Samsung Galaxy S24 battery life test

29 January 2024
The Samsung Galaxy S24 is still in our review pipeline, but we already have the battery test results.

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  • 29 Jan 2024

The low call score might indicate a bad modem, something Exynos is known for.
And since these tests are conducted on wifi, you can expect a much lower battery life on 4G/5G...

    Hemedans, 29 Jan 2024Probably modem, Hard to beat Qualcomm modems and video is b... morehmmm i guess maybe itll take another year/two to catch up, but at least overall exynos is still good/efficient, no more eyxstove from the haters

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      • 29 Jan 2024

      Anonymous, 29 Jan 2024Yeah it‘s very impressive that this Galaxy S24 that costs a... moreEveryone forget the shitty 60hz that the iPhone 15 has

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        • 29 Jan 2024

        David 040882, 29 Jan 2024Lol what you talking about bud? It's actually pretty g... morecompared to the iphone 15 is like nothing

          That's an improvement for sure. Good stuff from Samsung. Hoping the idle and standby drain is low as well, sadly I'll have to look for that info elsewhere. Also LTPO panel is doing its job. If they improve the modem as well, then they're a match vs Qualcomm and TSMC.

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            • 29 Jan 2024

            Very awesome phone, am recommending it out

              GPRS8601, 29 Jan 2024Not bad for an Exynos-based phone with only 4,000 mAh to bu... moreFor what I understand, pixel has External modems, which is inefficient, even Qualcomm soc with external modem had battery issues.

              So this one may not be on Qualcomm level but it will be better than pixels.

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                • 29 Jan 2024

                Guys, looks like you don't realize that battery test without stand-by information is quite useless. It does not matter how long device can play video or games if it drains quickly when not being used. You stopped even mentioning stand-by performance in your reviews. Notebookcheck provides much better information about battery consumption. Such a shame for you for switching from not the best battery test to one which is even more useless. According to your tests Galaxy Note10 (junior model) users could expect quite good battery life, but in real life battery performance was quite awful... Your "battery tests" look more like a scam rather that something useful. Sorry for hard truth...

                  HyperionBurn, 29 Jan 2024why is the s24 so inefficient at calling? and then how does... moreProbably modem, Hard to beat Qualcomm modems and video is better because of accelerators and display, those two impact much on video endurance.

                    when do you plan testing of "s24+ exynos" vs "s24+ sdg 8 gen3" .
                    I know you like saying "exynos finally closed the gap" but some of us don't believe that.
                    You did hype NL Tech's video but it is not a proper test. If you are the biggest mobile tech blog you have to come up with real results. At least for those who can read the fine prints.

                      Not god not terrible 😁

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                        • 29 Jan 2024

                        I don't wanna put this straight as response to anyone saying sh*t about this battery life test... But if you have any beef on Samsung, Man! You better put your ass together and help yourself😏

                        Maybe you should try a more simple calculation by comparing the 4500 mah efficiency of the exy-2200 fab in the previous FE version to the S24 with just 4000 mah capacity...And there you go, try some maths yourself.

                        And to be frank, boiling things down to Apple devices, I might say 🤷‍♂️ let's start with 'this is 4nm against 3nm tech. And even though, I strongly believe android OEMs in general are missing something, but still... Samsung are doing it better, believe it or not. It's what I see in all.

                          Exynos not being utter garbage in battery life would be good news, if only it resulted in a cut in price compared to the USA variant. But in reality it's more expensive

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                            • 29 Jan 2024

                            Not bad, considering the battery capacity. For 4000 mah, it perfomed remarkably well actually

                              Is this some new sponsored marketing that a review is split into milion articles?

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                                • 29 Jan 2024

                                GPRS8601, 29 Jan 2024Not bad for an Exynos-based phone with only 4,000 mAh to bu... moreYeah it‘s very impressive that this Galaxy S24 that costs as much as an iPhone 15 and has a much larger battery also has way worse battery endurance. Something only Samsung can do. Truly stunning

                                  This is surprisingly very good given the battery size. The exynos must be decent efficiency wise. Considering recent midrange phones on this battery test are getting far worse battery life with 5000mAh batteries and far weaker processors it's pretty good really. Kind of expected it to be really bad but I was completely wrong

                                    why is the s24 so inefficient at calling? and then how does it have an extra 4 hours of battery with youtube compared to the s23?
                                    well i mean i guess samsung haters can stop saying 'exystove'

                                      Seems like the Modems are the next step needed in the Exynos revolution, the rest looks alright.

                                        Talk time is 7 hours less than S23. How is that possible?