Weekly poll results: most people have a glass protector and a silicone case on their phone

03 September 2023
That said, 1 in 4 go without extra screen protection - however, a case is a must-have, very few use their phone without one.

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Fredwinia, 03 Sep 2023Buy new one. Always buy cheap. Never buy iphone ir so. Real... moreBut smart ones would consider before doing so. Those 'real men' (dumb men) wouldn't consider and simply go for 'no buy'.

    George399, 06 Sep 2023As i said, 1300$ maybe is a fortune for you but no for me.Yeah, okay.

    Fun fact: Money doesn't grow on trees.

      justasmile, 05 Sep 2023Keep that cycle running, and you'll be broke soon.As i said, 1300$ maybe is a fortune for you but no for me.

        George399, 03 Sep 2023I already did it and i bought a new oneKeep that cycle running, and you'll be broke soon.

          Interesting when comparing to the same poll from 2 years ago.


          Slightly more people are using cases but fewer are using screen protectors nowadays. That's still how I run my phones.

            Nicolas F, 04 Sep 2023Dude, no matter the price, a phone is still a mere tool. It... morei know phones are a mere tool. but thats only my personal view.

              you have to suffer, 03 Sep 2023i wonder what are their thoughts on using a case on an expe... moreDude, no matter the price, a phone is still a mere tool. Its "looks" and "feels" don't matter at all.

                Fredwinia, 03 Sep 2023Real men do not use protection . Real??? Honestly clumsy.

                  So far I've never broke any of my phones and I've had a lot (more than 30 I believe). I started to use cases and screen protectors last 2 or 3 years. And I started to use them when I bought my first phone with glass back and it slipped and fell down from almost horizontal surface on the sofa. Of course it was not damaged, but this was a signal for me. My last phone is Samsung S22, which is very beautiful, but without a case it is not comfortable to hold with its sharp edges. Half of the time I remove the case and then I put it back for better grip.

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                    • 04 Sep 2023

                    BrianCoriour, 04 Sep 2023I'd rather have a phone that is fast than a phone that... moreIf we compare a $1000 iPhone with a $500 Android, Android can considered chip. But let's be honest, $500 Android nowadays will lasts your for 3 years without stutters. We're living in a time where even $300 Android are getting an enough powerful midranger chipsets, even more powerful than most Android flagships in 2018. (As a comparison, there are so many midrangers chipset that already more powerful than Snapdragon 845 which can you get on a phone which is cheaper than those 2018 flagship back then).

                      Does anyone noticed that Gorilla glass Victus is irresistable to scratches? I have a phone with this glass and I have so many scratches on screen that I never have before on any phone I've used. Seriously, my previous phone's screen looks like new comparing to current phone.
                      P.S. I don't see a reason to save my phone condition using cases and glasses, because in 2-3 years I could sell my phone 3-4x times cheaper that it was new. So getting 20$ more for good condition is not a big deal for me

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                        atichko, 04 Sep 2023It's still mind-blowing that you have to buy and (expe... morePay for a beautiful glass design then cover it with an ugly case. Or don't use a case then proceed to keep using a phone with a broken glass back to show you have no more money left for repairs. The gift that keeps on giving.

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                          • 04 Sep 2023

                          If designers see this results I hope we can stop paying for stupid glass backs that we then put into silicone case.

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                            • 04 Sep 2023

                            It’s weird that many people look for a phone with a nice design but after they buy it, they put it in cases that make the phone look like an ugly brick.
                            Cars are more expensive than phones but nobody puts them in cases. I would expect to see at least some bumpers for the cars but it seems nobody cares about something which costs 50+ times more than a phone.

                              Well honestly case and a screen protector is a must have.
                              Who dont use case and a screen protector dont care for his phone and maybe same applies for his other belongings like a life etc.
                              I personaly rather will carry a good even a bulky ideally quality leather book case which can last several years before it wore out for all my cards, insurance card, ID card, passport etc.
                              Same goes for a tempered 9H 5D glass or better screen protector.

                              Like i said who dont care for his phone dont care for his anything else.
                              Accidents happens whether we want or not.
                              Since nobody can predict the future is always better to have protected phone than spend 50% to 200% of phone original costs at service centre.

                                It's still mind-blowing that you have to buy and (expensive) device that has been designed to be prone to scratches and or braking so that you have to pay additionally for a protective case that will almost always ruin the design of the device. So silly. Please start making devices that do not require ugly casings to protect your precious stuff. Screen protectors make sense as it is the main feature of a phone and regardless how well it is treated against scuffs, scratches and braking, it's still glass and will brake sooner or later. I'm sure that in the future there will be glass that is self-healing or so well treated it can handle everything but we're not there yet.

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                                  • 04 Sep 2023

                                  Smart flip covers are the best !

                                    "not to be that guy" but y'all gotta brush up on what "most" means

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                                      • 04 Sep 2023

                                      I got half a dozen of cases and keep changing them, how can this poll summarize this?
                                      also, plastic protectors could be popular because it's easier to apply on curved screens.

                                        I worked for AT&T before, and people often use cases to keep the trade in value of their phones.