Apple's Q1 saved by record iPhone sales

05 May 2023
Tim Cook confirmed a March quarter record sales for the iPhone, all-time record for services.

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  • 07 May 2023

Anonymous, 05 May 2023Who are all these people buying iPhones 🤔Probably people who have a very old Android device broke or is getting very slow and they despise newer versions of Android (11 and up but ESPECIALLY 12), and they feel like getting an iPhone which is usually a no nonsense OS to use compared to the bloat you get with Android I mean Samsung if you count people in the States.

I personally hated iOS after iOS 10 was released since they screwed up the swipe up menu. iOS 9 app store is so much cleaner and simpler to use. Google play used to look so much cleaner but has been getting progressively worse since 2017.

Android 12 is also uncommonly joked as the Fisher Price version of Android. Make those buttons big, round, give it an ugly color, and include looots of padding! Also, keep removing freedom! Can't wait to root my new Android phone just to get around scoped storage! Oh wait, in the states, Samsung doesn't let you unlock the bootloader, so I guess that means I will buy an international phone, oh wait, that doesn't have as much bands that work in the USA, oh wait, there is LITERALLY NO OPTION to get a modern Android phone with the features it used to have that is a USA phone!

Nothing phone? No headphone jack! No expandable storage! No IR blaster!
Sony Xperia? What they heck is that display aspect ratio? I'm not buying a multi-thousand dollar phone just to watch movies on it!
Fair phone? Where the heck is that headphone jack? How is that fair?
Galaxy X-cover6 pro? Ok, not bad, but the A52s is MUCH CHEAPER, which makes the trade off for those bands worth it. Yeah, you can't replace the battery, but at least you won't risk cracking the back since it's not glass to replace the battery. Plus, $600 for a phone with only 128GB of internal storage? Also, it has Android 12. I don't want Android 12. A52s at least comes with Android 11.

Right now I have a device with a square screen (No notch or curved screen BS), removable battery, headphone jack, sd card slot, ir blaster, all of those STANDARD Android features that made people BUY AN ANDROID! Now you tell me why people like me would buy a modern bloaty expensive unupgradable jackless infused battery of a phone for thousands of dollars when I can buy a used phone on Ebay for cheap?

This strategy of Android makers CLEARLY isn't working. They aren't going to make people jump ship from iOS if ALL THAT IS NEW IS SOFTWARE FEATURES! Once they yoinked market share from Apple, they did the following:

Profits high hahahaha, lets cut more costs.
Todo: Remove all features that iPhone DOESN'T have
Mission accomplished. Now they have the SIM card next on the totem pool.
New mission: make Android "appeal" to everyone by making it lose everything that made it "Android".

I hate iOS right now, I hate modern Android right now. What can I do? Only thing I can do right now is to just keep on buying old phones I guess. Unless people create custom roms for older versions of android that are older than the version the phone shipped with which I literally have never ever ever seen.

    Aadrian, 06 May 2023I think it's more because of the fact that since some ... moreWell said cuz Android manufacturers removing features following Apple phones... but also Android buyers are no Apple buyers as in just following what a brand does, people who just buy anything Apple makes no matter the price and that's not working for more price and feature conscious Android buyers who want features for money unlike Apple buyers who like the brand no matter what it lacks as long as it works fluently. That is why I only buy budget phones now galaxy A13 in use and suits me perfectly well for what I needstill have headphone jack and SD slot and it can do everything a flagship van apart from wireless charging.

    If I'd be iPhone buyer I'd only go for SE series.

      Aadrian, 06 May 2023I think it's more because of the fact that since some ... moreAnd same time every year Apple one by one removes reasons to buy Android flagship phones. Sametime Android haven’t got more appealing it still have all the same flaws it always had, so IPhone feels more and more appealing for potential customers and it shows in sales.

        Adegbenro, 06 May 2023The endless iPhone versus Android phones rates on. Severa... moreYou’re wasting your time dude, I’ve said similar on many occasions, it falls on deaf ears. The Android v iOS debate will never end so long as there are those that feel the choice they made is the choice everyone else should have made. And such people absolutely infest this site.

        Personally I don’t have a horse in this race, whilst my preference is for iOS, I could switch back to Android tomorrow and not loose a step, just like I didn’t when I made to switch to iOS in the first place. Using what suits you best is a good thing, assuming that should apply to everyone else isn’t.

          -Trix-, 05 May 2023Android fanboys just can't accept the fact that iPhone... moreI think it's more because of the fact that since some years, the Android flagships are missing so many features which were present at first, meaning those phones offered so much more value for money than the iPhone equivalent, that now since it's missing, there's less of a reason to buy a flagship when you can get pretty much the same features and more on a midrange Android phone. Another reason is the pricing, some years ago you could get an Android flagship for let's say 300 euro less with many extra features the iPhone was lacking, now they're all priced astronomically high that they pretty much cost the same as iPhones. I remember the iPhone X for a thousand dollars, while the Note8 was a thousand dollars too with a dozen of extra features. Now the iPhone 14 Pro Max is like 1400 dollars, while the S23 Ultra is 1400 dollars, both offering more or less the same features. Besides, I also might consider my next daily driver to be an iPhone now it also features some sort of AOD. Spec wise and feature wise there's little difference these days. It was different back in the day.

