Weekly poll: will you use the Fairphone 5 for the next 8 years?

10 September 2023
The phone will get software support for at least that long, possibly up to 10 years. And it comes with 5 years warranty and the best repairability of any current phone.

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I will use it.Fairfone should also make Flip and Fold modular Android smartphone.

    NO. I won't use it.

    The size of this phablet is ridiculous. I'm waiting for the mini version.

      YUKI93, 12 Sep 2023While there are used phones with better specs in the second... moreBuying a second-hand Pixel and flashing a custom ROM results in having a better camera, more up to date software, parting with less money, and reducing e-waste and child labour by not supporting the production of new devices. :)

        Pumpino, 10 Sep 2023iFixit sells parts to repair Pixels, and the Pixels are muc... moreThat's from iFixit, not from Google. You can say the same thing for literally any other brand. By contrast, Fairphone is selling spare parts directly by themselves. They don't need any third-party organization like iFixit for such a thing since they do it all by themselves.

          dafo446, 11 Sep 2023the price is the biggest problem, being repairable only mat... moreWhile there are used phones with better specs in the secondhand market, it's always common to see them no longer getting official support. If the phone has an unlocked bootloader or can be done so, you might be able to install custom ROM in it. And another thing, repairability remains the same whether you buy it brand new or secondhand.

          P.S. Never expect Fairphone to sell the phone at "best" $400 since they never advocate underpaid and child labourers. Fair wages and living are also a part of Fairphone's ethos*.


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            • 12 Sep 2023

            Wereweeb, 11 Sep 2023If you're worried about burnout, just lower the bright... moreCheck your local marketplace for Samsung S8 and some older Samsung phones. They all age like milk. Sure,burn in is minimal in the first 2 years,but after that it won't last.

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              • 12 Sep 2023

              I would rather buy 3 equally,if not faster Chinese phones over the 8 years than buy this. Plus the upgrades along will definitely be a better experience.

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                • 12 Sep 2023

                How many phones do you need? And with the costs increasing...if this phone can be upgraded with new features to match current market trends, upgrade the hardware for not a lot of money, an it is in good condition, yes I would keep it for a few years.

                  potato4k, 11 Sep 2023See, you cannot even name them. Just go and play your video... moreNot my problem you can't do some study on your own. Gl with that "life".

                    Zendroid, 11 Sep 2023Said the one who simply can't handle the truth. Your p... moreSee, you cannot even name them. Just go and play your video games kid.

                      potato4k, 11 Sep 2023What other "stock Android" phone? Keep making thi... moreSaid the one who simply can't handle the truth. Your problem.

                        Zendroid, 11 Sep 2023All the "stock" android phones. Not just Google b... moreWhat other "stock Android" phone? Keep making things up.

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                          • 11 Sep 2023

                          The most important choice was not there.
                          [X] No, I will not use the Fairphone 5 for 8 years because it barely has enough power (specs) for the next 2 years.

                          I really want to love this phone and the idea. But the specs does not live up for my use case for more than 2 years. Maybe not even that long. I would rather chose another phone promising 5 years of updates, but has more future-proof power.
                          People underestimate the developing in software and the need for RAM and CPU power. Go back 5 years and check the requirements for apps and check now.
                          4K, lossless audio, apps overhead, and so much more.
                          My 5 year old smartphone is now getting used as a music player. Geez, it takes some time to start up spotify, let alone Amazon music. And that device was top notch when I bought it.
                          Seeing this Fairphone has now just decent specs mean in 2 years it only has the bare minimum. Every year it will get worse. Even if you use always the same apps you will feel it. The all get bloated and need more RAM and performance.
                          Thinking about maps on my G1 and how I got mad that after an update it used 5.4 MB (yes MB not GB) of RAM...

                            hmm, 10 Sep 2023The phone will have microSD slot so why do you need on the ... morehow about s10 plus? has 2x more than 512.

                              That SoC won't perform well in the long run. Should have gone for SD 8 plus gen 2 (even if it meant pursuing Qualcomm for it)

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                                • 11 Sep 2023

                                Fairphone is a brilliant idea, also it has very decent specs. One thing I miss is a headphone jack on a phone like this, why buying a separate headphone jack to usb-c on a phone that is all about no e-waste?
                                Other than that, this is a good phone. I would gladly pay a premium for this phone with all the software support. People complaining that specs won't hold the updates: old news. We are in 2023, this is not 2013 anymore. This phone can EASILY get long support of software without it becoming not usable. Stop spreading misinformation or educate yourselves to understand why it's not an issue.

                                For now I don't look for a sucessor to my phone but I am pleased to see a FP5 with OLED and a long period of support. Who know that my next phone will be a FP, either this one of perhaps a successor in 3 years.

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                                  • 11 Sep 2023

                                  Ouifuf, 11 Sep 2023True. I hate seeing tech reviewers and users complain about... moreTrue

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                                    • 11 Sep 2023

                                    Anders, 11 Sep 2023"I'm willing to accept BS, and it annoys me when ... moreSo you equate a 3.5 mm jack with standards ? You have standards because you like expandable storage HAHA
                                    The lack of logic is apparent in your responses

                                    Keeping aside standards, I'll tell you what I have. I have the money to buy top of the line flagship with a TB in-built storage so that I don't have to juggle between SD cards like a circus performer

                                      kevinmcmurtrie, 11 Sep 2023Check around on Xperia forums before you think a Sony phone... moreYou had bad luck man. This may happen with other brands too.

                                        Petri S, 10 Sep 2023In my 🇫🇮 Finland the average time to use a phone is only 2 ... moreTrue. I hate seeing tech reviewers and users complain about lack of "support" after 2 or 3 years, like their phone will magically die after it stops getting updated lol. It's dumb and unnecessary