Weekly poll: aluminum, stainless steel or titanium?

11 February 2024
When you are looking for a new phone, what is your preference for the phone's body?

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GAMIR3DH, 20 Feb 2024I had one too, it hit something causing to scratch a bit on... moreJust google search Note 20 Ultra Frame Material. WiKi says what I mentioned, first Samsung Mobile to introduce Stainless Steel. Note 20 used anodized aluminum not Note 20 Ultra.

    Note 20 Ultra, 20 Feb 2024I have Note 20 Ultra with me, the frame is made of Stainles... moreI had one too, it hit something causing to scratch a bit on a corner. Is clearly not the same as it was on the iPhone 11 pro i also had.
    The Z Fold 4 got the same paintjob and it did mention having "armor alluminum" 🤔

      GAMIR3DH, 11 Feb 2024Note20 Ultra was aluminum. Not stainless steel.I have Note 20 Ultra with me, the frame is made of Stainless Steel for sure. First device from Samsung to introduce this !

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        • Tijo
        • 04}
        • 17 Feb 2024

        Would always prefer stainless steel. Need the device to be rock solid, durable, hefty and long lasting.

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          • Apu61
          • 7tT
          • 16 Feb 2024

          I like stainless steel, love the looks and the heft it but I guess it's not remotely practical... ? And please don't mention plastic as Apple may just do it... And then, everyone else may follow! 😟

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            • Anonymous
            • spX
            • 14 Feb 2024

            i prefer depleted U²³⁵

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              • LiZ
              • 14 Feb 2024

              Some new sustainable plastic would be just fine. Otherwise any type of metal is ok because it can be infinitely recycled.

                Neither. I kinda want a Chrome finish instead.

                Chromium is rated 8.5 on the Mohr's Hardness scale. In comparison, aluminum scratches at a level 3, steel at 4, and titanium at 6. Can you imagine that!?

                  I swapped 24k gold plate housings onto my iPhone 4s, 5, SE, 6, 7, X, and then they kinda stopped making the back glass panels in metal and just started doing electroplated glass for all newer iPhones.. The thermals on the aluminum backed phones with plating were God tier, could not overheat it if you tried! 4 straight hours of PubG would thermal throttle even the black shark, red magic, and rog. They need to stop worrying about thin phones and worry more about thermals especially if they're going to keep pushing mobile gaming or 4k recording.

                    Anonymous, 11 Feb 2024Don't care 🤷🏻‍♂️ Aluminum, Stainless steel, Titanium, ... moreYour arms legs and many parts of the body are tools

                    And we are gonna die anyways why even bother caring about what we put into it

                    Same for houses and all things we just shouldn't care

                      AlienKiss , 12 Feb 2024I really don't care about the material as long as it d... morerubber is a big no. they turn sticky with age.

                        either i'd go with plastic for cheapo devices and aluminum for expensive devices.
                        not a fan of titanium, they tarnish like powerbook g4

                          regs, 13 Feb 2024Aluminium is much softer than steel. Hardness is 2.5 to 5+. Mm, I tried to get the point across with "more material". A frame designed with aluminum in mind will always take up more space, but the lower density makes up for it so it often comes out lighter.

                            Anonymous, 11 Feb 2024XZ and XZs. Metal that felt like plastic .. Xz1 was fu... morePersonally i don't think so, awesome finish and it didn't felt like plastic, more unique Metal feel,

                              Chrome for that bling bling ghetto treatment plus you get everyone in sight whenever you're using the rear camera at day time. win-win

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                                • Anonymous
                                • uS%
                                • 13 Feb 2024

                                W/c ever can spread/dissipate heat better.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • Sc$
                                  • 13 Feb 2024

                                  Carbon fiber

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                                    • 6400sia
                                    • 25E
                                    • 13 Feb 2024

                                    How about magnesium alloy material that was used for professional DSLR cameras?

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                                      • regs
                                      • 3N$
                                      • 13 Feb 2024

                                      alcatraz, 13 Feb 2024Ok you're right. "Exotic metal" then. (in th... moreAluminium is much softer than steel. Hardness is 2.5 to 5+.

                                        I like how glass wasn't even an option :)
                                        No one likes glass.

                                        I don't care about the metal, as long as it's hard and doesn't fade.