HTC One 32GB unlocked model priced at $575 in the US

22 April, 2013
This version is similar to the 64GB developer edition, except the bootloader is not unlocked.

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  • Anonymous
  • uty
  • 23 Oct 2013

hi ,does this unlocked version has got global warranty??if so can anyone give me the link for global warranty statement of htc for this device???

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    • disappointedcustomer
    • q$X
    • 01 Sep 2013

    Same thing happened to me, I called their support and they explained to me that you have to be physically located in the US and pay with a US credit card (international cards won't work)... that's kind of stupid, because they intentionally lose customers... so I bought it on Amazon and had it delivered to a relative in the us... voila... now Im just waiting my package.

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      • AnonD-169311
      • Nk2
      • 26 Jul 2013

      AnonD-123217, 02 Jun 2013I had tried purchasing the device from the HTC US online st... moresame thing happened to me ,,should someone order it for me in the united states????

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        • AnonD-123217
        • nCb
        • 02 Jun 2013

        I had tried purchasing the device from the HTC US online store, but the order was cancelled. I do not think they allow the International buyers to purchase devices from their store.

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          • chien boinh
          • P@T
          • 31 May 2013

          hello if i want to buy this phone but where your shop i want to go to buy at your shop or you help for your phone number or Email address ok

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            • Sid4913
            • 2@v
            • 30 May 2013

            They just increased the price to 599$. :\

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              • AnonD-148833
              • KHm
              • 24 May 2013

              is there any difference with the international version? I wanna buy it to use it put side the US.

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                • Want to Buy this one
                • 9A1
                • 22 May 2013

                Any pointer to some website where i can buy this phone for $575??

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                  • rockingggggg
                  • 9A1
                  • 22 May 2013

                  is the link( to which this website takes for purchasing authentic?

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                    • riki
                    • t}f
                    • 19 May 2013

                    gahrens1, 14 May 2013I ordered two 64GB Dev models to take with me to Nigeria fo... morecan i know how much u paid for 64GB model ( inclusive of taxes & shipping)

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                      • Tom
                      • 4Dg
                      • 18 May 2013

                      gahrens1, 14 May 2013I ordered two 64GB Dev models to take with me to Nigeria fo... moreSame thing happened to me. At the time I ordered it (May 7) they showed on their website "in stock" and "most orders by 2pm PST will be shipped out by the end of the same day", but as of today, May 18, the status of my order is still "picking"! Deceptive marketing, because they should remove or have removed the "in stock" status from their website, but it still shows on their website as "in stock" every single day from May 7! I now understand why HTC is having problems, not just with supplies and shipments, but also with customer satisfaction!

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                        • perth
                        • 61B
                        • 16 May 2013

                        AnonD-139032, 24 Apr 2013Is this product shipped International?? Thanksis this ship to indonesia?

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 3DL
                          • 16 May 2013

                          I purchased this phone at this price from HTC Online Store. But the HTC representative here in Turkey said that this phone had not global warranty, even I 35USD handling fee was paid. Any comment? Where can I get the correct info?

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                            • gahrens1
                            • siH
                            • 14 May 2013

                            I ordered two 64GB Dev models to take with me to Nigeria for a friend(and his wife) which showed up as available. I wanted the 32GB however these were listed as "backordered". On May 7th the 64GB dev showed up as available and I purchased them. I would check the status of the order and continued to show "picking process". After 6 days I called and they informed me "unfortunately the device is backordered until May 31st." I spoke to the supervisor and asked how this could have happened. She only replied "unfortunately the device is backordered until May 31st." Buyer beware of AKA

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                              • concianfiro
                              • P1G
                              • 30 Apr 2013

                              They could buy from any sending country and can send anywhere in the world?

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                                • AnonD-138501
                                • 0CH
                                • 25 Apr 2013

                                The shiping is free worldwide?

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                                  • AnonD-139032
                                  • waZ
                                  • 24 Apr 2013

                                  Is this product shipped International??

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                                    • AnonD-123459
                                    • n{E
                                    • 23 Apr 2013

                                    AnonD-123839, 22 Apr 2013yea but they probably suck check it out https://www.youtub... moreYeah i have a desire and those earphones suck, even in warranty i replaced them 3 times as the call buttons were not working. I am planning to buy apple earpods, heard they are quite good, just have to check the compatibility with HTC One [definitely gonna buy this phone though ;) any ideas on the compatibility??]

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                                      • pb
                                      • IWU
                                      • 23 Apr 2013

                                      Anonymous, 23 Apr 2013They are selling it cheap because it has only below frequen... moreyeah, but that's only LTE, right. Regular 3G data connections will work, won't it??

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                                        • Hmm...
                                        • Ae5
                                        • 23 Apr 2013

                                        AnonD-78026, 22 Apr 2013They are doing this to sell more phones in usa. HTC phone... moreBut hTC is cheaper than Samsung this time, in Australia we are looking at $693 for hTC One but $799 for S4, so I will still go for the One ♪( ´θ`)ノ