Apple A17 Pro chipset appears on Geekbench, performance cores clocked at 3.78GHz

14 September 2023
The A17 Pro holds a 16% single-core score and a 13% multi-core lead over last year's A16 Bionic.

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Dimtons, 14 Sep 2023Hands down best CPU in a mobile phone we have to admit Can i run 2 apps split screen tho? Or even have a desktop experience?

    so much innovation, so much to the point that they named it "pro"... WOW!WOW!WOW!!!

      Hands down best CPU in a mobile phone we have to admit

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        • 14 Sep 2023

        David Regal Jnr, 14 Sep 2023You're actually right but something strange is all the... moreOne UI use here. No any slowdown. Works pretty good on my midranger.

          With 40% smaller node, I was expecting more speed. Or at least 30% better batterie life (assuming same capacity - but we hear batt. is bigger)

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            • 14 Sep 2023

            Is there a non Pro A17?

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              • 14 Sep 2023

              Apple are still what they are!

              Compared to present days smartphones functionality flex, Android phones functions 80% better in real life satisfaction, talk of the lock down OS (iOS) the A17pro soc in an apple device is the true definition of W^STE*

              I have fall victim once, swapping my low end Samsung for an Apple device that costs 5x the former, I tried to couple up with the mess I approached but for 6 days, I WAS IN HELL.

              Those who acts as if they use Apple devices independently (considering it's the most powerful phone on the planet) I doubt them, except they don't ask much from smartphones.

              Personally Apple cameras and their default methods of photography edits attracts me only💯

                all the power just goes to watching tiktok😂😂😭😭

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                  • 14 Sep 2023

                  We reached core2quad preformance
                  Pretty sweet

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                    • 14 Sep 2023

                    A17Pro is clocked at 3.78GHz while A16 was 3.4GHz
                    so on identical clocks the difference will be even smaller.
                    I don't know for sure but recent A-series SoC are not posing as much improvements. either Apple is deliberately showing modest upgrades or apple is really struggling to make bigger improvements.

                      Anonymous, 14 Sep 2023Benchmarks are misleading. If you edit video on pixel 7... moreYou're actually right but something strange is all the Chinese ui like Honor, Huawei, vivo, oppo and xiaomi have as heavy ui as one ui if not heavier but tend to still be relatively quick after over two years of use..but One ui starts hanging and slowing down in the same time frame

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                        • 14 Sep 2023

                        A16 Bionic 2500/6400
                        A17 Pro 2900/7200 (+16%/13%)

                        Maybe slightly disappoting, but the single core is formidable, SD Gen 3 is going to level or overtake multi core and lead in GPU

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                          • 14 Sep 2023

                          Anton., 14 Sep 2023so much power to upload photos and videos to tiktok and Ins... moreBenchmarks are misleading.

                          If you edit video on pixel 7 pro , it is going to be faster than editing on s23.
                          UI is so poorly made that with much stronger SoC, task takes longer.

                          No surprise, intel i9 gen 13 running OneUI would feel like i5 gen 10.

                            so much power to upload photos and videos to tiktok and Instagram hahaha