HMD Global to establish its own HMD smartphone brand

12 September 2023
The announcement comes from the CEO of HMD Global on their LinkedIn profile.

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  • 12 Sep 2023

The c series is disgrase to nokia brand
I hope nokia will die properly this time

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    • babak
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    • 12 Sep 2023

    good news, you cant destroy nokia brand anymore with lowend devices.

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      • 12 Sep 2023

      ..“to enter the market independently to create a new world for telecommunications focused on consumer needs” 🤣🤣

        L.O.R.D, 12 Sep 2023None of you even read the article before commenting BS Nok... moreIndeed. But business logic says that it is being done to phase out Nokia, for which hmd only has the license for 3 more years. Most likely it will be phased out by then.

          rizki1, 12 Sep 2023How can Nokia make phones if there is no HMD? Even if they ... morePay FIH to develop and manufacture phone. Just like Sony does. Or just how hmd initially did until 2019.

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            • gqb
            • 12 Sep 2023

            Nokia still exist as communication and infrastructure entity. After all, Nokia made their own 5G network (, so I'm seeing this as a move to eparate Nokia from smartphone industry and focus them on such thing.

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              • 3SI
              • 12 Sep 2023

              Another european Smartphone Manufacturer besides Fairphone (nl) and nothing (uk) would be a nice thing. Of course HMD is that already, but floating on the "nokia" brand is just boring and outdated. No one buys Nokia today thinking "ye nice, good old Nokia". They all know its not Nokia, but also they dont know it is a finnish product overall Yea, we all want apple's monopoly right? Or Samsung's? Well I dont and am happy about every competition. Let's hope they dont fly with their sub-mediocre smartphones with bad software support...but then again I doubt they will bring 10 years of updates like fairphone does.

                just close already, even the their feature phones not worth using now. I had to change from 8210 4G to Qin F22

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                  • 12 Sep 2023

                  "In a lengthy post, Baril stated that HMD Global is “the fastest growing 5G smartphone manufacturer year on year”"

                  LOL WTF is he smoking?

                    Whatever it is, HMD need to be smart in positioning their new brand. They should not pay attention to the YouTubers and Internet forums who won’t even buy their products regardless.

                    What they shouldn’t do is doing a general consumer smartphone. They cannot compete in commodity market from the Chinese. They should aim for a niche segment like Sony or Fairphone. Maybe they can try the easily repairable route like what Fairphone did. We definitely need more phones that are easily repairable these days. Or focus on enterprise. Find a niche segment and go with it. I wish them luck.

                      [deleted post]What? No one is trolling and why for god's sake forbid such comments? Those people are seeing the inevitable - the downfall of Nokia and it's third death. HMD brand phones and Nokia (under HMD) won't be able to coexist really and will be pulling each other down by being same-y and maybe more crappy.

                      We've seen death of famous brands in Chinese hands before (looking at you BlackBerry). Microsoft did the same with Nokia brand - first they were Nokia Lumias, then it was Microsoft Lumia and now it's neither.

                      Nokia brand should have stayed dead, since no one knows what to do with it and can't revive it properly. 2016 was close.

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                        • The Albion
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                        • 12 Sep 2023

                        DarlingYext, 12 Sep 2023But why?Because they are failing.

                          Instead of closing and voting the key! they are going to continue humiliating

                            They will make perfectly average phones with high prices that they'll try to justify with their enviromental friendly narrative

                            No thanks !

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                              • 12 Sep 2023

                              If there is Nokia branch, even those sales would not happen for mediocre hardware and even bad software support

                                Would be smart for HMD to produce two mediocre phones under the HMD brand and use the NOKIA branding for a proper flagship...but chances are that HMD would do this are VERY low.

                                If that isn't their strategy going forward, I don't see the NOKIA brand and HMD coexisting...what's the point? They also mentioned collaborating with other brands.

                                In my opinion, this basically translates into: NOKIA branded devices will be phased out and HMD will use the money they pay for the NOKIA licence to focus on their own branded devices.

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                                  • Mgkole
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                                  • 12 Sep 2023

                                  I used few of the new Nokias, and had mixed experience, but the last experience with G21 wasn't great. I am wandering how HMD manages to stay profitable. I hope that they succeed, but at this point, it doesn't seem likely to me.

                                    Hmm. Maybe they see they are not worthy of using the name of Nokia so they will change its name?

                                      I guess this will be the introduction of PureUI

                                        Now HMD can release crap under two brand names.

                                        I remember being excited when Nokia announced it would make android phones with a stock UI. I think I had three different models. The build quality was decent, but the rear fingerprint sensors were slow and the cameras ordinary. Updates didn't come through reliably. It just went downhill from there.