Qualcomm unveils Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 – a 4nm chipset for the midrange

18 September 2023
The new SoC is less powerful than any other 7-series chip.

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DVSeal, 18 Sep 2023If by some miracle this chip turns out to be super efficien... moreReal life usage I get far more battery life with the Note 12 Pro 5G han I ever did with my old Note 10 Pro. I think GSMarena tests might be flawed now, since modern Android versions take a few days and even weeks to settle in, they take a lot of battery in the background in the first days of usage, this affecting the scores.
That being said I hope this chip is efficient. Otherwise they could just have used the good old 778G.

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    • 18 Sep 2023

    Furkan, 18 Sep 2023I think Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 = Snapdragon 7 Gen 1I meant as in the usage. 695 was everywhere, so will be this one probably.

      jerem06, 18 Sep 2023Seen on the ARM website (Cortex A710): Draws on efficiency ... moreWhich has been tested with independent reviewers to be false, curently there is no implementation of A710 which use less power than A78 cores. Check youtube geekerwan comparison or Dr Ian Cutress techtechpotato.

      Even flagship phones with those cores do strugle a lot, check D9000 it use Tsmc but still has mediocre battery life, even phones with Huge battery like Rog 6D and its 6000mah battery got just 103H endurance, many D9000 phones from different brands reviewed by gsmarena failed to impress in battery life but D8100 or sd 8 gen 2 had no much problem.

        Hemedans, 18 Sep 2023You are the one misleading here A710 is A710 and A715 is A7... moreSeen on the ARM website (Cortex A710): Draws on efficiency optimizations of all aspects of the microarchitecture to be 30% more power efficient than Cortex-A78.

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          • 18 Sep 2023

          Why only POCO F5 got SD 7+ gen 2 ??? Very strange !!!

            jerem06, 18 Sep 2023This is false: the Cortex A510 and A710 consume 20 to 30% l... moreYou are the one misleading here A710 is A710 and A715 is A715 two completely different cores. Because D7200 has A715 doesnt mean it has same efficiency as Sd 7 gen 1 two different cores.

            You also misinformed or intentional mislead, A710 and A510 arent 20 to 30% efficient instead they are worse, A510 cluster use as much as 2W and A710 too use more than 2W, plenty of independent tester like Geekerwan showed A710 and A510 use more power,

            Thats why only sd 7 gen 1 use A710/A510 most midrange still use A78 because its better core.

            Exynos 1380, E1330 and sd 4 gen 2 both use Samsung node and have good battery life, as i said before Samsung 4nm isnt inferior to Tsmc 6nm.

              Anonymous, 18 Sep 2023It doesn't produce chips, SMIC produces those chips.So this is a third player, besides Tsmc and Samsung.

                Qualcomm: release new SoC
                OEMs: we use SD695!!

                  Zero, 18 Sep 2023Actually there is the Dimensity 7200 made by TSMC and has b... moreDimensity 7200 use more efficient A715 cores not A710, A710 is worse than even A78. No mtk soc with A710/A510 combo alone, and flagship soc with X2/A710/A510 cores has mediocre battery life too even though made by Tsmc.

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                    • 18 Sep 2023

                    Game Legion, 18 Sep 2023Poco F6 chipset 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣F6 will probably be with same SD 7+ Gen 2 like in F5 if we look for past 2 models as F3 come with surprise SD870 and then F4 had also that chip and not much improvements. Weird is that F3 come with android 12 and so did F4 so chance is that F6 will also be with with Android 13. Chance is also that the F6 will be with SD 8+ gen 1 but then again seems like Poco is doing good models like F1-F3-F5 so next good must be F7

                    This 7s gen 2 as i understand is weaker then the SD 7 Gen 1 so it be still in that Antutu v10 score around 500-700k range

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                      • 18 Sep 2023

                      Anonymous, 18 Sep 2023Samsung: Exynos for the midrange yes?This really reminds me of the fact that there's no phone in Samsung Ax5 series that comes with Snapdragon lmao.

                        This looks quite similar to the snapdragon 6 Gen 1

                          Better than 7 gen 1. 4x Cortex A710 overheating

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                            • 18 Sep 2023

                            Alex 94, 18 Sep 2023Huawei also produces chips now. They are currently on 7nm p... moreIt doesn't produce chips, SMIC produces those chips.

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                              • 18 Sep 2023

                              Anonymous, 18 Sep 2023you didn't understand the comment, that's okThen It should have been Qualcomm(SoC), Samsung(memory, storage, display) and sony(camera).
                              TSMC or Samsung are producing chips for Qualcomm, so It has no direct relation to Xiaomi.
                              Next time don't be so confusing.

                                Anonymous, 18 Sep 2023Only TSMC and Samsung are producing chip, sony is not as fa... moreHuawei also produces chips now. They are currently on 7nm process with new kirin 9000s.

                                  Basically, the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1, but efficient.

                                    No AV1 decoding, sigh.

                                      Zero, 18 Sep 2023Actually there is the Dimensity 7200 made by TSMC and has b... moreThe Snapdragon 7 gen 1 (Samsung) uses the same Cortex A510/A710 as the Dimensity 7200 (TSMC) with the same engraving finesse. However, the Snapdragon 7 gen 1 consumes a lot of energy and the Dimensity 7200 is the most energy efficient. Whose fault is it ?

                                        Poco F6 chipset 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