First sighting of Samsung Galaxy S24+ with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 running Geekbench 6

09 August 2023
The Gen 3 chip changes how the four CPU clusters are divided. The prime core doesn't run at 3.7GHz as some rumors suggested.

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  • 25 Aug 2023

sam, 22 Aug 2023Do you play games by putting your phone on a block of ice ?Some of us actually do use phone coolers than do literally get extremely cool. So to answer your question, kinda, yeah.

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    • 22 Aug 2023

    77, 16 Aug 2023I don't give farts rats about efficiency or saving bat... moreDo you play games by putting your phone on a block of ice ?

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      • 16 Aug 2023

      Samsung for life, 12 Aug 2023If exynos 2400 is better than snapdragon 8gen3 then samsung... moreI don't give farts rats about efficiency or saving battery it's not costing me money or petrol too nag about

      My S23ultra is rooted overclocked to 3.8ghz all 8 cores active and gpu from 900mhz too 1200mhz, I get 120fps in games.

      Don't like standard garbage free jnk

      This is more like S26ultra, 3 years ahead witj 30% increase in power Ram torque and gpu

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        • 16 Aug 2023

        I want cortex 3x x4, not 1x4, for blistering fast super instantaneous response
        Definitely cost would be £200 more, I'm willing too pay

        This would perform like Intel i9 speed, Omg.

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          • 12 Aug 2023

          If exynos 2400 is better than snapdragon 8gen3 then samsung should use that .

          I don't care much even if Exynos 2400 has 5% less performance than snapdragon 8gen3.

          But it should have better efficiency than snapdragon 8gen3, that's what I care most.

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            • 12 Aug 2023

            you have to suffer, 10 Aug 2023atleast we dont want: 100% heatt 0% performance😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🤫🤫 i... moreDon't think Exynos is always bad ..latest Exynos 1380 doesn't throttle much .

            Also latest snapdragon 4gen2 is made by Samsung and it also have good thermal management.

            A chip manufacture always do research on their fab .

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              • 12 Aug 2023

              Cpt.Power, 10 Aug 2023Wonder why so mucj complain to Samsung. This is them so t... moreIt is not about brand only. It is about user experience, after sale , superior camera performance, more updates etc.

              I think there is no single android phone which give 4 years os updates and 5 years security updates other than samsung .

              If any brands come with everything samsung has and for half the price then people will buy it. But is there any phone like that ????

                By this progress rate, 8 Gen 5 will come with 15 performance cores and 1 efficiency core.

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                  • 10 Aug 2023

                  jamalu96, 09 Aug 20235.1" vs 6.9" 1920*1080p vs 3120*1440p 60hz vs ... moreI didn't meant battery life in benchmark. I'm doing the same tasks with the same brightness, same apps, same wifi network. If you forget, there was 1440p display in LG G3. Sony has 4K display in 2015. So instead of making phone with 2 day battery vendors destroy advantage of new SOC with new "useful" features.
                  Due to GSMarena battery test, Xperia 5 IV can play video for 19 hours, but Xperia 10 V can play video for 34 hours. Impressive difference, isn't it? Both have 6.1" OLED, but different SOCs. According to this results, 8+ gen 1 with newer cores has worse efficiency than SD695 with older cores

                    Wonder why so mucj complain to Samsung.
                    This is them so this was expectale.
                    Anyone who expect anything else had only a wet dream which ended as a nightmare called Exynos.
                    But honestly Exynos or not people buy anyway for most of tem is enough is Samsung made and they dont care the rest.
                    Lastly its a brand name, overpriced and expensive marketing and a brand popularity which sells here not type of CPU and GPU used.
                    90% of buyers worldwide which buy S24 line buys because its Samsung made and they will not care the specs.
                    If one is used to have this brand it will buy it no matter what just like with Apple.

                      Anonymous, 10 Aug 2023dont forget about bad signal receiver 💀Oh pardon me, you're right 🫢

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                        • 10 Aug 2023

                        rosesarerosie, 10 Aug 2023Reading my comment more carefully wouldn't be a bad id... moredont forget about bad signal receiver 💀

                          rizki1, 09 Aug 2023that's just insane, 99% mostly for ThiccThocc and inst... morethey exist to compete with iphone
                          no headphone jack, no charger, no everything. just camera with a touchscreen😂😂😂

                            vrvly, 09 Aug 2023I care more about cameras but rumor about those is about as... morethe factor is the cost.

                              Anonymous, 09 Aug 2023I disagree. In a civilized world, eMMc 5.1 would be banned.... morebudget phones wouldn't exist if it was not for making e waste.

                                HyperionBurn, 09 Aug 2023damn imagine giving money to qualcomm ewwwwwatleast we dont want:
                                100% heatt 0% performance😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🤫🤫
                                i'd rather pay to qualcomm than spending problematic and unreliable samsung chipset

                                  I Just Read, 09 Aug 2023I expect uninformed comments like this from a person who ha... moreReading my comment more carefully wouldn't be a bad idea
                                  People aren't hating on Exynos beacuse of the benchmarks, they are hating on it beacuse of overhearing, less efficiency, inferior ISP, and objectively weaker performance
                                  Do you think that the hundreds of people on different forums are hating on it unjustly ? Are they lying ? No. They are just aware that Exynos chipsets have been going downhill since the S9 series, and they don't want to pay the same amount of money or more for a phone which is overall worse than what others getting in different regions

                                  This complete ignorance of some of you are simply annoying, because Samsung didn't chose Snapdragon this year for no reason, they chose it because people were calling them out, and rightfully so.
                                  Exynos isn't cutting it, and that's a fact. You can argue as much as a you want, but it won't change that..:'D

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                                    • 10 Aug 2023

                                    Vikass17, 09 Aug 2023Under 15k it's hard to use the smartphone after 2yrs. ... moreI agree with you there. I purchased a Google Pixel 7 Pro in October 2022 but I still sometimes use my Galaxy S8 Plus which runs a custom ROM based on Android 13.

                                    Oh boy, the Galaxy S8 Plus overheats to 60 degrees and the phone only gets 2 to 3 hours of Screen-on-Time (SOT). It's probably because it has never had any battery replacements and down to the poor efficiency of the Exynos processor.

                                      Anunu, 09 Aug 2023bruh I've seen people using social media on a oneplus ... moreUnder 15k it's hard to use the smartphone after 2yrs. Maybe you get used to it and only notice when you use better phone. That how painfully slow it was working.
                                      It happened with me too.
                                      I was using Samsung m30s, but bought iqoo z5.
                                      Samsung went down really bad after not using it for 6 months. Almost unusable.

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                                        • 09 Aug 2023

                                        Happy to see my request in a comment from a while back has finally made it.

                                        Thank you for showing an exact benchmark comparison of a prior and current device.