' slab like an S23U with 100x zoom and S-Pen which the Fold 5 won't have.

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                                      • 22 Feb 2023

                                      Finaly some good innovation on a folding phone.
                                      Glad it came from brand with zero bloatware UI.

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                                        • 22 Feb 2023

                                        kek, 22 Feb 2023Next the outer screen will grow to 6 inch in diagonal and w... moreSo we will end up with a fold that also folds into a flip? Seems legit.