Nokia Lumia 925 announced with aluminum frame, OIS camera

14 May, 2013
The WP8 smartphone has a sleek metallic frame, polycarbonate back and optically stabilized 8.7MP camera.

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  • Rick

marko, 14 May 2013Please Nokia PLEASEE I'm begging you. FIRE ELOP! Get a rea... moreI think Microsoft injected some capital to revive this company... so going Android is quite impossible.. I'm just speculating..

  • Anonymous

fast six, 14 May 2013Copied from htc one.. smartHTC didn't even exist when Nokia were making Aluminium phones! Look at Nokia N8!!!

  • Anonymous

Yazipk, 14 May 2013Imagine if Nokia launch ,this mobile with Android???? No! Nobody cares about Android anymore! It's a dead end! Sorry...

  • AnonD-8044

AnonD-145616, 14 May 2013damn Nokia i was so exciting about wt r u about to lunch bu... moreSame here I was expecting Xenon flash ,in fact I just expected it to have Xenon..Its not coming to UK for crying out loud why different versions a Xenon flash is not like aerials where its different in each country..

Nokia you disappointed a lot of folk why doesn't whole world get Xenon????????????????????????

  • AnonD-133243

trafalgar, 14 May 2013I don't why you are disappointed but is the best phone I ha... moreIt's the best Nokia to date and nice design, it's lovely in fact, but still disappointed because of expecting more. At least they keep the price lower than $500 after taxes. Or i'm going Htc One (kiddin, of course not;))

  • AnonD-145622

AnonD-96772, 14 May 2013This is a minor update to Lumia 920, much like how iPhone 4... moreI am not worthy in your presence. But seriously, well said, hardware and software improvement isn't done juz for the heck of it, there are some business decisions that needs to be considered before anything like that can be done.

  • Anonymous

Good thing no people that i know bought the lumia 920

  • trafalgar

AnonD-145616, 14 May 2013damn Nokia i was so exciting about wt r u about to lunch bu... moreI don't why you are disappointed but is the best phone I have seen so far

  • AnonD-87222

Now that's a copycat. And it even looks bad.

  • jas

nokia does when it comes to camera and sound....but need to improve on the os and body dimension..even the sound bars like in nokia x6 that are on sides will work

  • AnonD-145616

damn Nokia i was so exciting about wt r u about to lunch but now m so disappointed

  • fast six

Copied from htc one.. smart

  • Yazipk

Imagine if Nokia launch ,this mobile with Android????

  • AnonD-138927

As it has a polycarbonate back it will automatically be of very poor build quality, oh my bad it's not a Samsung!

  • AnonD-96772

Rasta from Jamaica, 14 May 2013Hey Mr Elop you disappointed again it SHOULD have 32gb inte... moreWhy do you need 2 GB RAM when each app can only access upto 150 MB RAM only? Also, when there is optimized multitasking and background agents due to which more processing power is not needed.

  • AnonD-96772

Anonymous, 14 May 2013nokia made a live event of this phone, which has almost exa... moreThis is a minor update to Lumia 920, much like how iPhone 4S was to iPhone 4 and then iPhone 5 was a big upgrade over iPhone 4. Nokia EOS will be a big update over Lumia 920.

You need to understand market dynamics. No company can keep on making new models every 2 3 months. Android OEM do this and look how much profit they make. Also, this results in fragmentation for developers.

Nokia released Lumia 920 and saw market's reaction. They fixed the flaws such as weight and heft and refreshed it. They sold Lumia 920 in the past and will sell Lumia 925 now while making profit which they need.

This way by keeping the hardware same for a long time they can continue to reduce manufacturing cost over a period of time while Microsoft can continue to optimize their OS and give more features. If the OS needs more processing power they will upgrade the hardware themselves like they did in case of Windows Phone 8 by going with dual core CPU.

Multi core, expansive hardware of Android has changed the perception of customers that a phone needs that much hardware to work properly. It doesn't. Android is not at all optimized for hardware because Google doesn't have strict control over the hardware. Microsoft does. This is why all Windows Phone devices use only Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU even though it can support a variety of CPUs out there. This is all about optimization and getting more out of your existing hardware using optimizations.

Apple also does this as they control both software and hardware and look how smooth the experience of iOS 6 is even on 2.5 year old iPhone 4.

A feature/hardware boost should not be given just for the hack of it. It should be given only if needed. Android needed it as it cannot be optimized for a particular hardware at all. However, if you install an optimized ROM of Android in your phone you get a lot of performance boost just because that ROM is optimized for that particular hardware.

  • aek

Interesting proposal but not really enthusiastic, one of the same i think.

  • AnonD-93438

vikrant82, 14 May 201316GB internal with no card slot. What is Nokia thinking?I think its because its an in between flagships phone like Sony L and SP, 935 will probably run WP 8.5, may be next year this time, will have more memory and RAM...

  • Anonymous

What about lumina eos??????

  • vikrant82

16GB internal with no card slot. What is Nokia thinking?