Samsung Galaxy S24 series hot take

21 January 2024
The return of Exynos, 5x is the new 10x, AI all the things!

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  • 21 Jan 2024

aluminum disippates heat better than titanium

    AnonD-512010, 21 Jan 2024It could be for ergonomics or maybe component placement.Ergonomics? It's a literal brick, as uncomfortable as it gets.

      Anonymous, 21 Jan 2024The Nubia has a 0.6% better STB ratio. Big whoop.Yet looks like it has at least 5% better, and since screen-to-body ratio is just looks anyways, looks are everything in this regard.

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        • 21 Jan 2024

        Actually now the s23+ makes much better sense, as you can get a SDgen2 flagship for much lower.

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          • 21 Jan 2024

          Just get a Nubia z60 ultra I/o s24 ultra, for half the price, almost same specs

            DarlingYext, 21 Jan 2024Let's say they are. What would be the intention with them?It could be for ergonomics or maybe component placement.

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              • 21 Jan 2024

              DarlingYext, 21 Jan 2024Yes, but also, they could've made them much slimmer, l... moreThe Nubia has a 0.6% better STB ratio. Big whoop.

                AnonD-512010, 21 Jan 2024Agreed. But it's hard to know if the thicker bezels of... moreLet's say they are. What would be the intention with them?

                  DarlingYext, 21 Jan 2024Yes, but also, they could've made them much slimmer, l... moreAgreed. But it's hard to know if the thicker bezels of the Ultra are intentional or not.

                    AnonD-512010, 21 Jan 2024The bezels probably look bigger due to the flat display. An... moreYes, but also, they could've made them much slimmer, like on the Nubia Z60 Ultra, that also has a flat display, yet slimmer bezels. Yes, I know that phone has a UDC which lacks in quality, but even with a punch-hole display Samsung could've had less bezels than what they offer now. Especially because both the S24 and the S24+ seem to have less than the Ultra, and according to GSMArena's screen-to-body ratio counter, they actually do.

                      DarlingYext, 21 Jan 2024"Samsung gave the Galaxy S24 Ultra a flat display and ... moreThe bezels probably look bigger due to the flat display. And the 4,000+ nits displays that you are talking about never go higher than 2,000 nits. But still, I agree that more than 1.,500 nits is not needed in a smartphone and will just waste power.

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                        • 21 Jan 2024

                        I agree that the base S24 is a bad deal as it doesn't offer much when we take the price into account, however, just throwing the ol' "no one wants a small phone these days" argument in this case doesn't make much sense. On this very website the daily interest for the S24 is (and has been) higher for it than the S24+.

                        I'm pretty sure that I also read here on GSMArena that there were rumours suggesting Samsung was gonna cut the plus model and keep the base S and the S Ultra only, since the Plus wasn't selling as well.

                        So... if "no one wants a smaller phone", why would it be generating more interest than the plus, selling better than the plus and why would Samsung want to remove the Plus from the lineup?

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                          • 21 Jan 2024

                          jiyen235, 21 Jan 2024"Exynos isn't that bad" Why don't Sams... moreLet's say even if Exynos is better than SD counterpart this time, Exynos doesn't have good rep, going all out on Exynos for all of the series would be quite the gamble. Things would be different if they can manage to be better or as good as snapdragon for 2-3 years

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                            • 21 Jan 2024

                            The only selling point of the smaller S24 is that it is smaller, though that is a big selling point for some

                              "Samsung gave the Galaxy S24 Ultra a flat display and slimmed down the bezels around it. "

                              Did they? They look a lot bigger than they did on the S23 Ultra, and overall the front design of the phone is a significant downgrade compared to it's predecessor, while it's back looks the same.

                              "The panel reaches up to a higher 2,600 nits.."

                              There is nothing impressive about that, when there are others offering 4000+ nits, not saying that's necessary, but it's technically better, then again I don't think anything above 2000 nits is needed.