            -Trix-, 06 May 2023"Trust me, Apple would go bankrupt." Wait what... moreTrue lol

              DaFink, 06 May 2023Well, what what are you waiting for go tell them all! Final... moreLol

                -Trix-, 06 May 2023Are you fourteen or something? Pirating everything? Don... moreLol

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                  iPhones and Samsung phones are the best phones on the market. Period.
                  And that is why they are on the top 2 positions in smartphone ranks. For years is like this.
                  Xiaomi had some good period (maybe 3 years ago), with their cheap phones and good specs. But their bad software and problems with Ui, in long term, made people switch back to Samsung or iPhones. In Europe at least, is like this. Fewer and fewer people are interested in Chinese phones, especially the more expensive models.
                  Is not fanboy comment, is the truth.

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                    • 06 May 2023

                    Anonymous, 05 May 2023Average, hardworking people?More like TikTok-addicted Gen Z kids who still live with their parents, especially women.

                      Anonymous, 06 May 2023"I thought Apple was all about convenience hmm?" ... moreDude you must either be trolling or stupid.
                      Airdrop doesn't work with Windows.

                        The endless iPhone versus Android phones rates on.
                        Several points to remember.
                        1: The people on this forum are outliers of the society.
                        2. Most people don't care about OS updates and security patches or RAM.
                        3. Most people use the phones for the camera, browsing the web, music and social media and gaming.
                        4.A flagship iPhone or Samsung phone does all these reasonably well.
                        7. iPhones have better second hand value.
                        8. A newer OS features aren't available to every phone... iPhone or Android. I've been using Samsung Android phones since the Galaxy S2 in 2011. Good Lock is available only about 10 countries worldwide. Why?

                        I still carry daily both a 42 month old Note 10 Plus and 34 month old iPhone 11 Pro Max. Both are in great condition. Both are at 86 and 87% battery health. I've customized the latter to my minimalist tastes. My only complaint with iOS is it's mediocre FILES app. My stuff is arranged better using Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

                        People should do their own research, buy the best they like, need and can afford and use it as long as possible or as long as they do desire. Stop bitching about other people's choices.

                          Anonymous , 06 May 2023Only in profit. But it also shows how their users are near ... moreSo bitter, so bitter 🤦🏻‍♂️

                            Anonymous , 06 May 2023Idiotic logic that you pirate things. To pirate people need... moreI was probably pirating stuff before you were born 😆🤦🏻‍♂️

                            Also what you said can't get more stupid 🤦🏻‍♂️ are you seriously making assumptions of people because they use certain brand products? What happens if one just switch brand 😆🤔 Do they as human also completely change and they like forget who they are?

                            I'm old nerd and have big knowledge of tech and computers and i assembled my own PC's in 90's and i like iPhone, how this makes you feel?

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                              • 06 May 2023

                              -Trix-, 06 May 2023Great image to show how superior Apple is on the market htt... moreOnly in profit. But it also shows how their users are near clueless every year. Lol

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                                • 06 May 2023

                                -Trix-, 06 May 2023Are you fourteen or something? Pirating everything? Don... moreIdiotic logic that you pirate things. To pirate people need knowledge unlike apple users. So this stuff is done by nerds not noobs

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                                  • 06 May 2023

                                  thedeev1, 06 May 2023The audacity you must have to tell Android users about ... more"I thought Apple was all about convenience hmm?"

                                  Yea, its called Airdrop

                                  But keep coping bruh

                                    YUKI93, 06 May 2023Not me. I tried iOS before. No thanks, I'll stick with... moreThat's exactly why i said very few.. 🤦🏻‍♂️

                                    Why there's always urge for Android users to say not me when the numbers show less and less people buy Android high-end phones and more and more iPhones

                                      G0gu, 05 May 2023iCloud on Windows works, I use OneDrive as well, you don’t ... moreThe audacity you must have to tell Android users about 'USB cables'. Your top of the line, 1100 dollar flagship doesn't even have USB-C, let alone 3.0. Alternatively, I prefer convenience when transferring files, rather than some third-party online alternatives. I thought Apple was all about convenience hmm? On Android it's plug and play, no need to worry about iCloud, Google Drive, all that bs. Please, come back to me when iPhones can actually properly organize their file directories when plugged in. Must be OK for you to live with those inconveniences and be gaslighted though, so long as the Apple logo is on the back 💰💰💰

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                                        • 06 May 2023

                                        -Trix-, 06 May 2023Great image to show how superior Apple is on the market htt... moreOkay, so what would happen if we, say, take measures to drop Apple's lead? Like capping the number of iphones that can be sold per year?