Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in for review

07 February 2024
The phone comes with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and Galaxy AI.

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  • 18 Mar 2024

Vinods, 08 Feb 2024I purchased a new s24 Ultra 1TB unit from Samsung Online UA... moreMay I know what's the sign of the motherboard defects?

    chris, 11 Feb 2024yes, its normal.mine has same smell...I have over a dozen S-Pens at home, from all my tablet trade ins from the past few years. Since they don't require you to trade in the S-Pen with it. Plus, now, the S-Pen with my S24 Ultra. I can't say that I have ever tried smelling one of my S-Pens. Or even thought about doing it.

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      • chris
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      • 11 Feb 2024

      Azu10157, 09 Feb 2024Why would you smell your S pen?yes, its normal.mine has same smell...

        Smallworld, 10 Feb 2024I'm talking about One UI/OS updates, not the monthly s... moreUpdates mean any improvements or change in software, what you're talking about is an upgrade, for example from Windows 10 to Windows 11. If you don't understand basic stuff like this don't blame me. "No updates for a few months". Updates go from 29.1 to 29.2 that kind of thing, going from OneUI 5 to OneUI 6 is kind of an update basically because not much changes nowadays but it's what anyone would classify as an upgrade.

          jiyen235, 07 Feb 2024I'm using an S22 U and I've gotten 2 updates in t... moreI'm talking about One UI/OS updates, not the monthly security updates which WON'T update your camera. Literally use your brain?

            Anonymous, 08 Feb 2024Has anybody also a bad smelling s pen? Why would you smell your S pen?

              mawlki, 08 Feb 2024Still too low Hz. Who wants too look at a stroboscope? It i... moreYeah... it is low... my Huawei phone has over 1900Hz OWN dimming...

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                • 09 Feb 2024

                I recently bought S24 ultra. I need more information about phone features and importantly spen uses. Please help

                  Hi, can you please speak about the screen to frame gap issue which is affecting lot of handsets globally ?

                    notafanboy, 07 Feb 2024"Insecurity" 😂 Good one. What am I so "insec... moreThey actually owe everyone a proper coverage or they go out of business.

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                      • 08 Feb 2024

                      I purchased a new s24 Ultra 1TB unit from Samsung Online UAE which included a 14 days returns period, the supplied phone was defective and the Samsung Officials called me and said the phone motherboard is faculty and needs to he replaced.
                      I had returned the phone in 7 days and they simply won't accept it and say they cannot refund or replace but will only repair the motherboard. Please note this is a serious defect in the S24 Ultra phone and please stay away.

                        I feel you, should get mine on Tuesday eventually... Those preorders...

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                          • 08 Feb 2024

                          SOKHON, 08 Feb 2024What disappointed me with the Samsung S24 Ultra AI translat... moreBe patient, hopefully we ve got all languages soon.

                          The problem of this feature is we have to speack the language clearly and formally.

                            JSK888, 08 Feb 2024Some other YouTuber measured it and it is 492Hz PWM.Still too low Hz. Who wants too look at a stroboscope? It is a trick to make the screen look dimmer.

                              Will it come close to Xperia 1V HLG quality? I have my doubts :)

                                PwmDilemma, 07 Feb 2024Please measure PWM and tell us if you get eye strain after ... moreSome other YouTuber measured it and it is 492Hz PWM.

                                  Alexander , 07 Feb 2024I'm talk about the washed out colours dim d... moreDo you know that the more color accurate displays are often a little bit less saturated and has more warmer colours than the average screens which are unrealistic?

                                    *sigh* At laaaassttt...

                                      Thryll83, 07 Feb 2024Kindly do let us know whether it's default shooting mo... more12MP, only Apple is doing 24MP.

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                                        • 08 Feb 2024

                                        Gpcpdp, 08 Feb 2024S24 ultra is the total lost off money They have recently found it, though.