Nokia Lumia 925 announced with aluminum frame, OIS camera

14 May, 2013
The WP8 smartphone has a sleek metallic frame, polycarbonate back and optically stabilized 8.7MP camera.

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  • AnonD-18905

now a days people want more cores bigger gpu s and full hd screens . an android device with same features costs 25 thousand rupees {xperia sp} 457 us dollars so nokia should make this device competitive or this would fail miserably

  • AnonD-252

"The Nokia Lumia 925 is basically on many levels the same old Nokia Lumia 920 but without its heft and bulkiness, and with a sleeker camera interface. Nokia calls it Smart Camera and plans to bring it to all other Windows Phone 8 Lumias. Is it worth upgrading to the Lumia 925 now? Probably not!"

  • knowledge is king

AnonD-3833, 14 May 2013WP8 don't even have Instagram yet...was planning to shift from s... morethey have instagram third party apps and hipstamatic with instagram upload functionality is beeing released now

  • AnonD-36414

Anonymous, 14 May 2013you are right about storage, 16 is smallthis is one of the worst ways to promote cloud storage,skydrive.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 May 2013In that case what one should do is 1) capture 15 minutes of vi... moreyes, this is a solution pushed heavily by OEMs to cut costs, but it has its disadvantages that everybody knows...I still believe its more convenient to have a card slot or at least USB OTG...

  • @MChristian_

I like the product of nokia. Especially this
one. Is the nokia lumia 925 will be
marketed in Indonesia?

  • cameraMan

Same old rubbish

  • Anonymous

Jake, 14 May 2013Because you know u buying the chip that are not outdated and the... moreI agree with you but I mentioned that I don't consider this as their new flagship, it isn't, although Nokia may advertise it as a new thing it's more of an evolution from L920. I would be dissapointed if this was happening after 1 year or so from the announcment of 920 when a new flagship should be announced...

  • prabhu

Lack of memory card support and xenon flash is really disappointing !!! How to store the video Files taken from this Good Camera lumia in Just 14GB ???? Wake up Nokia↑↑↑

  • waijie666

This should be the original lumia 920 in the first place, then reviewers wouldn't complain so much of its weight and caused lumia 920 so much burden.

  • Andrew Tan

AnonD-145407, 14 May 2013Oh, and iOS is not boring? Same layout over, how many versions? ... moreiOS is much boring. ANDROID rules.

AnonD-119938, 14 May 2013Less than this price Samsung & Htc offering more than 1.5 gh... moreOh your laptop, Samsung s4, home office PC... Cannot compete gene super computer...which has 250,000 processors! Even though their purposes are different and software...still u wud argue,these are all computers!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 May 2013you are right about storage, 16 is smallIn that case what one should do is
1) capture 15 minutes of video
2) upload it to cloud like drop box
3) delete from phone
4) Repeat Step 1 thru 3

That solves the problem.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-77318, 14 May 2013i know, you and the others Nokia fanboys here aren't satisfied w... morewhat else do you know about my satisfaction?:))))'re a child if you think this way, it's a phone people and from my knowledge nothing is yet perfect...oh and I don't use this OS:)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-133243, 14 May 2013ok, but where should i store the 1080p videos i'll record with t... moreyou are right about storage, 16 is small

  • AnonD-29966

Nice job, go bankrupt Nokia.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 May 2013I could have thought of buying this provided it were priced ~ 35... moreAgreed. Really true!!!

  • AnonD-3833

WP8 don't even have Instagram yet...was planning to shift from s III to this.i was so faithful to nokia from like 4-5 years but last month bought my 1st droid and frankly telling, i m quite happy with that but still wanna go back to nokia but just don't see any good reason why !!! :( Damn Nokia !!

  • Jk

AnonD-41271, 14 May 2013Android needs those specs just to run smoothly, why waste money ... moreYou are missing the point .
1) You dont get cheaper price
2) You get older / weaker chipset

  • Jake

Anonymous, 14 May 2013" when a 2013 flagship should have a quad core and 2GB &quo... moreBecause you know u buying the chip that are not outdated and they sell it to you telling you don need newer chip bla bla bla .

Would you buy i7 1st gen when you can get i7 3rd gen in 2013 ? For same price when salesman tell you you don need it bla bla bla .

Nokia fan had been brainwash to wrong direction . Its acceptable doesnt mean that they can simply put outdated chip inside and sell to you for same price .