Nokia Lumia 925 announced with aluminum frame, OIS camera

14 May, 2013
The WP8 smartphone has a sleek metallic frame, polycarbonate back and optically stabilized 8.7MP camera.

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  • AnonD-80553

AnonD-27765, 14 May 2013A card slot will ruin the beauty of this phone.If you say so, but then at least they should offer 32 - 64 GB models.

  • Anonymous

For those who are saying 16 GB isn't enough for HD videos. Here is the tip

In that case what one should do is
1) capture 15 minutes of video
2) upload it to cloud like drop box
3) delete from phone
4) Repeat Step 1 thru 3

That solves the problem.

  • Complainer

Too big again. No carrying brick in my pocket. Nice effort, Nokia, but no buy, sorry.

  • bubu

WP8 is boring, no flash player, no app,not too many choices, audio quality in earphone not ok I prefer to listen music with my old Sony Ericsson Xperia
WP8 it will crush after 4 month like my 920
I will never buy Nokia again
Quality of camera is not brilliant compering with may old Sony Ericsson Xperia
my 920 has scratches from sand, quality is not as good as gloat

  • AnonD-145401

AnonD-3833, 14 May 2013WP8 don't even have Instagram yet...was planning to shift from s... moreThere are very well designed instagram clients in WP8 which you can use to both view, like, upload photos. Plus the newly announced app can be used to upload photos to Instagram. And Instagram app is coming soon.

  • Vitalio

There was a time when NOKIA was all around and I favoured SE. It is now iPhone's time (Moscow, RUS) and I'd be happy to support NOKIA, but... Feels like Lumias miss something ((( Been waiting for the real one for me and see just more clones of enormous 920 and deliberately poor 520/620. Nothing in between.

  • AnonD-27765

AnonD-133243, 14 May 2013true, let them make 32 gb version as well, it's a mustI failed to notice that it's just 16GB. What a bummer! I'll stick with my 920 then.

  • AnonD-133243

AnonD-27765, 14 May 2013A card slot will ruin the beauty of this phone.true, let them make 32 gb version as well, it's a must

  • Anonymous

Seems like Nokia is going the Samsung way by releasing many slightly different flagships...
They release only 1 flagship. There should at least some major differences between them.

  • nokiaandme

ok, we all know that nokia has evolved alot with its camera capabilities, but surely it needs to buckle up, and offer the consumers something extra, in terms of processors and display. It also needs to have the kind of technology that the other high end smartphone manufacturers offer, at the price it demands for a high end lumia. Nokia needs to work fast, and offer good value phones, like it is doing in the current mid value lumia range.

  • AnonD-27765

Steve, 14 May 2013no card slot?! noooooo!A card slot will ruin the beauty of this phone.

  • AnonD-27765

Jake, 14 May 2013Because you know u buying the chip that are not outdated and the... moreIt's not the processor that makes this phone expensive. It's the quality and the design that do. And WP8 is like Windows 8. It's as fast even with just i3 as Windows 7 with i7.

  • Ryan

I think everyone has been confused. Nokia has kept everything very clear, this is not a flagship of this year. You still have 7 months until Jan 2014, just be patient!

  • Still a Nokia Fan

AnonD-77318, 14 May 2013lol Nokia fanboys wanna Nokia running Android. keep dreaming Nokia fans never want their phones on Android. It is Android fans who want Android on Nokia.

  • Still a Nokia Fan

I am saying this only once. This was not a flagship launch event. Why? Coz the trojan horse Stephen Elop was missing here.

  • paskakasa

Jk, 14 May 2013You are missing the point . 1) You dont get cheaper price 2)... moreWhy u faqs are looking only processors QQ

  • Still a Nokia Fan

Suri, 14 May 2013pls make a Andriod phoneAren't you happy with your current Android phone?

  • AnonD-144072

i want it in india now ...Killer looks

  • Anonymous

Is that it? Where's the so-called EOS thingy?

  • ahhh

Battery non removable pass.