Nokia Lumia 925 announced with aluminum frame, OIS camera

14 May, 2013
The WP8 smartphone has a sleek metallic frame, polycarbonate back and optically stabilized 8.7MP camera.

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  • Anonymous

Almost Nokia is Dead

  • Labodilsen

AnonD-111379, 15 May 2013Somebody give me one good reason why any body want to upgr... moreMaybe this phone is not for people who already have a Lumia 920, but it's for attracting NEW users to the platform. it might even be for attracting users who complained about the size of the 920, when it was released.
This is NOT an upgrade/replacement for Lumia 920 users, but merely an alternativ to picking a "highend" nokia lumia device.

  • Anonymous

Almost Nokia is Dead

  • Ruski

Yazipk, 14 May 2013Imagine if Nokia launch ,this mobile with Android???? A Lumia with Android? - How dull that would be. I use both Android and WP8 and I certainly believe Nokia is on to something really good with Lumia + WP8.

  • AnonD-70078

I think. The new 925 is nice. People who were moaning for months about that brick. Here you are. Read and weep. And zip it.
I already have Lumia 920 in white. Since November 2012. I still wouldn't change it. The weight is actually ok when you are used to it. The quality of it is much better than any other mobile device on market. I am happy enough to the the next big flagship comes out.

  • Kunal 2508

Nokia Leave lumia come with Android, and dont no why nokia stopped E series. MAD ppl.

  • AnonD-136500

marko, 14 May 2013Please Nokia PLEASEE I'm begging you. FIRE ELOP! Get a rea... moreI agree 100o/o with alld. Hints Elop gavedatsumtinbig was coming he aised a lot of hopes for a 41mp lumia or other worthy flagship only to dash our hopes with this throwback to 2011... Elop is a flop he needs to go!!!

  • M

Thought nokia's upcoming release will have sure competition but surely not. no expandable memory, comes wth phone memory of 8 gb.. have to show some improvement

  • paco2x

Yazipk, 14 May 2013Imagine if Nokia launch ,this mobile with Android???? Yes i just imagine a Nokia android phone: It will have to root it, looking-waiting-install the proper custom rom, close some apps to make the phone faster and maybe the phone will need to restart quite many times... And then people will blame Nokia for such lame Android phone... That could be a imaginary Nokia + android phone.

  • AnonD-111379

Somebody give me one good reason why any body want to upgrade from their old lumia 920 to the lumia 925!! After all they have same specs and has same screen but a different body. Nokias Q2and Q3 results are going to decline just because they released this phone

  • Anonymous

Meh... Not really great. I am really over the pure view, I want puresound! That be cool. So far the Lumia line is lame for audio.

  • AnonD-130009

fast six, 14 May 2013Copied from htc one.. smartOnly Company to produce original Designs! ( Even Apple copied Nokia Phones N81 iPhone4, 4.5) However, their choice of OS is questionable.

  • nick192

fast six, 14 May 2013Copied from htc one.. smartActually HTC started copying Nokia design 1st...

  • Anonymous

Yazipk, 14 May 2013Imagine if Nokia launch ,this mobile with Android???? if nokia launches anything with android. (never gonna happen). samsung will lost market share huge market share in a day!!

  • limbu

only metal frame its not enough to tell that it a aluminum body and all aspects are same as nokia lumia 920 so nothing is new same on nokia i thought something big is coming but its same nokia lumia 920 with another case

  • Rabioul

My guess is that WP will get a boost if "ios" bring like WP style flat base OS.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 May 2013No! Nobody cares about Android anymore! It's a dead end! Sorry...Android is buggy as hell. Been user of Android since 1.5 to 4.2.2. There is no fix for it. Don't think I can come back to Android.

The same with me. I was weaving a goodbye to my S3. But the same improvements I have with my xda-developers last rom, and ... without a cent !

  • AnonD-31621

I would love it if they placed the camera a bit higher. Well, it's not that noticeable if you have a black one. Will it be shipped worldwide?

  • Anonymous

Nokia is dead, their market share continues to decline.