Carriers in Finland suspend sales of Xiaomi phones

20 September 2023
The action is due to Xiaomi's growing market share in Russia.

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  • 03 Oct 2023

Joelgame1, 25 Sep 2023Did Finland bought gases from Russia too? Touch and hold a clip to pin it. Unpinned clips will be deleted after 1 hour.

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    • t7L
    • 01 Oct 2023

    Y'all saying too much. Finland just prioritizes safety of their people. At least they're not being aggressive or stepping in with other nations.

      Did Finland bought gases from Russia too?

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        • 25 Sep 2023

        Anonymous, 24 Sep 2023How stupid is this? I phones where used in russian sides to... moreApple closed its Russian office in December 2022, shortly after the start of the war in Ukraine. Apple also stopped selling products in Russia at that time. Russians are still able to buy iPhones in Russia through parallel imports. Parallel imports are goods that are imported into a country without the permission of the trademark owner. There are a number of companies that are importing iPhones into Russia through parallel imports. These companies typically buy iPhones from countries such as China and India, and then sell them in Russia.

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          • 24 Sep 2023

          Also Banned Apple too

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            • 24 Sep 2023

            How stupid is this? I phones where used in russian sides too. Why not ban iphones in Finland then? Damn western bias...

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              • XTL
              • 23 Sep 2023

              So just the fact that a company is still operating a business in Russia makes it an "international sponsor of war"? They should include Burger King, KFC and Cinnabon as international sponsors of war since they still operate in Russia.

                Ton, 22 Sep 2023Why only xiaomi? All other brands are being used as a commu... moreYes, will Finland ban Musk's Tesla cars as he is giving his satellites for one side in conflict? It's ok to arm one side but not another one just because western side is saying to all "we are good they are bad" ban them all and it has sense like this ....

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                  • 23 Sep 2023

                  Sliderpro, 22 Sep 2023No political affiliation, yet the post itself is politicall... moreThe Finnish Winter War 1939-1940 due to a deal between the nazis and the communists, specifically the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact where they partitioned Europe for conquering.

                  Finland was on the communists chopping block but fought back and we retained our independence, something Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania et al. sadly couldn't manage.

                  Once again in 1941-1944 it was time for war with the communists in the Continuation War. All of my grandmothers brothers were in the war, many got injured, one died. Needless to say I haven't heard much love about Russia while growing up. The general consensus in Finland, even to this day because so many were affected from 2-3 generations ago, is that Russia can't be trusted, period.

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                    • 23 Sep 2023

                    Now I strongly believe, there is russian intel in my Xiaomi phone 😂

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                      • 22 Sep 2023

                      Why only xiaomi? All other brands are being used as a communication device in the middle of the war. Most are using samsung or apple products. If Xiaomi's market is growing in Russia, it means that Russia is just supporting Xiaomi's products because they are much cheaper compared to the other 2, Samsung and Apple. They need expound they reason in a much logical sense.

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                        • ks9
                        • 22 Sep 2023

                        I absolutely believe products are sabotaged to control,people should never be nieve about how real hate is. I would say it’s obvious with my phone all my content is about hate for me, I got doxxed from a country in active genocide, I cannot get rid of hateful content on my phone, they have used my picture and others to publish damaging content. I’m upset where is our protection and where is the rightful outrage as I’m not alone in this damage to my life to include them getting access to my bank accounts and encryption destruction of my funds Do we have a military that cares? Government cares? Police cares? This stuff is important to life at least someone cared about you

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                          • 22 Sep 2023

                          No political affiliation, yet the post itself is politically affiliated! What invasion was Finland target of in 1939, similar to Ukraine currently, remind me please!

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                            • 22 Sep 2023

                            tomppal, 21 Sep 2023Glad that the finnish carriers stop the sale of chinese sur... moreLike Google, Facebook and iPhones alone are not spying.
                            Gimme a break!

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                              • 22 Sep 2023

                              The only problem with Xiaomi is that they offer good performance for a decent price. If they sell their products in Russia it doesn't mean that they are "supporting the war". They are selling their products for money not shopping armament for free as the rest of the world does to Ukraine.
                              I'm having enough for paying the price of a war that's not really my concern.

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                                • 22 Sep 2023

                                you have to suffer, 22 Sep 2023second hand sony xperia are usually cheap. ranged from IDR ... moreAnd the fact that Sony phones are pretty faulty too for the most part, hence why they don't hold up well for long term use and have a significant drop in value, rather than the price alone

                                  240z, 20 Sep 2023at the very least 4chan comments are hilarious & laugha... moreLiterally the Bulgarian/Western equivalent to Weibo

                                    Minu, 22 Sep 2023Exactly!!! Of course, it's highly likely that those b... moresecond hand sony xperia are usually cheap. ranged from IDR 1 to 5 million. there are few trade offs, like battery draining issue, weak reception or no signal, and overheating.

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                                      • 22 Sep 2023

                                      you have to suffer, 22 Sep 2023importing sony phones are a risk. sometimes the imei gets b... moreExactly!!!
                                      Of course, it's highly likely that those buyers purchase second hand Sony phones because of so-called Sony fanboys in GSMArena comment sections, and they have nobody to get support from, if they fall in trouble.
                                      Also not everybody has access to home Wi-Fi, so they're just bricks or complete paperweights

                                        Minu, 22 Sep 2023Especially the grey imported second hand Sony phones in our... moreimporting sony phones are a risk. sometimes the imei gets blocked and you will have to pay much just to unlock it. or else it would be just another wifi only phone..