Samsung's Exynos 2400 specs surface, to feature a 10-core CPU

21 August 2023
A huge improvement in the GPU department also awaits.

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why are you so stingy samsung... Apple is investing hardcore into their phones and you are stealing from your own phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • 23 Aug 2023

    sdragon 4gen2 is good, and it made by samsung, so they can make a good soc with their 4nm

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      • 23 Aug 2023

      potato4k, 23 Aug 2023Simply look at SD8gen1 (Samsung fab) and SD8+gen1 (TSMC). S... moreSamsung 4gen2 is already there in one of the Xiaomi phone. It didn't throttle much.

      Samsung always do research on every thing . So if their previous year was bad doesn't mean this time also it is bad .

      They have released Exynos 1380 too recently. That also have shown good thermals . Whatever processor they released new in this year all came as good . Don't know about Exynos 2400. Let's wait .

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        • 23 Aug 2023

        CasualPerson, 23 Aug 2023Let's hope to god Samsung doesn't mess up this timeSamsung it will mees up:)

          Let's hope to god Samsung doesn't mess up this time

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            • 23 Aug 2023

            Hemedans, 23 Aug 2023It was reported again and again Qualcomm didnt use Samsung ... moreYou are wrong
            This Exynos will crush A17

              potato4k, 23 Aug 2023Simply look at SD8gen1 (Samsung fab) and SD8+gen1 (TSMC). S... moreIt was reported again and again Qualcomm didnt use Samsung due to yields but you guys will still made up other reasons.

              Why then sd 4 gen 1 was made by Tsmc but its Successor 4 gen 2 made by samsung?

                ashrobb, 22 Aug 2023Those two cases you posted about the A34 are absurd. One gu... moreMan that low serious, just visit your link and read twice and tell me how that is better to prove A54 has bad battery life, Someone claim Got 3 hrs and 50 minutes for around 50% which is 7 to 8 hours, how is this battery drain?

                Probably this is my last comment to you google this phrase

                "reddit A54 SOT"

                You will get thousands of results of actual owner of A54 with screenshots and other proof of A54 battery, from 7 to 12hrs Sot.

                  Hemedans, 22 Aug 2023E1380 is 4 big core soc and shouldnt be compared to 2 core ... moreSimply look at SD8gen1 (Samsung fab) and SD8+gen1 (TSMC). Same chip design, different fabrication, huge difference. There's a reason Qualcomm ditched Samsung.
                  Nuff said. Samsung fab sucks. Whatever comes out would be inefficient since whatever they are doing to make stuff is just not good.

                    Anonymous, 22 Aug 2023They use Exynos to cut costs, so using TSMC doesnt benefit ... moreBro, I have given up on a Note 10 and a Pixel 7 just for one good reason... HEATING. I have a field job and the temp goes upto 48 degrees (C) over here (ambient). That'd be over 52 C in direct sunlight. And man those phones run hot like an oven. I mean... I get 2 Mins with Data. Location and Camera together... And then.. Well... I have had my phones shut down on me.

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                      • 22 Aug 2023

                      Anonymous, 22 Aug 2023You know, there are many applications that use several core... moreA benchmark isn't considered a usual application. Of course benchmark designed for multi core performance testing will use many cores, but none uses it for real life task. There's no application I know of that uses so many cores. This arguement that applications use many cores used to justify why Android phones have cpus with so many cores, but this argument doesn't apply in real life. There was a time when quad core, even dual core iPhones used to beat octa core android phones.

                        Hemedans, 22 Aug 2023Sd 8+ use latest 4nm from Tsmc ofcourse on same generation ... moreThose two cases you posted about the A34 are absurd. One guy complaining about 1% every 5 minutes when he clearly stated he uses 4G data, which drains quickly any phone in the world, and same thing with the other, he had to charge the phone twice a day since his particular usage pattern drained it too much, which he obviously doesn't specify how it is.

                        In the A54 main thread, which again, is 26 pages long, people complain of the phone using too much battery, specially on idle. Many people complaining. So there's obviously something fishy going on and the main culprit is probably the processor.