                              "Exynos is back and that's not bad"

                              That in and of itself isn't bad, but them separating the Ultra as the only one with a Snapdragon chipset is bad, and shows a clear lack of confidence from Samsung in their own chipset department, which makes us consumers at the very least feel like we are getting an inferior chipset in the S24 and S24+, which is international so more people will end up with an Ultra.

                                when samsung stops trying to be apple with its iphone!! I will return to the game, I don't want to sound arch, I know that the SD card is obsolete, but with all that space that that phone has, I think that if I could provide a 3.5 jack adapter and still be dust and water proof, Sony does it

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                                  • 21 Jan 2024

                                  "it's clear not many people want a smaller phone these days. Yes, we know small phone fans are out there but sales figures don't lie."

                                  Exactly. And they showed the iPhone Mini alone outselling ALL the Galaxy S line-up of the year they were released put together, the even smaller SE more than doubling those sales, the iPhone Plus being a bigger flop, the late Xperia Compact line always outselling the normally sized counterparts and the "vanilla" S outselling the Plus model year after year after year.

                                  On top of that, there is NO OFFER on Android of small flagships. You can't claim "sales show it" when there's nothing to buy.
                                  Not to mention smartphone sales have dropped and dropped as phones got bigger and bigger. Ever wondered why? Why aren't people seeing the value in these giant monstrosities? Surely if people "want bigger displays" they'd all be going for the giant tablets pretending to be phones, and they'd see the value in them. Except they don't.

                                  No. The reason there are no small phones isn't that there isn't demand. Because there is. The reason there aren't actually normally sized phones is that it's cheaper to build a giant dinner table of a phone. 'cause miniaturisation of components costs R&D money and OEMs want to maximise the profits.

                                    jiyen235, 21 Jan 2024"Exynos isn't that bad" Why don't Sams... moreActually, samsung does sell the Exynos version in Korea, in fact, they wrote that the CPU is Exynos 2400 on the site not just a deca-core CPU like other markets.


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                                      • 21 Jan 2024

                                      s24 series is the skippable one

                                        "Exynos isn't that bad"
                                        Why don't Samsung sell it with Exynos in their own country then? Surely they'd want the best products for their own country right? Even Samsung doesn't feel confident in the Exynos phones why should we pay such a high price for these phones then? I used to joke that they should've used Mediatek instead but now that Mediatek is good enough they should've actually gone for their Dimensity 9300 chips. But nope Samsung is Samsung, something happened after the S10 series and they became super greedy.

                                        "3x + 5x makes more sense"
                                        It does, but it takes away everything special the S21,S22 and S23 Ultra had, the 10x lens. It separated those phones from everyone with a tangible increase in quality compared to others, if even Google is giving a bigger sensor for their telephoto. When Samsung does it GSM goes and says "It's a big 1/2.6 inch sensor" but even Google's been doing it since the Pixel 6 pro, mind you Google has an f/2.8 lens compared to Samsung's f/3.4, Samsung's losing the hardware battle to Google now and still people argue that "oh Google does everything in software". Ever since the Pixel 6 series Google used TOO MUCH software and that's why as days went on they toned it down and nearly perfected it with the Pixel 8 series, that's why the photos look so great now compared to the Pixel 6 series.

                                        "Display upgrade"
                                        Yeah, about damn time. When they didn't upgrade the display in the S23 U, GSM was like "oh well the display is already pretty great" and now they say it isn't to be overlooked? Woah man it's almost as if there was a lot of catching up to do compared to Google and Apple and they finally did it. The upgrade from the S21U to the S22U was good and they should've kept going but nope they stagnated and GSM was there to support them. I wonder if Samsung is going to make it a 10 bit panel now, if not then wow that's such a loss for HDR content, gradients just don't look crisp. Native gradation of these displays is pretty bad.

                                        GSM, please stop using your rating system, I doubt you're going to give this phone anything less than a 4.8 and say again this year "no cons really". For a 1300 USD phone now, this phone has cameras on par with the Google Pixel if not worse, in terms of hardware. That is outrageously bad. Pretty sure when Samsung goes and ups the sensor size they're gonna act like they did us a favour, maybe even charge higher.