Xiaomi 14 global debut set for February 25

06 February 2024
The 14 Ultra is finally expected to go official.

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  • 22 Feb 2024

AnonD-1137263, 06 Feb 2024Is xiaoimu releasing phones every month? Dont you have something else to whine about?

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    • 17 Feb 2024

    Nickname01, 14 Feb 2024İ am waiting for 3 month Xiaomi 14 Pro :/ Have any informat... morePoco f6 pro will be a redmi K70 but global with some changes but definitly sd8 gen 2 12gb ram lpddr5x and i think 16gb version too and rest probably the same maybe more than 50mp camera

      İ am waiting for 3 month Xiaomi 14 Pro :/ Have any information about Poco F6 Pro??

        PatDat, 14 Feb 2024Only ultra got good sensors, xiaomi 14 and 14 pro uses sams... moreYou're right! My bad.

        Either way, personally I think any flagship nowadays take more than good enough photos/videos for it's purpose. Although that is entirely based on my use case.

          Qimchi, 13 Feb 2024They're not using Samsung sensors. It's OmnivisionOnly ultra got good sensors, xiaomi 14 and 14 pro uses samsung isocell except main sensor.

            Cosmicus, 06 Feb 2024After all the hate they got after they released xiaomi 14 a... moreThey didn't say they won't release globally. Unless you mistook the Pro not launching globally as the whole 14 lineup. If you noticed, they also did this with the Xiaomi 13 lineup. So, what are you talking about?

              PatDat, 06 Feb 2024Why xiaomi changed sensors from sony's IMX to samsung ... moreThey're not using Samsung sensors. It's Omnivision

                No one talk about the last part, Xiaomi Pad 7 Series, is it will come with same price as previous generation (Xiaomi Pad 6)? I hope so 🤞🏻

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                  • 11 Feb 2024

                  As s24 exynos gsm modules is sucks, s23 will remain in the ring with xiaomi 14 global.
                  So i'm looking for it

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                    • 09 Feb 2024

                    Late the to the game.

                      pl2rts, 06 Feb 2024First of the 14 when come in the end of this month wont be ... moreWhere I live, the base S23 is a good bit more expensive than the highest end Xiaomi 13.

                      Regarding compactness. I don't care about screen size all that much especially with the variety of aspect ratios. I care about it's width and for me anything lower than 72mm is pretty much compact or for me "just right enough" to be comfy to hold and use one handed. While at the same time be short to comfortably fit in men's skinny jean pockets, unless it's a Sony Xperia 1 with it's 21:9 screen.

                      For reference, I use an Oppo A9 2020, it's massive, and kinda annoying in skinny jean pockets. My old Xperia Z2 is bigger than the Xiaomi 14 and I found it more comfortable to use one handed than my current Oppo. I don't have big hands.

                      Maybe it should be called "mildly compact" for anything 71-72mm? Considering most "normal" phone sizes now, especially in the budget to mid-range price are what we used to call phablets back when screens were still 16:9 like the Galaxy Note5 at 76mm.

                        raditz594, 07 Feb 2024What's the difference in terms of user experience? Titanium will feel lighter in hand, because of the higher strength-to-weight ratio.

                          raditz594, 07 Feb 2024What's the difference in terms of user experience? A feel of Luxury

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                            • 07 Feb 2024

                            Finally came on Europe ! :)

                              justasmile, 07 Feb 2024Now I'm just wondering if the Ultra will come with a t... moreWhat's the difference in terms of user experience?

                                Anonymous, 06 Feb 2024Exactly like 13U, but rumors says it has 10 levels instead ... moreYes, and brighter, fron f1.9 to f1.4. So its a lot like the Mate 60 Pro Ultra, but with a larger and more advanced sensor technology.

                                  Nick Tegrataker, 06 Feb 2024Xiaomi's skin tone has always been questionable at bes... moreAlways? Not in the Mi 11 series. It was great for its time.

                                  Leica vivid is for photos of objects to post on instagram at best. Hard pass from me.

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                                    • 07 Feb 2024

                                    jiyen235, 06 Feb 2024If the Xiaomi 14 is priced competitively, close to the base... moreIndeed, I'd rather wait 2 months than being a beta-tester for free. :)

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                                      • 07 Feb 2024

                                      Furkan , 06 Feb 2024Samsung ultra and plus is more expensive than Normal Xiaomi 14actually in my country the price isnt that big of difference so no wonder people opt for samsung, I used to buy the CN version of Xiaomi for much cheaper but since last few years they started to leave out some bands on CN version so that rules them out now

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                                        • 07 Feb 2024

                                        Zuzuz, 07 Feb 2024This obsession over updates is becoming increasingly strang... moreOn the contrary, apps are problems because they constantly updated (day-to-day), sometimes one cannont see why and they eventually slow down the phone so one must buy a new one because apps become so heavy on resources that the becomes useless.