                        Take this one thread from yesterday
                        See that steady slope? That is the phone getting multiple wakelocks and not allowing it to deep sleep. Have seen that many times with phones that had Exynos and other chipsets that have been manufactured by Samsung.

                        And yeah, I trust more the people using the devices as their daily driver than a reviewer who spends a week with it and then moves to the next one.

                        So in the end, like I said, their chipsets are good enough but fall short against competitors that had a better manufacturing process.

                          Zero, 22 Aug 2023They should put this chip on the FE Tab. It would become a ... moreOk so here me out. They need to bring back the legendary Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and modernize it:

                          8.4 inch bezel-less Dynamic AMOLED 2X 120hz screen 2560 x 1600p,
                          Exynos 2400 with Windows/Linux(Android) dual boot

                          256GB(would be nice if they used NVME like iPhone and iPad instead UFS but it works I guess…) of storage along with 16GB of ram minimum going all the way up to 2TB and 32GB,

                          Quad Harmon Kardon Speakers, dual micro SD slot, bring back the 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth 5.3 with aptX HD audio, A2DP LE Audio USB-C 4.0 with video output and a big fat 11,000mah battery from the tab 14.9.

                          That’s just the tablet itself, it can be attached to a USB-C controller that you can connect to(similar to the Razer Kishi controller) with more ports and extended battery

                            ashrobb, 22 Aug 2023Bruh, you're the one in denial. I have read all the pa... moreSd 8+ use latest 4nm from Tsmc ofcourse on same generation Tsmc is better, but Samsung 4nm used in 1380 is better than Tsmc 6nm. So two different things here we are comparing.

                            You guys hate E1380 on first day, i was there in A54 review, because all reviewers showed E1380 has good battery life now you will find any random comment in internet (and ignore all reviewers) just to prove otherwise.

                            These guys complain about battery drain of A34 in Samsung forum, does it mean D1080 is inefficient soc? No, it may be defective unit, software bugs etc.



                              iH8allFanboys, 22 Aug 2023Also by the way, the Xclipse 930 only had 3CU of RDNA2, the... moreIts Adreno 740 not 730, there is huge gape between those 2 gpu. adreno 740 inside sd 8 gen 2 comfortably beat Vega and almost has same perfomance as radeon 680m, it lose by small percent. Geekerwan tested it and its Equivalent of Gtx 1050. So next adreno would likely be around gtx 1650 perfomance and better than 12CU of radeon 680M.

                              You can check here in those 2 benchmarks Radeon 680m is 7% and 9% faster than adreno 740.


                                Anonymous, 22 Aug 2023I dont know about efficiency, but one of Mediateck advanta... moreNo overheating in A76 and A78 based soc, D9000 and 9200 do overheat and use lot of powers.

                                Check this review here


                                It can overheat to the point it became uncomfortable to touch.

                                  iH8allFanboys, 22 Aug 2023LOL no it does not! The GPU in the Snapdragon is way too we... moreAlso by the way, the Xclipse 930 only had 3CU of RDNA2, the Xcplise 940 QUADRUPLES the amount of CUs compared to the 930. The Adreno 740 BARELY beats the 3CU Xclipse 930. Unless there is some black magic that Qualcomm performs that makes it comparable to the 680m, there is no way the Adreno 750 will be faster. If they do, then Intel is in deep trouble.

                                    Hemedans, 22 Aug 202312CU rdna2 isnt enough to beat 8 gen 3 unless they use some... moreLOL no it does not! The GPU in the Snapdragon is way too weak even compared to AMD Vega GPUs. If APPLE can’t beat them in GPU performance what makes you think Adreno will? 680m can run Genshin Impact at Ultra on mobile phones and mix of High and Ultra on x86 aka Windows. Stop the cap

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                                      • 22 Aug 2023

                                      "as Exynos chips have always lacked graphical prowess."

                                      False. S1 to s8 they actually lead in gpu in most cases. By brute force or longevity. As well as usually having a superior cpu and audio in most cases as well.