Weekly poll: Are you buying an Apple iPhone 15?

17 September 2023
Apple made some major and some not so major changes for this year's lineup. Are you ready to upgrade from an old iPhone? Any Android users looking to jump ship?

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  • 17 Sep 2023

over booked till no no stock

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    • Dale
    • X$w
    • 17 Sep 2023

    I use an XR and I haven't felt the need to upgrade until the end of it's major updates
    My usage is so minimal that it doesn't affect the hardware to make a difference compared even with iPhone 14 ( my cousin has one, I really checked it out thoroughly the last time I thought to upgrade)
    The only issue I've faced was battery and replacing fixed it
    My point is, not everyone makes full usage of the bleeding edge tech every year, I read a comment here in gsmarena that tech enthusiasts makes a minority of the real world of people so brands do not need to satisfy each and everyone
    Upgrading to iPhone 15 will be a future proof Device for many people

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      • 17 Sep 2023

      Noooo it still has a ugly Notch.

        I think apple's upgrades are something for the Android market to chew on. While not the most powerful upgrades, they're innovative enough to copy. 🙂

          If years old Mate X2 was from Apple, as a non apple fan at all, I would be interested.
          What they do is releasing boring stuff, since there is no or little competition(similar to samsung), be it specs or design, it's a work phone, not a futuristic cool media device.
          Recently I see Tecno or Doogee releasing better design and fun stuff than just upgrading the chip and pixel size.
          Phones were always aiming to be a multitool, besides making calls, but it stopped.
          IR control, VR/AR UI and AI like a half step to smart glasses, alcohol/temperature/co/o2/... measuring, infrared/thermal/UV capable sensors are just few examples.
          Most importantly, function not limited by design, which is now being like in the first place, changing a little and being too neutral.

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            • 17 Sep 2023

            Juerg, 17 Sep 2023Paying for iPhones is just not sensible any more. Too ex... more"Too expensive"
            True, then again, every other phone manufacturer increased the prices on their products. Even the Chinese ones.

            "Too much data-collection"
            Lol. There is not greater data collection than Google. Period. If you have a Google account, than having an Apple ID is like nothing.

            "Too few changes and upgrades"
            I don't know about you, but I am not seeing any important changes in the phone World in the past years (Android or IOS). So, this is the reality. Phones have become saturated. You can accept the reality, or go buy Nokia with buttons.

            "Too many anti-choice and lock-in practices"
            What lock-in practices? I stopped using cables for data/photo transfer some years ago. Everything I do is through cloud and is super simple and rapid. And, I can do this between my Windows laptop and my iPhone. Without any extra app. Just through icloud.

            "Too high running-costs, for replacing battery and cracked screen"
            Not really. Had a Samsung S9 at some point and wanted to change the ageing battery. My surprise when I saw how much it cost for this. It was 80% of the actual value of the phone (second hand market value that is). Anyway, more expensive than to change the battery for the similar iPhone from that year (which was iPhone 8).

            "And too many critical security issues"
            Somehow true. But, the rapidity on which Apple finds these vulnerabilities and fix them, is a big plus. Good luck having the same rapid support in Android world. Maybe just at Samsung.

              Can’t stand android especially google play updates and google play services you don’t get that crap on iOS. and Samsung bloatware.

              iOS is more optimised and android has defragmentation 5 updates of 4 years instead of 6 years on iOS.
              Yes you can run emulators on any android via google play store but on any iOS device you have to jailbreak your device ect.

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                • Juerg
                • S3c
                • 17 Sep 2023

                Paying for iPhones is just not sensible any more.

                Too expensive.
                Too much data-collection.
                Too few changes and upgrades.
                Too many anti-choice and lock-in practices.
                Too high running-costs, for replacing battery and cracked screen.

                And too many critical security issues.

                In particular iMessage, which is a key app, has critical issues every other month it seems, where someone can literally take control over your phone just by sending a message.

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                  • 17 Sep 2023

                  Anonymous, 17 Sep 2023Probably Turkey. Iphone 13 is still being sold for equivale... moreAlso iPhone 15 Pro pre-order is equivalent $2400.

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                    • 17 Sep 2023

                    Anonymous, 17 Sep 20231599 for an iPhone 15 ? Where on earth are youProbably Turkey. Iphone 13 is still being sold for equivalent of $1370 (official Apple website, some retailers mark it up even further).

                      Well people will spend $1000 for watching tik tok

                      It is what it is

                        Well the vanilla iPhone 15 at 799$ makes sense for me, if I lived in the US I would most likely buy one to upgrade from the 11 Pro I am currently using. But in Greece the price is 980€ and honestly I can’t justify to spend that much right now. Seems like the 13 is the best option for the next couple of years at least. Especially if it can be found for around 700€ new or 500€ used. I got my 11 Pro used for 400€ by the way.

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                          • 17 Sep 2023

                          No, iPhones are impractical

                            iPhone 15 Pro Max is the only tempting one but for 1500€ I could easily buy a Z Fold5 (currently costing only 1260€)

                              st0rmtr00per, 17 Sep 2023My answer was no for all 4 questions. For those who are int... moreWhat a wise descision on your end. I feel like we should only buy a phone which has enough features and power for our use. I see so many people using flagships when all they do is watch youtube and use whatsapp or other social media. Not even using navigation or other daily stuff everyday. I am a student and I have the OnePlus Nord. It was expensive for me when I got it almost three years ago but it is the perfect phone for me. It has paid its worth multiple times over at this point. The only reason I can see people getting a flagship is how long they can last with seemingly minimal effort. Your phone or my phone wont probably last for 5 years no problem, but an iPhone or S series samsung probably will.

                                I'm at the point that if I'm going to spend 1,500 for a phone it will already be for a sticky one and it's still not a viable option...

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                                  • 17 Sep 2023

                                  I am getting iPhone 16.

                                    Estiemax, 17 Sep 2023The title makes no sense Ah, indeed, thanks for pointing out the mistake!

                                      iPhones are just horrible value of money at this point. They were bad before but now they feel beyond the worst. So many restrictions and anti-consumer pains you have to bear to just have an "iPhone".

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                                        • TheGuy
                                        • gmb
                                        • 17 Sep 2023

                                        Does the base iphone model even make sense? 60hz, usb 2.0., no pro mode in camera! None of new features except dynamic island which takes away display size from already small base variant. It is 2023 and apple is still selling rotten stuff...