Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in for review

Yordan, 07 February 2024

It took much longer than we would have liked, but we finally got our hands on a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone. The beastly flagship is in the office, and before handing it over to our review team so they can do their thing, here's a quick unboxing.

Our Galaxy S24 Ultra unit comes in Gray, and taking the device out of the box, we can immediately spot the different look thanks to the new titanium frame. It weighs the same as its predecessor, as the S23 Ultra used an aluminum frame, which was already fairly light.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in for review

The box includes a smartphone, a USB-C cable and a tool to eject the SIM tray, and that's it – no charger of any sort. Some retailers offer a free charger, but that will innevitably vary from market to market.

This is the fourth generation of Ultra flagships with the same camera layout and the third in a row to use the droplet design with no camera islands whatsoever. There is still an S-Pen neatly tucked inside the phone, so it's always at hand.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in for review

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is a hair shorter, wider, and ever so thinner than the S23 Ultra, but the differences are so minuscule that the phones can easily get mistaken for one another. The lenses are protruding, and the device is a bit more square-ish, but once again, these are fine details that don't make a huge difference in real-life scenarios.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is universally powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, unlike its smaller siblings that use the Exynos 2400 in certain markets. Galaxy AI aims to be the big change the new series brings, but the all new screen glass that minimizes reflections might be just as capable of stealing the show.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in for review

Each Samsung flagship comes with high expectations and the S24 Ultra makes no exception. We'll now pass it over to our reviewers so they can work their magic on it and see if it's ready to live up to them. Everything that you should known about the device, we'll test, so stick around!


Reader comments

  • Margo
  • 18 Mar 2024
  • tVX

May I know what's the sign of the motherboard defects?

I have over a dozen S-Pens at home, from all my tablet trade ins from the past few years. Since they don't require you to trade in the S-Pen with it. Plus, now, the S-Pen with my S24 Ultra. I can't say that I have ever tried smelling one of...

  • chris
  • 11 Feb 2024
  • EZJ

yes, its normal.mine has same smell...

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